Legendary Armament Canon Chapter 978 - 978 He's Not From An Ancient Race (1)

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Chapter 978 - 978 He's Not From An Ancient Race (1)

978 He’s Not From An Ancient Race (1)

“Roar!” The thirty-meter-tall Heavenly Dao monster let out a scream.

The sound waves were almost tangible as they spread across the air. Wherever it pa.s.sed, rocks shattered, and everything was destroyed.

The people watching in the distance covered their ears in pain.

Some with insufficient cultivation even bled from their seven orifices and rolled on the ground in pain.

The first to bear the brunt was naturally Zhou Shu’s incarnation, who was closest to the Heavenly Dao monster.


The sound waves visible to the naked eye hit him, and he retreated step by step, leaving deep footprints on the ground with each step.

His clothes were torn to pieces by the sound waves, and blood appeared on his exposed skin.

This incarnation of Zhou Shu had been formed using his Freedom Transformation Technique, just like his other incarnation, Cang Hao. All strategies were useless in the face of absolute strength.

With the Dragon Elephant Prajna Technique, Eight-Nine Arcane Art, and the Golden Bell s.h.i.+eld Technique at greater mastery, ordinary divine weapons wouldn’t be able to injure his incarnation.

But now, just the sound waves alone were enough to cause multiple wounds on his entire body. From this, it was apparent how powerful the sound waves were.

s.h.i.+ Changsheng’s and w.a.n.g Xuanyi’s bodies lit up, forming a circular light barrier to protect their bodies.

At this moment, the difference between martial artists and ancient races could be seen.

In terms of combat strength, the ancient races were not inferior to martial artists. But in terms of abundance of methods, the ancient races were far inferior to martial artists.

Martial artists knew how to attack and defend, but most ancient races only knew how to attack. In terms of defense, they could only rely on their thick skin and flesh.

For example, Feng Jing closed his wings and covered his head and face, allowing the sound waves to fall on his body and cause several wounds.

Fortunately, he had thick skin and flesh. Otherwise, he would have been seriously injured.

“Seize the opportunity. Everyone, attack together!” s.h.i.+ Changsheng shouted.

At this moment, no less than 50 people had gathered here, and they were all top-notch experts.

Even if s.h.i.+ Changsheng didn’t say anything, they wouldn’t sit back and do nothing.

After all, a Heavenly Dao True Bead was extremely precious to anyone.


Divine light, innate abilities of the ancient races, and some powers that even Zhou Shu couldn’t recognize flew toward the Heavenly Dao monster.

The scene was spectacular.

After all, it wouldn’t be easy to gather so many experts at the same time outside.

After all, when martial artists rose to prominence, the ancient races had already disappeared. Moreover, be it the ancient races or martial artists, the number of experts was limited in the same era.

Only in the Origin World could experts from different times gather together.

The attacks landed on the Heavenly Dao monster, causing it to scream repeatedly.

Even with its thick skin, countless wounds appeared on its body.

Blood rained down from its enormous body.


Zhou Shu’s incarnation took the opportunity to attack, forcing the Heavenly Dao monster back dozens of meters. Then his punches and kicks landed on the Heavenly Dao monster like a storm.

But his attacks could only tear the wounds on the Heavenly Dao monster wider.

It was far from enough to cause fatal damage to it.

Even though one of its heads had exploded, its strength was unaffected.

No wonder s.h.i.+ Changsheng had to gather his friends to deal with this Heavenly Dao monster.

It was really difficult to deal with.


Another wave of attacks came from all directions.

Zhou Shu’s incarnation rolled away from the Heavenly Dao monster.

The attacks of these people covered a large area, barraging the area regardless of friend or foe.

They didn’t care if they accidentally injured Zhou Shu’s incarnation.

Zhou Shu’s incarnation instantly retreated to Feng Jing’s side.

The Heavenly Dao monster wanted to chase after him, but it was forced back by the overwhelming attacks.

Even with the thick skin and flesh of this Heavenly Dao monster, it couldn’t defend itself from the attacks of dozens of top-notch experts.

“Little Brother, this thing is too strong. Let’s escape,” Feng Jing whispered to Zhou Shu as he attacked the Heavenly Dao monster.

“There’s no need to escape,” Zhou Shu’s incarnation said solemnly. “I’ve already discovered its weakness.

Zhou Shu’s gaze was like a torch as he stared at the Heavenly Dao monster roaring and counter-attacking. It was indeed very strong. Under the attacks of dozens of experts, it was only slightly at a disadvantage.

According to the current situation, it was almost impossible for these people to kill this Heavenly Dao monster.

Zhou Shu didn’t know if s.h.i.+ Changsheng and w.a.n.g Xuanyi had any backup plans, but he wouldn’t wait for them to use them.

This Heavenly Dao Monster might drop a Heavenly Dao True Bead when it died. Naturally, whoever killed it first would have the upper hand.

“Do you know how to kill it?” Feng Jing said in surprise. “Then what are you waiting for? Hurry up and do it.”

The Heavenly Dao monster attacked crazily, making Feng Jing’s eyelids twitch. This thing was too terrifying.

How could such a thing exist in the world?

Fortunately, it only existed in this mysterious place. If there were such monsters outside, how could the myriad races survive?

“There are some methods I can’t use in front of them,” Zhou Shu said. “I need your help.”

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