The Crippled Boss Loves Me Chapter 638 - 638 Who Dares to Have an Opinion?

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Chapter 638 - 638 Who Dares to Have an Opinion?

638 Who Dares to Have an Opinion?

However, when she thought of Ji Yan and Zhan Cangqiong around still watching them, she suppressed the tears in her eyes and lowered her head, choking with sobs, ” Sister, I know you have something against me… But I have nothing more to explain about that matter. Anyway, everyone believes that I’m in the wrong, and I only need to have a clear conscience.”

Seeing Shen Sisi’s pretentious att.i.tude, Shen Hanxing wanted to give her an applause. This was much like a young girl who was still strong and hardworking even after being wronged, which really made people pity her. She couldn’t help but lament once again. If Shen Sisi had such acting skills when they were filming the movie, the box office sales wouldn’t have been so bad.

“Don’t cry. These insignificant people aren’t worth your tears.” Zhan Cangqiong suddenly spoke, his eyes looking at Shen Sisi with heartache. He had grown up in an environment where the strong preyed on the weak, and only those who were cruel and merciless could ultimately obtain the final province. Although he didn’t like the evil part of Shen Sisi and felt that she wasn’t as perfect as he had imagined, when he thought about how Shen Sisi had taken the initiative to save her, he felt that she was still kind and pure. After all, everyone made mistakes. Zhan Cangqiong could understand Shen Sisi, but it was also because he knew some of the dark sides to her personality that in his heart, Shen Sisi wasn’t all that pure and innocent, which was why he would be suddenly nice to her and mean the next. In addition, Zhan Cangqiong tended to be protective of his own and overbearing. No matter how in the wrong Shen Sisi was, he could not bear to see the person he was protecting being criticized.

The corners of Zhan Cangqiong’s mouth curled up coldly. He then turned his eyes to Shen Hanxing, and he could not help but feel a little stunned. This Mrs. Ji was indeed a beauty. Her face was bright and beautiful, and with a glance it seemed as if the whole world had brightened up because of her. There was an invasive look in his eyes as he laughed evilly, “Mrs. Ji?” His gaze made people very uncomfortable, that look was as if he had found a toy.


Shen Hanxing furrowed her brows and suppressed the disgust in her heart. She asked nonchalantly, “Yes?” She didn’t dodge or avoid it, but looked straight into Zhan Cangqiong’s eyes, which were filled with interest. Her eyes were like sharp swords, revealing their intensity.

“It’s nothing.” Zhan Cangqiong’s eyes lit up even more when he saw Shen Hanxing’s reaction. He smiled evilly and said, “I’m just correcting Mrs. Ji’s words. Of course, Shen Sisi would dare to openly appear in front of the public.” He lifted his chin and said arrogantly, “Zhan Cangqiong’s woman can do whatever she wants to. Who dares to have any objections?”

These words were a little too arrogant. No matter how powerful Zhan Cangqiong was, no matter how strong his background was, could he really go against everyone? No, this man might really be able to do it. The moment Shen Hanxing saw Zhan Cangqiong, she felt a strong sense of danger. This sense of danger was different from Ji Yan’s. Ji Yan’s aura made people’s hearts palpitate, but such palpitations were the kind where people could be safe as long as they stayed away from him. On the other hand, Zhan Cangqiong gave people the feeling that he was a madman, as if he would pounce on you and bite you at any time. This person was both good and evil, and it was difficult for people to figure him out.

“Zhan Cangqiong…” The rim of Shen Sisi’s eyes turned red, and her body trembled with excitement as she looked at Zhan Cangqiong and asked him shakily, “Do… do you mean it?” Only G.o.d knows how much she wanted to restore her reputation, how she wished so badly that the incidents previously had never happened at all. Ever since Yang Xue’s live broadcast of her suicide attempt, she had been hiding at home every day, not daring to appear in public. She did not even dare to attend her friends’ gatherings. If she had not wanted to ask Zhan Cangqiong for an explanation today, she wouldn’t have attended Lu Shaoyang’s wedding. She kept feeling that everyone was looking at her with ridicule and disdain, pointing fingers at her.

Even though the Shen family was still far from being a top-cla.s.s family, Shen Sisi had been praised and envied by everyone wherever she went since she was young. How could she accept falling from heaven to the mud?! Now that she sensed a chance to turn the situation around, she was like a drowning person who had caught hold of straw. Her eyes were bright, and she looked at Zhan Cangqiong expectantly.

Zhan Cangqiong’s face did not show any signs of awkwardness. When he heard Shen Sisi’s question, he raised his hand and rubbed the top of her head, asking in a seemingly surprised tone, “So this was what you wanted the most. I thought you’d have wanted…” He looked in Shen Hanxing’s direction meaningfully. As expected, women cared more about what others thought.

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