Mr. Gu, Your Replacement Bride Is A Big Shot! Chapter 1547 - 1547 Bad Luck

Mr. Gu, Your Replacement Bride Is A Big Shot! -

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Chapter 1547 - 1547 Bad Luck

1547 Bad Luck

Lina’s heart was in her throat. Seeing the determination in Chen Qing’s eyes, she slowly retracted her feet and nodded, standing rooted to the ground.

Seeing that Lina understood what he meant, Chen Qing let go of her arm. Then, he immediately squatted down and his gaze fell on the snake not far away.

Lina looked at Chen Qing nervously. The snake was staring at the two of them with its tongue, as if it had already treated them as snacks.

However, in the next second, before Lina could react, Chen Qing had already grabbed the snake’s seven inches and exposed its tail.

It was very dark now. There was a gunshot. The finger-thick snake had already been hit.

Chen Qing quickly let go of the snake, and the curled-up snake fell.

Chen Qing straightened his back and held his breath, trying hard to hide himself.

The footsteps grew closer and closer. Then, they heard the person at the foot of the mountain say, “It’s actually a snake. What bad luck!”

“Lord Cui Qi, we didn’t find anything!”

“Lord Cui Qi, we haven’t found anyone here either!”

Everyone walked over from all directions and looked at the tall Huo Qi standing in the middle.

Huo Qi looked at the snake not far away with a dark expression. He looked up and saw a huge rock. This snake had fallen from the protruding rock.

Huo Qi glanced at the two people beside him and said warily, “The two of you, climb up and take a look.”

Hearing Huo Qi’s words, the two of them immediately climbed up. They only got down after climbing up.

“Lord Huo Qi, there’s no one up there.”

When Huo Qi heard the report from his subordinates, his expression darkened slightly. Could it be that he was really overthinking?

He knew that he was cautious and over-thinking. It was precisely because of this that he could live well. Otherwise, he would have been killed long ago.

Just as Huo Qi was frowning, the sound of fireworks came from afar.

He turned around and saw a bouquet of fireworks in the sky, illuminating the entire mountain. He frowned slightly. These were fireworks used as communication signals!

With a complicated expression in his eyes, Huo Qi raised his hand and made a “go” gesture. He said viciously, “Catch them alive!”


At this moment, countless black shadows ran towards the location of the fireworks.


Actually, there was a cave above. There was also a small path in the cave, but it could only accommodate one person.

When Chen Qing threw the snake down just now, he had brought Lina into the cave.

After taking a few steps, their surroundings suddenly opened up.

The two of them arrived at the other mountain. At this moment, the cliff was steep. If they were not careful, they might fall.

Chen Qing gave Lina a look. Lina had no choice but to lie on Chen Qing’s back.

Chen Qing carried Lina up the mountain. Even in the heavy rain, his movements were still agile. Bit by bit, he climbed up. When they saw a cave halfway up the mountain, the two of them heaved a sigh of relief.

The two of them had also seen the fireworks set off by Gu Zhou and Qiao Nian. The fireworks illuminated the entire sky.

Lina glanced at the time. It wasn’t time for them to gather yet. Nian Nian had set off fireworks, which meant that Nian Nian had already found the colorful fungus!

“Chen Qing, Nian Nian is…” Before Lina could finish speaking, her heart trembled when she saw Chen Qing’s serious expression.

Only then did Lina realize that if they saw Nian Nian’s fireworks, did that mean that the group of people had also seen them?

At the thought of this, Lina couldn’t help but tremble. She pursed her lips and asked in a trembling voice, “Chen Qing, is Nian Nian also in danger?”

Only then did Lina realize how stupid she was. She and Qiao Nian had split up. If someone was chasing her, someone must be chasing Nian Nian too.

Chen Qing looked into the distance with a dark expression. His mind raced. Then, he took out his backpack and rummaged through its contents before saying to Lina, “Seventh Princess, stop standing outside. Go in and hide.”

After Qiao Nian finished setting off the fireworks, her gaze inadvertently fell on the forest. There seemed to be many swaying black shadows in the forest.

To be precise, there seemed to be many black shadows moving quickly.

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