Unscientific Beast Taming Chapter 1084 - 1084 Shocking Emperor Wu for Ten Thousand Years (3)

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Chapter 1084 - 1084 Shocking Emperor Wu for Ten Thousand Years (3)

1084 Shocking Emperor Wu for Ten Thousand Years (3)

Ji Mengzhu followed beside s.h.i.+ Yu like a fangirl.

Too strong.

s.h.i.+ Yu’s strength refreshed her understanding again.

It was really as strong as Emperor Wu.

No, it was even stronger than Emperor Wu.


Back when the totem battle ended, Emperor Wu was the same. Destroying totems was like destroying ants.

But at that time, Emperor Wu had already stepped into the Legendary stage.

And the current s.h.i.+ Yu was clearly a legend.

“He shouldn’t be as young as he looks, right?” After knowing that s.h.i.+ Yu was recruited by the entire country, the Beast Tamers in the Iron-eating Beast Corps were in an explosive mood.

It felt like a dream.

So the national conscription could recruit a powerful Beast Tamer who casually destroyed two totems?

In addition, s.h.i.+ Yu looked too young, so they didn’t know how to accept it.

“No need to thank me.”

At this moment, s.h.i.+ Yu smiled at General Ji Yun’s grat.i.tude.

“If you want to thank me, it’s not too late to thank me when we go back…”

“Definitely!” Ji Yun looked at his daughter. Although he didn’t know where Ji Mengzhu had recruited such a Beast Tamer, but…

Ji Yunchong was shocked, but without a doubt, with the exaggerated strength of the young man in front of him, he could definitely obtain the highest level of treatment from Emperor Wu.

A t.i.tled general was not enough to match s.h.i.+ Yu’s current strength.

He wondered how Emperor Wu would feel when he saw the young man in front of him…

“Not good, Emperor Wu!” Ji Yunchong was suddenly shocked. Then, he suddenly looked at s.h.i.+ Yu.

“Sir s.h.i.+ Yu, I have a presumptuous request. Just as the communication said, our whereabouts have already been exposed, so His Majesty Emperor Wu’s whereabouts must have also been exposed.”

“Even we were attacked by two totems. Then His Majesty Emperor Wu’s situation is definitely even more dangerous.”

“Yun An is the king of the Yun Race. His strength can be called a demiG.o.d, and he’s far stronger than the Heaven Eating Radiance Tiger that occupied the Ancient Capital previously. Previously, we had a conflict with Yun An, and His Majesty Emperor Wu almost lost his life.”

“This time, the Yun Race is prepared. His Majesty Emperor Wu might be in greater danger.”

“If possible, I hope Sir s.h.i.+ Yu can travel with us to support His Majesty Emperor Wu. I, Ji Yunchong, will repay your kindness with all my might later.” General Ji Yunchong was extremely nervous.

The dynasty had just started, and only Emperor Wu couldn’t have anything happen to him.

However, at this moment, General Ji Yun also felt very apologetic.

s.h.i.+ Yu had already saved Wu Ling City and even helped a large group of them escape. In the end, he actually wanted the other party to take the risk…

“Sir s.h.i.+ Yu, please help.” At this moment, as General Ji Yun finished speaking, Beast Tamers in armor were about to kneel down in unison and ask s.h.i.+ Yu for help.

Although they didn’t know who s.h.i.+ Yu was, through the scene just now, they knew that s.h.i.+ Yu was very strong.

Now, perhaps only with s.h.i.+ Yu’s help could Emperor Wu be safe and sound.

The Iron-eating Beast Corps knew Yun An’s strength very well.

At that time, it was them who fought Yun An with Emperor Wu.

s.h.i.+ Yu: “?”

“Cut it out.”


Invisible Psychic power pulled the Beast Tamers back one by one, making them reveal shocked expressions.

The corners of s.h.i.+ Yu’s mouth twitched. “I don’t like this. Since I’m already here, I’m naturally here to help. There’s no need for you to request like this.”

“Don’t worry, Emperor Wu should be fine,” s.h.i.+ Yu said.

He had heard from his future Aunt Ji Mengzhu that… after Emperor Wu stepped into the Legendary stage, his strength improved by leaps and bounds every year.

The first time he fought Yun An, he was still suppressed, but in the second battle, he could already vaguely suppress Yun An.

In the end, they almost chased after Yun An and beat him up. Yun An didn’t want to play anymore, so both parties started playing hide and seek.

However, it couldn’t be said that Emperor Wu was stronger, because from the final outcome, the winner was Yun An.

Avoiding battle and relying on the radiation poison to grind Emperor Wu to death was the strategy Yun An chose.

He clearly knew that he would definitely win and chose to fight pa.s.sively. He didn’t want to waste more strength. Perhaps it was also Yun An’s intelligence.

This dragged on for more than ten years. In the end, Emperor Wu’s body collapsed. Instead, Yun An became stronger, and only then did the final tragic battle happen.

However, in the final battle, Yun An even said that he had underestimated Emperor Wu and relied on self-destruction to complete the mutual destruction.

As for the current time period, Emperor Wu was still at his peak. Perhaps he didn’t take Yun An’s poison seriously at all and was in an incomparably stubborn period. It was probably very difficult for Yun An to hold down such a Emperor Wu.

“Next…” s.h.i.+ Yu looked at Buggy, Chi Tong, and the others.

At this moment, Buggy had already recovered to its normal size of more than a hundred meters to avoid exhausting its stamina too much.

After Chi Tong imprisoned the soul, Buggy just put the two corpses into its spatial pocket.

They would talk about cleansing later.

“Thank you very much.”

General Ji Yun thanked him excitedly.

“s.h.i.+ Yu… thank you.”

The young Aunt Ji Mengzhu didn’t know what to say. She felt that s.h.i.+ Yu was simply Dong Huang’s second savior.

However, at this moment, s.h.i.+ Yu’s expression suddenly changed.

[Roar!! (Retract, can’t take it in.)] Buggy’s stunned voice came from the Black Ram and the Black Meteorite Yak.

It was clearly just two totem corpses, but it actually couldn’t be put into the spatial pocket.

That shouldn’t be the case.

Previously, he had taken in the remains of the Black Meteorite Yak and kept it well.

“Mi?” Beside it, Chi Tong, who was in the form of a sword spirit, also shook the sword hilt, feeling confused for Buggy.

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