Unscientific Beast Taming Chapter 1074 - 1074 Reporting the Yun Race for Giving Their Heads (5)

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Chapter 1074 - 1074 Reporting the Yun Race for Giving Their Heads (5)

1074 Reporting the Yun Race for Giving Their Heads (5)

Under the illumination of the Sword Light, the barrier sealed by the Black s.p.a.ce Divine Dragon just now was instantly pierced. At this moment, the Black s.p.a.ce Divine Dragon was in the endless sword world and lost its direction.

In the next second, under the frightened gaze of the Black s.p.a.ce Divine Dragon, it felt that the entire world instantly cracked, as if countless sword lights from the G.o.d Domain were destroying this world.


Thousands of sword lights appeared.

The sword world formed by the Immortal Slaying Sword Formation collapsed with a bang under countless sword lights. As it collapsed, the Black s.p.a.ce Divine Dragon inside endured all the damage.


The chaotic and broken domain looked like a shattered world at this moment. Countless spatial fragments fell from the sky like meteors.

In the outside world.

The scene was even more shocking.

What shocked the Iron-eating Beast Ancestor, Ji Mengzhu, Ji Nai, and even the people in the city was that as this meteor shower-like spatial fragment fell, the sword light swept across, and the Black s.p.a.ce Divine Dragon’s body divided into two with the naked eye. Then it divided into four, and the four divided into eight…

On its huge body, the injuries were filled with a shocking red light. In almost a few seconds, its body shattered into pieces and exploded into a blood mist that filled the sky. It was directly slashed into an incomplete corpse. The black dragon blood that enveloped the sky directly descended from the sky like a majestic rain.

Blood dyed the sky.

The entire city was shocked and didn’t know what had happened. However, this blood rain was polluted after all. s.h.i.+ Yu wouldn’t let it fall. In an instant, the black blood rain also completely disappeared from the sky under the burning of the red flames during the descent.

A spatial totem-level life form with top-notch battle power was directly killed. It couldn’t even escape.

This was the power of the Chi Tong G.o.d’s evolution and possession of s.h.i.+ Yu. Both parties controlled the quasi-divine skill, the Immortal Slaying Sword Formation.

Anyone below the demiG.o.d level could be killed.

The Beast Tamers below couldn’t understand. They looked at the sword concubine holding a red immortal sword in the sky as if they were looking at a G.o.d. Everything happened in a minute. They didn’t know the cause and effect at all.

Who exactly was this person?

At this moment, after completing the Killing Quests, the Sword Maiden Chi Tong, who was the array spirit, slowly dispersed its spiritual body and transferred its consciousness to s.h.i.+ Yu below. At this moment, s.h.i.+ Yu sighed. His red hair and red eyes had also returned to their black hair and eyes. He recalled Chi Tong to the Beast Taming s.p.a.ce to rest.

At the same time, he looked at the Iron-eating Beast ancestor beside him, Ji Mengzhu, and Ji Nai.

At this moment, the three of them looked at s.h.i.+ Yu in shock and disbelief. They found it very difficult to understand.

Their worldview shattered.

The Black s.p.a.ce Divine Dragon was the number one general under Yun An, a top-notch totem battle power.

However, such a powerful top-notch totem was killed by s.h.i.+ Yu easily just now.

Instant kill.

In the entire Dong Huang, probably only Emperor Wu had this strength.

However, Emperor Wu was a legendary Beast Tamer, but wasn’t s.h.i.+ Yu in front of him a legend Beast Tamer?

It was two levels lower!

And that move just now… The Black s.p.a.ce Divine Dragon’s miserable cry… Quasi-divine skill?? s.h.i.+ Yu used a quasi-divine skill just now??

Ji Mengzhu was still wondering if s.h.i.+ Yu’s Iron-eating Beast was so strong and if his strength could reach the t.i.tled level.

But from the looks of it… her expression was stunned. Even Dong Huang’s strongest t.i.tled expert, her father, was only so-so.

“Now you believe that I’m not a spy of the Yun Race, right?” s.h.i.+ Yu said with a smile.

“It’s a pity that the Black s.p.a.ce Divine Dragon has all its resources.”

Fortunately, the undead spirit had already been captured and not wasted.

“Wu wu wu!!! (Ahhh.)” Eleven was helpless.

“Who exactly are you…” At this moment, Ji Mengzhu and her daughter indeed believed that s.h.i.+ Yu wasn’t a spy of the Yun clan. However, they felt that the unknown s.h.i.+ Yu was simply even more terrifying and mysterious than the Yun clan.

They could see through Yun An.

However, s.h.i.+ Yu’s figure in front of him was as deep as an abyss, making it impossible to see everything about him.

What exactly was the sword spirit controlling the sword formation just now!!!

How could anyone control such a powerful sword spirit?

“Ababa, Ababa.” The Iron-eating Beast ancestor looked at Eleven, who looked unhappy that it couldn’t fight, with a frightened expression. Through the conversation between the Iron-eating Beast and s.h.i.+ Yu just now, it was shocked to discover that even this little Iron-eating Beast also had the strength to kill that Black s.p.a.ce Divine Dragon!

Something was definitely wrong with this person! It was a little glad that it had rejected the battle with s.h.i.+ Yu just now.

“Is this the main point now? The invasion of the Yun clan totem is a signal. Emperor Wu and General Ji Yun shouldn’t be in Dong Huang, right?”

Ji Nai’s expression changed. “Emperor Wu and the others… are indeed not in Dong Huang.”

“If I’m not wrong, Emperor Wu and the others are probably fighting the Yun Race now.”

“It’s even very likely that he will fight Yun An.” s.h.i.+ Yu took a deep breath. In history, this was the second time Dong Huang had fought the Yun Race. Should he… support Emperor Wu and the others?

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