The Only Aura User In Magic World Chapter 835 - 835 One Week Prep Time

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Chapter 835 - 835 One Week Prep Time

835 One Week Prep Time

The parade is over. Many people were either killed or arrested. Though most who died was because I killed them. There’s no need to fill the prison with so many people after all.

I’m still a good citizen who pays taxes. Especially since my business grows so big, I pay a huge amount of taxes. Although I let someone in charge of my business, I still pay taxes. And I don’t want my money to be used to let those criminals live.

Though the real reason is that no one can stop me if I want to kill someone. And unless the targets are already designated to be arrested and not to be killed, I will kill them. So they have to discuss with me first if there’s anyone I shouldn’t kill.

“I’m sure that there will be someone from the cult watching and escaped. The cult will be informed of s.h.i.+rley reaching master level. Maybe they will even attack Tatrama right away. But that’s good. We have prepared a lot of things. It’s also thanks to Roy’s and Ray’s help in getting a lot of horse monsters for everyone. The things we could do is done faster thanks to those horses,” Albert said.

It’s the day after the parade. And we’re having a meeting with everyone in the alliance.

“Must be nice to be the hometown of Roy. You received a lot of help and advise from him earlier than the rest. So the three people from Tatrama can reach master level firstt,” Harold said. He didn’t even hide his jealousy.

He’s no longer a king. But his advise is still received well here. Despite being a womanizer, he’s still a decent king with a lot of experience.

As for his son, the King of Arturo, Fabio, he’s here as well. He’s the king now, but sometimes, it feels like Harold is still the king. I guess Fabio is not completely there yet.

“Also, there are more wind mages in Tatrama than other kingdoms. So it’s normal that they can grow so quickly since they have the wind spirit with them. And the Rygis country is so close to them. it’s a country close to a spot where the wind gathers, so their cultivation is much faster there,” old man Henry added.


“Yeah. But we can’t only have master level wind mages. The cult will notice that there must be something in Tatrama that is good for wind mages’ cultivation. Though maybe that will be their reason to attack us the next time,” Albert said.

Other than wind spirit, we also have air spirit. But there are so few air element mages we can trust.

I asked an air mage in the circus if she wanted to have Airy with her. But she refused saying that it’s best if I could reach master level in air element first.

But the thing is, I don’t have any talent in it. None at all that I didn’t even have that element in my past life. Even if I have it now, it’s not like I will suddenly have a talent in it.

So, the chance of me reaching master level is much lower than any other air mages in the world. But that air mage told me that it’s fine. Because if I ended up reaching master level, that will help everyone more than if it’s any other air mage reaching master level.

Though for Sara, she’s so talented in it that it’s fine for her to bring Airy everywhere. She ended up being labeled as a Sweet-Loving n.o.ble though.

I also know an earth spirit. But to get his cooperation, we need to conquer that island along with the surrounding islands.

Maybe that’s why we’re here. We have received enough report on those islands to attack them.

“Thankfully, we learned where we can get the earth spirit’s cooperation. And it’s a good time as well because we learned almost everything we can from the agents we sent to those islands. We will attack in a week time. That should be enough time to prepare. Everyone except for the bare minimum enough to protect their kingdom will be sent. Though for Tatrama, they won’t send their army as they are volunteering to be the bait. That’s the whole reason for the parade,” old man Henry said.

It’s not his son, but old man Henry himself. I thought that he’s only focusing in cultivating now. But I guess that’s not the case. He’s still has enough time to take care of other things that his son can’t handle yet.

Since the location is closer to Varadis than any other countries, he will be in charge. Though for the general in the field, it will be

He might be our recent recruit. But he has shown his leaders.h.i.+p. So I think everyone is already accepting him as the general.

The meeting is over. We will attack those islands soon. When the cult is focusing on attacking Tatrama thanks to the parade. They will send their strongest mages to kill just one person, s.h.i.+rley.

But that won’t happen. Because Angela will be protecting her. And it’s not just Angela. There are many more expert level mages who are as strong as most of the cult’s master level mages.

There might be some casualties, but we will win.

It’s good that s.h.i.+rley announced that she will take some time off for a break in a villa owned by the royalty somewhere quiet. So the cult will focus on going there instead. And of course Albert will still have enough people to protect him and other cities.

“Then, I will go check on the earth spirit. I asked him to tell me if there’s anything new from the cult’s movement or the dragons,” I said after the meeting is over.

With the earth spirit’s help, we might learn something that the other agents didn’t learn.

“Ah, Roy. I’m coming with you. It might just be a week, but staying near the earth spirit is good enough to improve my cultivation. I don’t think I can reach master level yet, but any improvement before the big fight is good enough,” Kayla said.

The other earth mages also agreed to follow me. Angela, Celestine, and Sara. I think five people is enough. Because it will be in that cramped s.p.a.ce I dug from the sea.

And I need to come as well since it’s a closed s.p.a.ce. Or they won’t be able to breath.

Since Sara is coming, I think I’ll use that chance to cultivate my air element as well because Airy will be there.

Hmm... is five people enough in that s.p.a.ce? If not, then I’ll just dig up some more.

So, we first go to Monsters Village to tell the monsters that we’re going to fight. And this will be the first time that the centaurs and weretigers will join the war. This will also be the first time the elves will join the battle directly instead of just preparing potions for us.

That means I have to bring Sunny to improve the elves’ morale.

They have gotten so good that they are no longer the cowardly elves anymore. Just by learning how to use archery in battle already improved their confidence so much.

For them, we will dispatch them to the island with thick forest. The centaurs as well.

When I asked the centaurs if they can fight against mages, they told me to send a mage to fight them. So I had Candy to fight them.

The result? Any offensive magic that hit them will only have less than half the efficiency than when it’s used against any other opponents.

“We have high resistance against any type of offensive magic. There will still be pain, but it’s not something we can’t endure. Though your friend was too strong for us. I think anyone stronger than her will be impossible for us to fight,” the centaur said.

Even Candy’s lightning magic is the strongest offensive magic among any other magic that the expert level mages can use. Which mean that they can even endure the attack from the weaker master level mages from the cult.

...All the monsters who are helping us are crazy. I love them!

Each have their own specialty. Though the werewolves and the weretigers are quite similar. But who can refuse the help of strong helpers?


After I told them to prepare, I told Graham and Shelia to kill as many monsters as they can in the next five days. And the other days will be for resting before the battle. Though I don’t think Shelia will rest just because I told her to. So I just tell her to just some light sparring with fellow monsters with angels watching them.

After that, I bring Kayla, Angela, Celestine, and Sara right into the s.p.a.ce underground where I last met the earth spirit.

“’s cramped as expected,” I said.

“Shall I make the s.p.a.ce bigger then?” Celestine asked.

“No, I’ll dig a tunnel myself. If you use earth magic, someone will notice. Even using a portal is dangerous as it is,” I said.

And so, I dug some tunnel and threw the dirt away using portal before the earth spirit greeted us.

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