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Chapter 362. Escape

Translator: Atlas / Editor: Regan

“d.a.m.n it, can’t they go faster?! Are they trying to delay?”

Herod was furious. His attendants were moving as fast as if they were on fire. Anyone could have seen they were working as fast as they could, but Herod was not satisfied.

In the end, he couldn’t wait. Ahead of his entourage, he rode out of the palace of Estia in haste, only accompanied by his knights. Departing like a thief in the knight, rather than the king of a country.

But there was no time to worry about his pride. Herod lashed his horse again with his riding crop.

Judia was dead.

She had left the palace with an audacious plan to seduce the barbarian king. And she should have succeeded. She had been so beautifully dressed when she went to visit him, only to depart far earlier than expected…minus her head.

The coachman and her knight had returned her body to the palace. They had been waiting for her near the inn the barbarians frequented when suddenly they had heard a scream. They had raced over to the inn, only to see the door open, and a body flung out.

It was the headless body of their queen.

They had come straight back to Herod with her body. Neither of them had even considered going into the inn to collect her head.

The moment he saw her body, Herod knew that things had gone very wrong. In fact, he had sensed it from the beginning of his dinner with the queen. Right before the young barbarian prince had plunged a knife into the side of his neck, with his eyes glowing just like his father’s.

If Leah had not stopped him, Herod might have been decapitated on the spot. The only difference in the circ.u.mstances was that Leah had not been there to stop the barbarians from killing Judia. Posted only on NovelUtopia

But there was no way the King of the Kurkan savages would leave Herod alone. He had to escape before they could catch up to him, Herod thought, riding frantically on.

What the h.e.l.l is going on?

He didn’t understand why Judia’s potion hadn’t worked. They had both used that potion many times back in Balkat. Judia had often used it on anyone she wanted to possess for her own. She knew how it worked better than anyone else.

Judia could not have made a mistake.


Suddenly, his horse reared up on its hind legs. Herod tried to regain control of his panicking horse, but it threw him to the ground, knocking the breath from him. Groaning from the dirt, he lifted his head.

He was alone.

In the shadowy moonlight, he could see no one else. The knights he had been speaking to only moments before had vanished. Even the horse he was riding had disappeared before he realized it.

His mind was reeling. Nothing felt real. As he stood up, someone approached him from the opposite direction. There was a large round object clutched in his hand.

The man stopped in front of Herod. His back was to the moonlight, so he could not be seen clearly, and Herod squinted up at him. The man smiled, brandis.h.i.+ng the object in his hand.

“Aren’t you going to take this with you?”

It was Judia’s head.


Herod couldn’t even scream. The Kurkans who had been lurking invisibly nearby appeared, and surrounded him.

There was a warm wetness in his trousers.

He was so terrified, he had urinated. Pathetic though he was, no one felt the least pity.

Smiling, Mura grabbed him by his hair and flung him to the ground. The dull impact of one blow after another echoed.


Herod groaned in pain, his face bloodied. Morga, watching nearby with his hands behind his back, became nervous as it dragged on.

“You must exercise restraint. We cannot be reckless.”

Morga’s teeth gritted. Because of this fool, he had not been able to visit the palace for several days. Mura bared her teeth in a smile.

“I bowed until I cracked my head because of him. He’s not dead yet.”

“That’s right.” Haban moved quickly to his mate’s side. “Mura was injured because of him…”

Before the irritated Morga could retort, Genin stepped in between them to mediate.

“I think we should take him back to the palace. I’m sure Ishakan would like to get his hands on him.”


The Kurkans fell silent. They knew Ishakan had consumed the aphrodisiac, and then vanished with the air of a boiling storm. Mura turned to look at the distant palace with dawning concern.

“I didn’t think of it…will Leah be all right?”

Every Kurkan present was all thinking the same thing.

I don’t think she’ll be all right.

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