I Experienced An SSS Encryption Chapter 132 (End) – A Major Breakthrough! Nuclear Technology Surpassing The World!

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Chapter 132: A Major Breakthrough! Nuclear Technology Surpa.s.sing the World!

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At this moment, the nuclear submarine on the screen was slowly moving towards the open sea.

After some calculations, it would take about five hours to reach the open sea. This was a relatively long process.

No one left the command center. Even if nothing happened, they were unwilling to leave.

They wanted to personally witness the moment when the American nuclear submarine caught up with the world's top nuclear submarine!

Five hours later.

At the edge of the American waters, 470 meters below the surface, the Q-01 nuclear submarine was slowly pa.s.sing through the American waters and entering the international waters.

At this moment, in the cabin, Raymond stood at the control desk and looked at the relevant data.

“Pa.s.sing through the United States' waters, we have entered the high seas!”

A staff member raised his head and said seriously, “The current depth is 470 meters. The sh.e.l.l structure is normal. The water leakage in zone five has not worsened.”

Raymond's eyes flashed. He raised his head and looked at the big screen above him, which reflected the scene of 450 meters underwater.

About 100 meters away from the nuclear submarine, there was a pitch-black scene.

Within 100 meters, fish could be seen swimming everywhere, as well as schools of fish.

However, as soon as the Q-01 nuclear submarine moved in front of the school of fish, the school of fish would immediately disperse and swim away.

At this time, Raymond said, “Send the message back to the command center.”

The staff nodded and then connected to the communication channel of the command center to send this message back to the command center.

Soon, Professor Hoppes' voice came from the communication channel. “Okay, Professor Raymond, continue moving forward and pay attention to your safety. We will act as the backing of the Q-01 nuclear submarine to protect you.”

“Understood, Professor Hoppes,” Raymond said.

After sailing into the open sea, the entire ocean test was considered to be the beginning.

Next, there were all kinds of tests waiting for the Q-01 nuclear submarine. As long as they pa.s.sed these tests, the entire scientific research project would be completely completed!

At that time, Raymond and the members of the entire scientific research project could take a vacation and have a good rest!

Of course, these were all things to be discussed in the future.

However, from the performance of the Q-01 nuclear submarine after it fell into the water, Raymond was still quite confident in the Q-01 nuclear submarine. He was also looking forward to the Q-01 nuclear submarine's next performance.

After all, he had also prepared a few great weapons for the Q-01 nuclear submarine. A few technologies that could surpa.s.s the world's top nuclear submarines would also be tested in the ocean.

If these tests could be pa.s.sed, it would truly be a major milestone in the United States' nuclear submarine technology. Thinking of this, Raymond could not help but feel a little excited.

“Professor Raymond, you should go and rest first. Eat something. I'll keep an eye on this side. If there's anything, I'll send someone to report to you.”

At this moment, Captain Shroff came to Raymond's side and instructed.

Raymond had been staring at the various data ever since the Q-01 nuclear submarine entered the water. His nerves were constantly tense.

Only after entering the international waters did Raymond relax a little.


After saying that, Raymond's stomach suddenly made a sound that was neither too big nor too small.

After being in a state of tension for a long time, once he relaxed, his stomach started to growl.

Raymond rubbed his stomach and smiled embarra.s.sedly. “Then I'll have to trouble Captain Shroff.”

“Leave it to me, Professor Raymond,” Captain Shroff said with a smile.

Then, Raymond turned around and walked out of the control room of the cabin.

As soon as he left the control room, he went straight to the dining room.

“Professor Raymond, what would you like to eat?”

As soon as he entered the dining room, the chef immediately greeted him.

Raymond randomly chose a seat that could be seen from the outside and sat down. “Anything.”

After saying that, Raymond looked out of the window.

In fact, there was nothing to see from the outside, except for a distance of nearly fifty meters around the nuclear submarine, where some creatures in the sea could be seen swimming unscrupulously.

The area 50 meters away was pitch black, and no one knew what kind of creatures were there.

After all, at 400 meters deep underwater, the sunlight could not reach here. The 50-meter distance was also reflected by the light source of the nuclear submarine itself.

Raymond looked at the sea creatures swimming around the nuclear submarine, and the corners of his mouth curled up.

These fish didn't seem to be afraid of the nuclear submarine, and they wantonly shuttled around the nuclear submarine.

“Professor Raymond, please take your time to eat.”

At this moment, the head chef slowly placed the delicious food in front of Raymond.

Raymond picked up his knife and fork and didn't think too much about it. He quickly ate.

He was really hungry and finished eating in just a few mouthfuls.

After eating, Raymond greeted him, turned around, and returned to his dormitory to take a short rest.

Time flew by and ten days later.

The Q-01 nuclear submarine had been underwater for a full ten days, nearly eleven days.

During these few days, nothing unusual had happened. Life underwater was calm and boring.

However, Raymond's followers did not feel bored because they were very busy every day.

Whether it was Raymond, the followers of the Q-01 nuclear submarine, or the people in the command center, they had very little time to rest every day.

Therefore, at this moment, everyone's face seemed to have dark circles under their eyes.

Especially Raymond. He had to carefully compare all the data every day and carry out all the tests of the Q-01 nuclear submarine.

For example, testing the Q-01 nuclear submarine at a depth of 500 meters, whether there were any changes in the sh.e.l.l structure after two hours of traveling, and whether the equipment of the Q-01 nuclear submarine was damaged, as well as testing the anti-navigation missiles and torpedoes.

In the past few days, the Q-01 nuclear submarine had conducted many tests on anti-navigation missiles and torpedoes, and the results obtained made Raymond very happy.

The range of the anti-navigation missiles had reached 200 kilometers!

This was a very significant breakthrough. It must be known that the anti-navigation missiles carried by the previous model of nuclear submarines were less than 100 kilometers, while the underwater range of the anti-navigation missiles developed by Raymond had increased by 100 kilometers!

It had more than doubled. Moreover, it had not only broken through the bottleneck of the anti-navigation missiles of the United States, but also broken the record of the anti-navigation missiles carried by the top nuclear submarines in the world!

The maximum underwater range of the anti-navigation missiles carried by the top nuclear submarines in the world was 180 kilometers, which was the record set by the latest nuclear submarines of Russia.

And the supersonic gravity anti-navigation missile designed by Raymond had increased the record to 200 kilometers!

The torpedo had also achieved a very satisfactory result for Raymond and the others!

It could be said that the United States was not only on par with the world's top level in a certain field, but in the anti-navigation missile and torpedo weapon technology, it was even ahead of the world's top level.

This major breakthrough shocked everyone!

They were very excited!

This also made everyone full of antic.i.p.ation for the real birth of the Q-01 nuclear submarine!

The moment the Q-01 nuclear submarine was born, it would definitely resound throughout the world!

The entire world would know that the United States' nuclear submarine technology would carry the flag of the world's top nuclear submarine!

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