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Mu had entered the Oligarchy of Magic about 2 hours ago and the entire time he had been walking up.

;)How big is this f.u.c.king hill.

"I don't think it's a hill it might be a mountain," Mu thought to the voice.

;)So a big hill...why don't you just fly over it.

"Well a hill is more like a small mountain but whatever, and your right I'll just fly over," Mu thought to the voice as he gave himself flight.

Mu rose above the trees surrounding him and noticed that this mountain had no top.

Not just a non-visible hiding behind clouds kinda no top, but literally no top it just kept going.

"This isn't natural right?" Mu asked the voice.

;)I mean it could be.

"How?" Mu asked the voice.


"Oh yea cause that explains it," Mu thought to the voice rolling his eyes.

;)No really just trust me..give yourself magic immunity or something and I swear everything will make sense.

"Alright...what's the worst that could happen," Mu thought to the voice as he gave himself magic immunity.

Suddenly the entire mountain disappeared and in its place a giant city appeared.

The first thing Mu noticed were eight giant poles each showing a different color and they were surrounded by buildings of that same color.

The colors went clockwise from the top Red,Green,Black,"Nothing",Blue,Brown,White,Gold.

In the center was a giant Colosseum which still had the color separations.

Their were people too also wearing the different colors and always staying in their respective colors area.

;)Their divided by their schools of magic.

"How the h.e.l.l do you know that?" Mu asked the voice.

;)Because I'm not an idiot.

Mu was about to respond but was interrupted when he noticed a bunch of robe wearing people were flying towards him.

An old man in a blue robe who was sitting on a cloud yelled at Mu," Who are you and how did you break the Deity-level illusion spell!"

Mu was shocked by the people and blurted out the first thing that came to his mind," I'm Mu Sic and I'm color-blind!"

The old man looked stunned and asked,"What?"

"I'm Mu Sic and I'm color-blind," Mu said sounding meal on the last part.

The old man shook his head before saying,"That's Great now how did you break the illusion spell, I know that magic is useless but it was still a strong spell."

;)Just say your a traveling illusion mage..f.u.c.king color blind what are you thinking.

Mu didn't respond to the voice but he did like the idea of being an illusion mage so he decided to use this excuse.

"Sorry about that earlier you caught me off guard I'm Mu Sic and I'm a traveling illusion mage," Mu said to the old man.

The old man thought for a bit before asking," That still does t explain how you broke the spell."

"Oh that baby work s.h.i.+t can't even make me eat frog..from well..swan meat." Mu said stuttering on the last bit as he tried to piece together a saying about how easy it was.

Despite Mu's ramblings the old man didn't believe him and told him,"Oh well if your that good then you wouldn't mind doing something to prove it would you."

(It must be known that the reason this man wasn't afraid of Mu was because he himself was the Water Archmage so he could cast and destroy deity-level magic as well)

;)You could have explained that later

(I didn't want too)

Mu immediately perked up after the old man asked to see a demonstration.

He gave himself the ability Reality Bender and then snapped his finger altering the reality around the old man to be complete and endless darkness.

He also made the time difference 1 second to 1 year and kept the old man in their for 10 seconds.

Needless to say once the old man came out he broke down and started crying and he was terrified of Mu.

"d.a.m.n illusion magic is fun," Mu thought to the voice.

;)Yea..I..I guess.

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