Infinite Adventure 52 Chapter 50 - Tidal Dragon Slayer

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A week later, Sora was back at the Lightning Blossom after killing another Celestial Dragon. Soon, they would start to flee or stay in Mariejois. Sora still hadn't met Stussy, so he wondered if maybe the World Government wouldn't send her after he killed 4 other members of cp0. He was killing the Celestial Dragons off slowly, though, and she was their best bet to stop him.

Sora: "Luna, you said I was unable to get stronger in this world now, but is that only for lightning? I've still got the Laws of water and wind at 1%."

Luna: {It's for lightning only, you'll be unable to comprehend past 25% in this world on any law simply because this world does not reach that kind of level. 25% is the maximum it can accommodate without being torn apart."

Sora: "Okay, then how would I increase my understanding in water and wind?"

Luna: {Find a method like the devil fruit that gives u abilities of them and use them. That's part of the reason you can reach high understanding quickly."

Sora: "Alright, then. Since I already ate a devil fruit, now I should get something else that's immensely overpowered, but the author for some reason makes it weaker. Get me Ocean Dragon Slayer magic or whatever they would call it in Fairy Tail."

[Tidal Dragon Slayer Magic Acquired]

Luna: {You really think it's that strong?}

Sora: "Yeah, I mean, they can eat elements. If you think about it, there must have been a Dragon Slayer for every form of magic you could think of, and they were definitely a lot stronger than the ones in the story. The reason being they had n.o.body to stop their dragonification. If it wasn't for friends.h.i.+p power Natsu would've been wiped before Gajeel or Wendy were even introduced. However, I think dragonification would grant them abilities dragons have such as their strength before finally turning them into dragons. And if you had a brain, you would see that Acnologia can turn back into a human and he's not exactly crazy. He's pretty sane, in fact, so the whole 'you turn into a dragon and lose your mind' thing was BS. ALSO Natsu was THE BOOK OF E.N.D! How were all the demons from the Book of E.N.D stronger than the books itself? If everything was right, Natsu should've only been weaker than Zeref since the beginning, but due to being a Dragon Slayer he would quickly over take him. I mean, you know, I get it, it's so he can grow with his friends, but Gray would be pretty strong too, since he would've been training to be strong enough to stop other demons like Deliora. Wendy and Gajeel are dragon slayers. And don't get me wrong, the fight between Natsu, Gajeel and Sting and Rogue was cool, but they made Dragon Force look like a joke! They basically told them, nice Dragon Force losers, I can literally knock you out without trying. But when Natsu unlocked his, he went from nearly dead to one shotting the dude who nearly killed him! You're telling me that form barely hurt Natsu and Gajeel? There's a limit to bs. Maybe those two are just weak, but then how the h.e.l.l would other strong guild members struggle against weaker opponents?"

Luna: {Why not G.o.d Slayer magic or Demon Slayer magic?}

Sora: "Dragons are G.o.d Beasts to begin with. And Natsu was able to devour some G.o.d Slayer flames, so I think they're probably more versatile. Stronger too. I mean, the Fire G.o.d Slayer got beat by Natsu. So now all I have to do is practice my Dragon Slayer magic and my understanding over my Law of Water should improve right?"

Luna: {Yup, and you should try to eat ice at some point, so you can have ice too since that's apparently a different element. Even though it's just cold water...}
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Sora: "Yeah, that's stupid. But it's apparently how that works. It's very stupid if I'm being honest."

Sora shook his head helplessly and decided that he would practice the next day. He had to get used to the existence of his new powers now.

Luna: {By the way, you'll evolve again when you reach 25% on wind and water. Do you want something for wind?}

Sora: "Not yet. When I reach 25% on water, I'll figure something out. Not like I don't have enough on my plate mastering Dragon Slayer magic. I don't want to use Aerius yet. I want to see how much I can improve with only fights here first."

Luna: {What about how other people see it? Won't people question why you're suddenly using water?}

Sora: "If anyone asks I ate the storm fruit, I just have good control. Actually, come to think of it, shouldn't I have gotten this first? Then I wouldn't need to fix Devil Fruits' weakness and could just eat through it. d.a.m.n. Wasted opportunity to shock everyone."

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