The Prodigious Princess Qin Zetian 59 Chapter 58: Vampire, What? 5

The Prodigious Princess Qin Zetian -

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Date Published: March 30, 2020

Chapter t.i.tle: Vampire, What? (5)

Chapter no. 58

(Qin Zetian's POV)

When it was almost night time I brought food and went to the library once again. I tried making excuses from Rous.h.i.+ and Weishen and pretend that I'll rest early. I searched for the crown prince's whereabouts but I couldn't see him, so I turned to ask my mom if she had. But she said the prince received an invitation from the palace and that caused him to leave with urgency along with my father. I guess he'll deal with the matters of the court and the emperor might be planning with something else.

I just hope that we won't get into trouble.

I started writing in a journal book and sorted the things that I will do starting tomorrow.

- I need to give batch of medicines to the empress, tonics or antidotes and check her condition.

- I need to check the restaurant's condition and stability.

- I need to hire new sets of employees for the farm, and much better if they will belong from the bandits so they are capable of fending off trouble.

- I need to start constructing a new building that will be considered as a stock room for the harvested products and eventually build high fences to ward off trouble/ unexpected crimes; especially arson cases.

- And then I need to settle a new place here in the capital where I can build a new public market.

I stood up and brought a candle with me as I look for medical books. Our residence is known for having the largest medical pavilion in the kingdom so it is likely impossible that I won't find good medicines there. When I got hold of one book, I never thought that it will lead to a volume of books; if I am not mistaken there should be at least twenty books here that holds a continuation. Well I guess I will need to summarize everything and let time run.

I started with the basic medical books which I have mastered from the modern world, so I guess this will be a refresher for me. It has been so long since my mom and I read these.

There were vast introductions with the basic herbs commonly used for medicine. There are also steps and procedures on how I'll prepare the medicine and likely what ailments are suitable for the said herb. But as a modern woman sent to the barracks of military I learned to use them in advances. This world has not yet discovered the benefits of modern medical technology so I guess I will need to rely in my memory of the past. There are also herbs identified with medical properties but based on research studies of modern day these have harmful properties which advances the condition to the next stage. I guess I will need to write my own medical book, because no matter how intelligent and prodigious a person can be it is likely impossible to remember everything at the same time. I am incomparable to a computer, I might add.

This will be a night to remember then. 
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