The Prodigious Princess Qin Zetian 36 Chapter 35 - Buying Agriculture Land 4

The Prodigious Princess Qin Zetian -

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(G.o.dly Prince Wu Moying's POV)

"Have they returned?"

"They're still on their way your highness, according to Juju they are on the darkest part of the forest. We can easily catch them if you want"

"I only need Qin clan's young miss"

"But your highness we have a problem, there are two young misses. The third miss Qin Zetian and the fourth miss Qin Weishen."

"Two young misses?"

"Yes your highness, according to the registry there are four daughters and four sons in the household."

"Take the daughter from the main house"

Then I remembered, the little girl who hugged the older one. She must be the lost princess, but I cannot take any action to raise the suspicion of the kingdoms. I sighed, the battle between Indigo Valley Kingdom and Moon Kingdom won't end any soon. And the Obsidian Kingdom shut its door.

I wonder how we'll survive, we cannot call help from the Sky Kingdom knowing it lacks the capacity to defend itself. We only have this continent and that h.e.l.lish kingdom to count on. I chuckled, if I we can get the princess back we will win the Obsidian Kingdom's support and the alliance between Moon, Sky and Obsidian Kingdoms will be established.

I stood and walked out of the manor. The manor beside us is heavily guarded and it's true there's nothing ordinary inside. All of them relies on their own individual power. Even the madame of the household has ties with other kingdoms. It's no wonder that they have the princess, but how did it happen?

The carriage was ready. I entered and sat on the red chair, drawing my sword from the scabbard. I will battle against her if I needed to. We treaded on the wide road of darkness towards the forest.


(Qin Zetian's POV)

The guards move under the light of the moon. Weishen is sleeping while Rous.h.i.+ is eating. A few more cupcakes and this glutton will also fall asleep. Being in the military for many years I developed no fear of the dark. But the wind today blows different. It's cold and haunted. Something will happen tonight, I need to secure their safety.
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"Weishen wake up!" I whispered

"Is there a problem big sister?" She spoke while rubbing her eyes lightly

I shook my head and forced a smile.

"Just wear this cloak, the same as you Rous.h.i.+. To keep the both of you from freezing. No matter what happens tonight, you won't say a thing to anyone. Remember, if you arrive home without me and dad finds out, just say that I went to buy something. And if I do not return to the manor ask Han Yuomei to forge my hand writing and write a letter saying I need to purchase lands somewhere. Does the both of understand?"

"Sister what's going on?" Weishen asked

But Rous.h.i.+ stayed silent. She just stared at me and out of nowhere retrieved a dagger.

"I will take care of Weishen till we get home, Zeze take care of yourself please. Who will cook good food for me if you're gone?"

"Don't worry, I will return"

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