The Prodigious Princess Qin Zetian 24 Chapter 23 - The Qin's Manor 1

The Prodigious Princess Qin Zetian -

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The carriage drove to the nearest inn. The manager personally welcomed us as he saw the insignia of the Qin Family. They did not recognize the princess or the queen but they treated us with utmost importance. I nodded in satisfaction, I let Han Wan buy luxurious clothes from a dress shop and let Han Yuomei a.s.sist the princess and empress in taking a bath. Their bodies need to be cleaned up before we go to the manor.

I asked one of the inn servants to bury the clothes of the empress and the princess. There might be little amounts of poisoned powder on the clothes which is harmful to the body. When Han Wan arrived I let her help Han Yuomei. They dressed the empress and the princess. We sat back to the carriage and travel to the manor. I don't know how my mother will react to this.

But I am sure there are lots of empty courtyards in the manor. My courtyard is also big, yet empty.

"Young miss we have arrived"

"En. Auntie let's go down"

"Ze'er I'm glad you're back-- Si-sister?"

My mother was in a new level of shock when she saw the queen.


The queen has tears on her face as she saw my mom. Rous.h.i.+ and I are dumbfounded.

"Ruru, do you know how close they were?"

"Zeze, I do not know either"

"Come on help me prepare lunch at the kitchen, let us leave them to talk"

"En. I'm absolutely starving, let's go" we left there to talk, they must have a good catching up to do

Ruos.h.i.+ kept on dragging me to the kitchen, I don't know if I should laugh or cry because this small gluttonous princess will then again rob my kitchen.
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"Ruru you cannot rob my kitchen ah"

"But you're rich, you can supply them back"

"Oh about that... Accompany me to the mountains tomorrow, we will purchase some land for growing crops. I'd like to create my next project."

"Really? I've never seen farmlands before, are you sure you'll bring meeeeeeeeee?"

"Yes, does this miss look like joking?"

"Good! Zeze I'm really starving come on let's make some food. I'm sure mother is also hungry, she hasn't eaten well for a few days"

The sadness in her eyes made me uncomfortable. She doesn't know how vicious the imperial palace is, and I'm sure she's not yet ready to act accordingly. She's too young and for a princess to be scheming like a snake is impossible. Or maybe I can teach her, a good brainwas.h.i.+ng is not a bad idea either. That way she'll be more prepared and it will lessen the shock in her heart.

Nurturing ones heart to become wise and cold is essential for the idea of survival. The imperial harem is full of poisonous snakes, they will find a fault in you, criticize you, plant false evidences against you and eventually kill you. There are different types of poisons and each of them has one goal. To eliminate everything that stands on their way.

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