The Prodigious Princess Qin Zetian 16 Chapter 15 - Everything Good 2

The Prodigious Princess Qin Zetian -

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"Young miss everyone is already seated at the ballroom hall as you instructed"

"Thank you for your hard work shopkeeper Sheng, please tell the kitchen to serve the dishes"

"The food will be a surprise right?" Rous.h.i.+'s eyes never failed to twinkle when food is mentioned

"Yup, so let's head over. Everyone must be waiting for us."

She nodded and we took the staircase.

When we arrived at the room each of them has a surprised face. The room is wide and well decorated. The floor in this room is specially made so the marbled floor sparkle like mirror. The open sliding gla.s.s windows let the cool breeze greet its visitors. The ceiling has large chandeliers and light illuminating stones. The concrete walls painted in the lightest shade of green felt so soft. And the red carpet at the stage looks so fluffy that will make you want to touch it.

The curtains were embroidered in floral patterns. And the tables have marble tops, the chairs have foam pads on each of the seats and the dining wares are made out of the finest gla.s.s and stainless steel. There are table napkins and chopsticks too. They were amazed by the western idea that I have mixed with traditional Chinese table setting, an idea from the modern world.

There is also a terrace with a gla.s.s shed where you can see the blooming forest and the bustling streets of the capital. The landscape outside is refres.h.i.+ng to look at while the fences and the trees exuded an eco vibe.

"Ze'er, this place is magnificent! It feels like those place I read in books suddenly came true!"
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"I am really proud of you!" my father stated as he laughed, while my uncles joined him.

My mother became teary eyed, and it feels so good to see my sisters and my brothers in complete attendance. The third, fourth and fifth prince are all here. As well as some of our closest friends.

"Today is the food tasting, tomorrow will be the official opening and I'd like to thank everyone for coming here."

"This place is very wonderful" Madam Chen said

"It is the very first time that I saw a restaurant as good as this" My aunt Mo said

"Thank you for the praises, it is a big privilege to gather everyone here. Now let us serve the food tasting menu, I hope I'd get non biased opinions about the menu."

From the menu there are different types of food. Asian, European and American cultures were examined and combined with another sets of food to keep combo meals delicious yet easy to digest. Women in this era care about their appearance and the calories that their food contains, while men at this era cared about protein and muscle building nutrients.

"For the ladies each set of the meal is thoroughly prepared to enhance wellness, it should have less calories, easy to digest, non fattening, not too oily and not too greasy. For the men what we serve are body and muscle enhancers, it should be good for the bones too and non fattening. For the tea and wine, these are prepared under medicinal excerpts that helps in digestion, detoxification and good for the liver."

"I'm in heaven! This one is addictive!"

A minister said.

Then all of us laughed.

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