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Jace was raging with anger. He took me by arm and took me home. On our way, neither of us spoke a word. But I couldn't bear the growing tension. So, I broke the ice and spoke, 'What are you really angry about? Do you think I purposely dated the most Wanted criminal? I didn't even know about this whole new world. How immature of you to act like that. It was not mistake. Haven't you dated anyone before?'

Jace' s jaw dropped. He replied, 'I think you are right. But I am concerned about you. You don't even know how veil is that person. I am sorry for staying like this. And by the way, I have not officially dated anyone.'

'We are also not dating', I snapped.

'But you are my fiance'

'That doesn't mean we are dating'

Jace looked miserable. Actually he looked a kind of cute like this.

Afterwards he dropped me and went away.

But I don't why, I was not thinking about Jace's mood, I was rather having a medley of emotions

Lucious was my biggest nightmare, my biggest mistake.

But our love bloomed in its highest peak.

I should not be scared. Instead I should prepare and cultivate my powers, so that I could confront him in future.

I talked to my parents about the cultivation of my powers. They said, 'It's alright. At 16, every child belonging to anyone of the specials must attend the Majestic s.h.i.+nes High school. We have already enrolled you there.'

'Why didn't you tell me them?'

'Jace said he wanted to surprise you. By the way.. Where is he?'

I tried to overlook the question and asked more about Majestic s.h.i.+nes. My parents told me that I may find some of my school friends there. I wanted to tell Stephy and Elena sooo much about it. But with power comes responsibility, so I have to keep it a secret.

I have one month left here. Then my training will start. I want to make this one month worth remembering.

Next day, I went to school. All of my friends enquired about my whereabouts. I realised I have been absent for one week.

Whoa!!! ..Time really flies fast...

I got gold medal in the Science Olympiad. Nice start for the day. I smiled to myself.

Then my friends came running over and demanded treat.

Everyone in our group is like...

Oh.. You got pa.s.sed... We want treat.

Oh.. You bought watch... We want treat.

My goodness... Etcetera etcetera.....

By the way, I am no different... Not at all.

School went on as usual but I tried to enjoy everything. Even the most boring lectures seemed pretty good. Part of me was sad, knowing that I won't be seeing these views anymore.

All that amus.e.m.e.nt in recess and the antics of Brian, Ethan and Chris, I am going to miss everything.
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When I was strolling leisurely in the corridor, Damon strode past me. He didn't even glanced at me. I wanted to call him but I couldn't. I was buzy thinking about HIM, 'Lucious' .

My heart ached with pain again.

'Why Luo why? What did wrong did I do to you? Why instead of love, I am left only with despair and loneliness? Was my love not pure? Or is it you who never really cared about me?

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