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Versatile Teeny Girl -

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I was sorting out my thoughts while sitting on the dripped greenery. Vin saw me and walked towards me. He stood like a rock there but I was so engrossed, I didn't even noticed him. I came back to senses, when he lightly patted on my head.

'h.e.l.lo Alexa', he warmly smiled at me. I returned greetings with smile too.

'Where were you lost, Little sister?'. He asked with a voice, which dissolved trouble.

'I'm alright. It's nothing'. I replied because I don't want him to get worried. I will tell him everything soon. But for now, hiding the truth is best.
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And it is best to smile. Because it is easier than to explain what's killing you inside.

He asked if the news of me being Damon's brother fiance was true.

'Yes, it is but I don't want to marry him. I want to focus on my career. I want to achieve something big in my life. And.. I am also s.h.i.+fting to a new school.'

'What.... When were you going to tell me???

In which school are you going?? Does Damon know?? And everyone else, do they know??.. Alexa how could you do this to me??'

'I am so sorry Vin.. But there are things which I can't tell. I'll tell you everything soon, but now I am also mugged up about everything. I need to clear my own head first.'

Vin sensed that there was also something else which was disturbing the pet.i.te figure in front of him. He could clearly see behind those lucid s.h.i.+ning eyes there were memories... Dreadful and teary memories.

He asked her with a hint of worry in his voice, 'Alexa... Are you alright?'

Those words tored Alexa's soul. She wanted to say no.. Nothing is fine. Everything and everyone she knows were tearing apart.

But she put up an bold although fake smile. And simply said, 'I am awesome, what can happen to me anyway'

Vin was like her soul brother. He knew the true meaning of those words. Alexa tried to bent the truth but it was infructous.

Vin decided not to question her further and took her to canteen, Alexa's favourite place.

He thought she usually calms down and would talk on her own while eating.

He bought two hotdogs and two appy fizz.

I took a bite and exclaimed, 'Ohh G.o.dd Vin...

The one thing I am going to miss the most is this hotdog. I love this truly...'

Both of us burst into laughter. Because he knew how foody I was.

Suddenly that cursed school bell ruined the mood.

It was my our Physical Education Practical Period. So we headed to our own ways past corridor.

He went to attend his lecture and I went to basketball court with my friends. Me and my mates started our strenuous training and played a full court match. Ohh.... It was exhausting. I washed my face with water. But I was still feeling so hot...

Suddenly an idea struck and I used my powers to chill myself up.

Aahhhh.... It was so coolllll.....

Now I am feeling better. I just wish no one saw me.

Hehe.... I know I am not allowed to use my powers in school because I don't have full control of them...

But the rules are meant to break.

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