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This scene reminded him of his past.

In his previous life, he had met a woman whom beauty was comparable to that girls.

At that time was already over 1000 years old and looked like a middle-aged man. He had just arrived in a city with a mortal country Grade 3. At that time he was a cultivator of Earth Realm stage. He had nothing special, he was like a filler, a forgettable character in this vast world.

Every time he arrived in a new city it was the same.

"Have you heard the Young master of the xx family broke through the Profound Realm with only 20 years old he's certainly a genius," No matter where I went there is always gossips and conversations about young geniuses young masters.

The reality was cruel, there were people like him that breakthrough only once every several decades but for talented geniuses, it would take only months or just weeks.

In his life he had heard countless geniuses, some he heard they were just in fundamental realms and suddenly broke through it. This was a reality he had accepted. There were even some geniuses had died by his hand not that anyone knows it.

He had always offended sects and clans so he always had to be on the move. It was not that he was looking for trouble but almost all were of the same incident as the clans and sects were always in "Greed" and "arrogance", some wanted to boot-licked the clans and sects to hunt him so he just killed them all, whilst others wanted something that he had, in the end, he just killed them all.

Some of it had irrational reasons they always came with the same cliché phrase "since you killed someone from my x.x.x now you must die".

In the end, I was still alive. If some had paid to be a dollar if every time some used that phrases at me I would have been a millionaire. Most of them thought that someone like me would be fearful of the great clans and sects, but the truth is I had nothing to lose, I have no friends or love ones to threaten me, my only companion was the luggage I had in my hand. If I can annihilate them with my strength, I would have done that so I don't need to flee all the time.

Today I had arrived in a city called Vea city, while I was on the streets I hard exciting news.

"Have you heard, in a week there will be the summit of geniuses within this city!"

"Eh! Why would they do that in this city? Within the Empire, there are countless cities why is this one exceptional?"

"I was also surprised, what happens is one of the G.o.ddesses of the continent, one of the saint list, was born from this city despite only 16 years old, she was already half-step from the Heaven Realm!"

"For real? Who is she?"

"She is the daughter of the city Lord's, the G.o.ddess x.x.x are a disciple of x.x.x, of the powerful x.x.x in the center of the continent."

(Note: When I put "x.x.x" it means that the mc is not remembered from the name of the person or power, not that I don't want to name it.)

"Who ca say such person can't be born in such small place like this! The highest local powerhouse was only a few cultivators in the lower Earth Realm"

"You know for what I know, the lord of the city is making compet.i.tion and whoever wins will keep his daughter's hand."

This was the hottest topic of conversation between people but for him it meant nothing. He was 1000 years old, and people in the compet.i.tion had to be under twenty years old.

In other words geniuses.

"Ahhhh", I let out a deep sigh

So I went to the nearest inn, rent a room for several days and rest for a few hours. After the rest, I left the room and asked several questions at the receptionist and went to the best restaurant in town.

I went inside and tried to look for the worst possible table available, this is based on experience as the good table may cause trouble as it was possible that a young master from local would come in and say something like "I want this table" and throw me a couple of gold while looking at me like a beggar.

I would refuse his offer

And the young man would get angry and send one of his bodyguards to break my body.

And I will retaliate and beat the young man and his entourage, but unsurprisingly the young man would be from a powerful family. They would feel humiliated and will do anything to kill me, but in the end, it will be destroying their pitiful family.

I already what's going to happen at the end least I better not to.

With my current strength I shouldn't be afraid of any local forces, but because of the "Genius Summit," it was possible for young masters from far away to come. If I had accidentally killed a young master from foreign powerhouses, I would become well-known by people it will be my downfall.

The more famous the person is, the more people will be watching you in the dark. And going into the crowd your enemy will easily trace your movement and hunt you.

So I look for a table on the corner, the one without a good view as it was undoubtedly the worst table in the restaurant.

A waiter soon arrived and took my order, which was almost the whole menu! As I love to eat and have enough money to cover my expenses, so why not?

After a few minutes time unexpectedly, a woman voice came saying: "Sir, would you mind sharing your table with us? "

Alexander whilst reading a book and said: "Do what you want, only I won't be paying for your food". Which soon he will regret it later.

"Master, he said yes"

Soon a 16 years old girl with a veil and a beautiful lady around 30s sat in front of him. They soon a nearby waiter took their order.

Seeing the man in front of her was not paying attention to them, the older woman broke the silences asked

"Are you an alchemist? "

"If I was not one, why would I read alchemy books? "

Hearing what Alexander said, the young woman felt restless, because her master was respectable alchemist not even the old man in their sect dared to speak to her like that, but this man did it!

Unexpectedly the older woman was not angry, she showed a sweet smile and said "hahaha what a coincidence, I am also an alchemist. I wonder if gentleman can answer a few questions from this humble woman"

But the woman was thinking (I'm a nine-star alchemist, haha I want to see how you humiliate yourself hahaha)

On the other hand, the man knew nothing of this, while the disciple of the woman could sense what her teacher was thinking.

"of course," said the man as he was still immersed in his book.

Seeing this scene, the woman was in smug "Then, let his little sister ask brother with this question…"

"Easy the answer is…"

The moment that the woman heard the answer, she was momentarily stupefied. As the question was only the 7-star alchemist would be able to answer while thinking is the man a 7-star alchemist?

Then the woman gets a little excited and bombarding the man with questions hoping that he would fail to answer, yet unconditionally the man answered every question she had.

The man thought I may be not talented in cultivation and can't refine them myself but when it comes to theory no one me!

After a few minutes what their ordered arrived and they started eating, in between the meals, the woman still continued to bombarded questions. But they had to stop when the man finished his meal and paid the bill to leave.

Suddenly the woman asked his name and he said "seriously an ancestor wants to know the name of an ant? "

"Kain, that's my name" without saying anything left, the man left the restaurant without turning back.

Presently the woman was shocked again (Did he know I was an ancestor from the beginning?)

As to why I remember that day with clarity, it was because on the day I ate with those pair of women. At the same night, thousands of powers behind women (for the hand-in-marriage) sent for my life. Some were weak while some had managed to injure me and thanks to them I advanced to the Heaven Realm

At first, I was confused about the reasons why they were sent to me. After several interrogating torturing them to half dead the all gave the same answer "My young master or master sent me…."

Whenever I was hunt by local or foreign powers, they would sent and I could only escape that torment after hiding for more than 100 years.

At that moment I had sworn to never again a.s.sociate with beauty again. But now a beauty that can overthrow nations is my servant.

I wonder if it is the heavens punishments for me for the sins of my former life.

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