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Without further ado, both the boy and the man stopped talking.

The man raised his arm and made s.p.a.ce chaotic soon the chaotic storm consumed the darkness and the whole s.p.a.ce became a chaotic storm. At the center of the storm was the boy with an age of five.

(Let's see how you modify this!) Thought the man.

What was unexpected was the child looked unconcerned about the storm, soon the child raised his arm in front of his chest and made several hand-seals. A smoke of grey gas soon materializes under the child's feet. Seeing this the child stopped what he was doing and dipped his fingers with yolk and drew an array and placed his palm on it. After a few breath time, he muttered "Open".

Instantaneously, the array began devouring everything near it, it didn't matter if it was the grey gas of the s.p.a.ce storm the array devoured all of it without leaving a trace.

What the boy didn't know his actions aghast the man. When he saw the grey gas was he recognized it.

(Destruction Law! As someone who can summon it, he can only summon little of it! Because it was one of the most difficult Laws to understand!)

When he saw the Array, he only frowned at the boy's action (This brat thinks that a simple array can do something against my s.p.a.ce storms! In your dreams!)

But, when he saw the Array devoured everything, he was horrified such terrifying array actually exist in this world!?

The man focused all his attention toward the child without missing a single action.

After few breath times, the small array continues to devour everything on its path but soon it stopped with hand signal by the child. And the other arm formed a fist facing toward the heaven, and he whispers



After the explosion, the small array began to expand at a terrifying speed, and after few seconds, one could not see how far and wide the array stretch on the horizon.

This caused the blond man to inhale a mouthful of air.

He just could not understand how someone from the lower world did that, even in the Ten thousand races it can be counted in one hand! And they were all old monsters that have lived for millions at the very least.

But then, he the patriarch of one of the powerhouses in his world was seeing someone from the lower world doing it and it was d.a.m.n five years old kid.

That's impossible! The lower worlds should have not an Array master mastery of that level. Should they have one they could have entered the Three Great World easily, but non-of them had entered for the millennium.

Furthermore, that Array goes against array knowledge he had known it was as if it was Array Dow of the beginning! His clan have several Array experts but never had any of them uses and seen that kind of symbol before. It was as if it was a different path into the Array world!

Is there really another path? If so, are the current one the wrong path? Or both the right? How did someone reach this mastery?

If he said he wasn't afraid of the child, he would be a liar. He had just wanted to know why the divination technique told him that here was the right place for his daughter to meet her future master and husband.

His technique had never been unclear for the last 3,000 years of divination. It was as if the heaven itself protecting that person's ident.i.ty and no matter countless times he divination he only prophesied the same response. His's daughter destined to follow an inferior being, a human.

If the clans that had wanted her daughter's hand-in-marriage found out about this, they will no doubt do everything in their power to kill this child, especially the young master of the Dragon Sulphur clan.

The question is, what should he do?

One must know that not only not only the powerhouses of the Ten Thousand Race world sent their younger generation to the lower World, there are also powerhouses of the Divine World and The Underworld did that.

And not to mention the powerhouses of the lower worlds. Though they might not be as strong as the one from the Three Worlds. That was only if the previous generation included. For the younger generation their completion was enough it would be a brutal fight.

In this era, much-talented youths are born, but only few that have a maturity of than their age.

While the man was immersed in his thoughts, the child closed his palm again which caused the Array to shrink and was followed by an explosion.


The explosion jolted the man out of his thoughts and looked around only to be presented with starry sky with countless stars covering the sky. There are no more s.p.a.ce storm, no more black gas and lastly the Array also disappeared.

"Beautiful, don't you think so?" a childish voice was heard.

When he faced toward where the voice came from, it was obviously the boy speaking to him, "how did you do that?" the man questioned.

"Do what? If you're referring to the starry sky, isn't it your illusion you should be the one that tells me that?"

"You!" The man was exasperated and said, "I can't do that in real life except in an illusion!"

"So you're saying that you'll never be able to sought-out for yourself? I am not your master neither I am your friend, I don't even know your name and who you are, why should I explain it to you?"

Hearing the boy's answer the man was the loss for words. In fact what the boy said was the truth as they were stranger and had no relations.h.i.+p. Why is he obligated to share his knowledge? Besides this was an only small piece of his consciousness even if he wanted to force him he could not.

So he couldn't help but to stare at the sky and sigh "ahh, forget about it then. I look forward to our reunion in the real world. I just hope you are still alive then, please take care of my daughter".

Without saying anything else, the man figure stares at the sky and disappeared.

Alexander contemplates of the final sentence before the man part, could not help but frown.

(From what the man said, it seems there are significant changes coming and that change will bring great danger, but as there are the danger they are also opportunity)

Realizing that Alexander's eyes were burning with fighting spirit before slowly disappeared from the illusion.

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