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The moment Nicolas said those words The office was filled with silence.

A few seconds later, the middle-aged man spoke: "Sect master, are you sure?" In the letter, it says that it was the servant of Anna Webber who crippled the Elder, behind her back is her brother who's a core disciple of the James Clan, in addition to that his niece is a direct disciple of the supreme elder of James Clan, if we do this we may incur their anger."

Nicolas answered him indifferently:" Just do it, We can not let them trample us like this. Give them two weeks to volunteer and submit themselves. If they do not do so by the allotted time, send an Elder of Law enforcement to capture them." hearing this the middle-aged man just got stunned, it is impossible for them to reach their Sect in two weeks unless they have a flying beast on the eighth or ninth level of Realm of Qi Gathering, That is something that even the Sects have very few of them and are mostly be used by grand and supreme elders. So you can get the idea that it was impossible for Anna to have one.

The Sect master just wanted to keep up his prestige by doing this, soon an idea s.h.i.+nes through the mind of middle-aged man. "The Sect master wants to justify himself to the other powers before taking any real action, this way he can capture her without any regression from other sects."

Apart from this, he could not think of any another explanation. After processing it, he asks the sect master: "sect master, are you not afraid of them fleeing? as the law enforcement elders will take at least a month to reach the Alba Kingdom. and If we add the two weeks of the notice period, it will give them two months or more so what stopping them from pack their bags and leave the kingdom."

Nicholas just said:" I do not care if they run away or not, even if they flee, it only benefits us."

The middle-aged man did not understand that very well but he acted as if he did and said:" Yes, Sect master," After that, he said his goodbye and left the office.

That day, The Sea Palace surprised everyone by issuing an arrest warrant. what was surprising is not the arrest warrant but the people they wanted to arrest. They people being.

Anna Webber, ex-wife of Lewis Alba, second daughter of duke Webber,

Audrey servant of Anna Webber, and

Alexander Alba, Third prince, son of Lewis Alba and Anna Webber

Many did not know who there were especially regarding Audrey, but after asking around a couple of questions their ident.i.ties were revealed. They were the third prince of the Alba Kingdom and his mother along with her servant.

what was shocking was that the Sea Palace has even issued an order for a child of five years old. Many found it unacceptable, while others investigated this matter a little more thoroughly. and they found that the elder brother of the third prince is a direct disciple of their Sect. Therefore, they thought that they were only using this situation as an excuse to help him in eliminating the compet.i.tion for the throne.

What they did find outrageous was that the guilty were given two weeks to appear voluntarily under the promise of being less severe for their crimes. as many knew that it was an impossible feat to travel from the Alba Kingdom to the base of the Sea Palace in the allocated time.

Three days after the order was issued all the seven countries came to know about this matter, in many, it was the trending topic which was spoken by all and many were waiting for the events to unfold. Some people even bet and pondered about the reason behind issuing that warrant.

Which has not been published, and for which it became a mystery discussed by everyone.

Within the Alba Kingdom, In the Former Prime Minister's Mansion.

In one room there were three people, an old man, a young woman, and a five-year-old boy. Sitting while drinking tea.

These were Audrey, Frey, and Alexander.

This morning they received the news about their arrest warrant. When Audrey learned that no one knew who she was and that no one even cared about her capture, she got angry.

"Young master, I can not believe that they dared to do this to us, if they dared to come, I will cripple them like that old woman," said Audrey, during this month she had advanced to the fifth level of Realm of Qi Gathering, and With her strength she could quickly deal with people who are two levels above her, therefore, she was not afraid of those old people from the sects.

Alexander looked at her and answered: "Audrey, do not be so arrogant, in this desolate land you can be powerful but in other places, you would be even worse than an ant," hearing that Audrey could only lower her head and stayed quiet.

seeing that, Alexander continued: "Dealing with these Sets is very annoying. It's no use killing those who were sent to capture us, as they would just keep sending people who are stronger than the previous ones."

hearing Alexander's words Frey couldn't help but asked: "There's something I do not understand knowing that we kill everyone they send, why do they keep sending them to their death?"

Alexander had an expression of disgust while he said: "Because of their face, every time you kill someone from their Sects they lose more and more of their faces, and this will make all of those who are from the respective powers very angry and h.e.l.l-bent on gaining back their face. even though they were the ones who started everything. That's why many solitary cultivators avoid getting into the midsts of these powers which they can not afford to fight."

Frey nodded his head. He understood the general idea of the matter. So let's move on to the next topic: "Why is Miss Anna not here to discuss the current situation? is she not worried about this predicament."

hearing Frey's question Audrey could only force a smile and replied: "She did not care and went to sleep early to open her store tomorrow."

Alexander added: "My mother relies too much on Audrey's strength, Since she learned that she can fight against them and even win, she stopped caring about it anymore." saying so Alexander asked Audrey: "By the way, has my mother stopped training recently?"

Audrey nodded:" Yes, ever since Miss Anna opened the store, she stopped training and we cannot blame her as she's been swamped looking after the store and by the end of the day she's exhausted and hasn't had the time to train."

Hearing this Alexander could only sigh and said:" It seems that we are in lack of staff."

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