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Frey was somewhat doubtful "Two years, will it be enough?"

Alexander just smiled, avoiding answering that question, He thought that showing the results would be better than some empty words.

After a few moments, the silence was broken by the voice of a maid: "Excuse me, sir, I brought you some tea," saying that, she placed the tray containing the tea set on the table then poured some tea to Frey and Alexander while leaving the teapot on the table, she bowed and silently left the room.

Seeing that Alexander did not want to answer his question, Frey did not get angry, but he understood what Alexander wanted to do, so he decided to change the subject, "Third Prince, What I do not understand is how do we make the bounty reach the ears of the sects?"

Alexander crossed his arms as he said: "Easy, With the Deadpool"

Frey reached for the freshly served cup of tea, after taking a sip, he asked: "Deadpool?"

Alexander did the same and took a sip of tea but when he heard that question, he was somewhat surprised and asked: "Have you not heard of the Dead Pool?" hearing this, Frey shook his head, Seeing that Alexander began to explain: "The Deadpool is an organization that serves as an intermediary between the Clients and the, the only thing we need to do is to give them the details of the person we want dead and the deadline along with the reward and a fee for their services and they would post the name of the person you want dead on a blackboard, along with the reward, in addition to the time in which you want him killed and the first one to capture/kill him and bring his head would be given the agreed reward."

"Is there really an organization like that?" (Frey)

"Yes, but it does not operate in the secular world, they only allow murders of cultivators," When saying these words Alexander arose several memories of his past life, in his past life he had worked for that organization as an, as well as a bounty target. Therefore Alexander knew how it worked as if it the back of his hand.

Upon hearing that, Frey nodded his head in understanding and said: "Then just tell me where this organization is situated, and I'll send someone by tomorrow to place the bounty." as for the issue of where the pills for the reward are gonna come from, Frey knew that it's futile to ask Alexander as he wouldn't answer him so he didn't ask, although he suspected that it is more likely that the third prince has a master who is helping him secretly.

hearing Frey's proposal, Alexander said in a calm tone: "Frey we do not need to hurry there is something that I want to confirm, and this occasion gave us the perfect opportunity to prove it."

This aroused Frey's interest, therefore he asked: "What is it that you want to confirm?"

Alexander did not think it would be wrong to tell Frey, therefore, he said: "You know my uncle is a Core disciple of the James Clan, right?." Hearing that Frey nodded since he had already met him a few years ago, seeing that Alexander continued: "Three years ago my uncle gave us a news, that my cousin became the direct disciple of the supreme elder of the James Clan."

Frey again nodded his head understanding. as it was the public knowledge that the princess of the Snow Kingdom became a direct disciple of the James Clan, so he was not surprised by what the third prince had just said. But he did not understand where he's going with that, so he just waits in silence.

Alexander put down his teacup and leaned back on his chair, raising his head to the ceiling, he said: "This means that my mother and I are in a state similar to the king and the third concubine but while the Sea Palace has sent an elder for the safety of the royal family, the James Clan did not send anyone," Hearing that Frey could not help but frown.

Not caring about the other party Alexander continued: "This does not make any sense, logically they should be helping me to ascend the throne, because if my brother ascends the throne, he's being a disciple of the Sea Palace will slowly convert the Alba kingdom into territory of the Sea Palace, something which the other powers would not like to happen, therefore I as a person without any affiliation to any power should be their best option to hold the position of the King of this kingdom without disturbing their current balance."

Frey could see the point that Alexander has made. to explain: At the moment the kingdom of Alba is considered a neutral ground for the six powers, but it seems that in the near future it would become the territory of the Sea Palace, meanwhile, the other sects let it slide by not taking any actions to prevent it from happening and looked to the other side. which doesn't make any sense, After thinking about something else Frey asked: "Third Prince, What happens if the other powers instead of supporting you, support the Fourth and Fifth Prince. "

Alexander lowered his head looking at Frey and said "No that is not possible, most likely when they grow up they too would join a sect, therefore they would be in the same situation as the second Prince, therefore the remaining powers would support me, because with my little talent I can not join any of these sects in my life, so even if they wouldn't gain any more territory, they will remain equally balanced which is the best thing for them."

When Frey a.n.a.lyzed what the third prince has said, he concluded that what he had said made sense, He was by far the only option if they do not want the Alba kingdom to become a territory of a particular sect, that is, although the other princes will be part of their respective sects, they could only have the backing of that particular sect, while the third prince could have the backing of the other three powers, the difference would be overwhelming.

Frey understood what the third prince wanted to put on to the test and asked: "So, what do you intend to do?"

Alexander just shrugged and said: "Knowing how the Sects work, they will give a notice of capture before taking any action, then I will see whether the James Clan remains silent or acts in our favor. But I already have a rough idea of what will happen."

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