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Just when Alexander dealt with the old man, a shadow approached him from his back and asked "Young master, why did you kill him?" This shadow was Audrey, she did not like to kill so when she saw the corpse she felt guilty.

Whereas Alexander was indifferent to killing because in his previous life he had killed countless people which don't mean he couldn't understand how she felt and somehow he didn't want her to become someone like him, So he explained: "He would be a dead man anyway, If I didn't kill him then old Walter would have done it when he finds out that he had lost his cultivation but before that he would have reported what had happened here and exposed us, the same way he disclosed where Walter's treasure was, now do you understand, it was inevitable. I know you don't like to kill and I don't expect you to become a cold-blooded killer either, but you have to know that sometimes it's necessary to kill."

Audrey could only nod, although she did not want to understand what her young master meant, she knew he had said those words for her own sake so she would remember those words forever.

Alexander turned around leaving Audrey alone with old man's corpse while saying "Keep stealing, I'll go for the old Walter's gold, Remember to take everything and leave nothing behind."

"yes" Alexander only heard those words, then he speed towards the back of the warehouse, Following the instructions of the old man he found an elevator that took him to an underground room, Alexander on seeing what was in front of him could not help but put a bitter smile as his face contracted, "This is only a quarter of all his fortune? You have to be kidding, I had not seen so much money even in my previous life."

What was in front of him were miles upon miles of money. normally people use five different denominations of coins: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and White Gold.

This was standardized throughout the countries all over the continent commenced by the Transcendent powers who ruled this continent because only a few could mint the coins with respective symbols of the country in their currency, Currently Alexander did not know which power ruled the continent of Auphera but normally there is always more than one transcendent power on every continent.

Each denomination is worth a hundred times more than the previous one, i.e. 100 iron coins are equivalent to 1 bronze coin. In addition during the times of war, many countries collect iron and bronze coins exchanging them for silver and gold, to melt them into weapons or armor. Because of this, there rarely a lack of weapons for war as no one could diminish the supply of iron and bronze.

In his previous life, Alexander only used spirit stones for trading so he never had so much gold in his possession but what he saw now seemed absurd for a desolate land.

Inside the subterranean room there were crystals that dimly illuminated everything around it, Alexander perceived that this room was just as big as the store above, Inside it there were several mountains of gold, hundreds of silver, thousands of bronze and countless of iron, In addition to that one could see a small chest that surely contained white gold coins.

This amount of wealth, it's impossible to acc.u.mulate it in a desolate land, unless one does illegal business or other illicit acts.

Alexander immersed in his thoughts could only sigh, "Well, it's not worth thinking about it, all this wealth would be mine from now anyway," Then he proceeded to store everything inside his rings, it was only after half an hour that he left the room now empty. Looking up to the ceiling, He knew that the crystals were a treasure but in the end, he thought: "let's leave it to old Walter, he's lost a lot today I can't be so cruel."

The truth was It was going to take him a lot of time and effort to remove the crystals from the ceiling, Besides that, he did not need them therefore although they were worth something, for him it was not worthwhile to bother doing something so useless. So he went to the elevator and went back to the warehouse where Audrey was waiting for him.

When Alexander came out of the elevator, he was speechless, as found the warehouse completely empty, not even the shelves were left out, This woman took his words very literally.

"Did you find anything good?" Alexander heard those words just after he was out of the elevator as a shadow approached him, This, of course, was Audrey.

Alexander could not understand what was going through her head as she even stole some useless shelves, on the other hand, Audrey asked impatiently: "What's wrong?"

Alexander, recalling the past, spoke quickly: "Nothing, down there where tons of money more than a mortal can spend in his entire life, with this loot even if the king bar's the allowance of my mother, it will not affect us a bit.

Audrey hearing those words was very excited as from onwards they would face no more money problems, With this even if Mrs. Anna's business was to fail they would be fine.

Alexander was already tired so he said, "It's enough for one night, Remember I'm still a growing child who needs to rest, so let's go home."

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