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Meanwhile, In the Uri Republic, Square Rossen Inn.

Alexander was in his room while meditating in the lotus position in the center of eight 8-Grade spiritual stones absorbing if spiritual Qi slowly.


In that, his vibrate communicator and a notification appeared: [In the vicinity of the middle State of the Central Area appeared an immense ancient forest with colossal trees covering millions of miles, The Wood Qi and the vitality in the area increased countless times, This made that the medicinal herbs grow at a rate never seen before, Many buds of herbs have begun to grow and many factions have set their sights on that forest ]

Alexander read the information and could not help but meditate on something, Until he finally sighed.

Such a forest could not be born from nothing.

Eldar had a wooden const.i.tution and his cultivation was impressive. If Eldar told him he could do that, Alexander in his ignorance would believe him.

But the only problem is, with how little I knew Eldar I knew that for him to do something so striking it could only mean one thing, I was in the middle of a fight against another expert of the same level as Eldar.

This made Alexander a.n.a.lyze many things, first of all someone really wanted her dead.

That is, Someone made them come here, a place extremely far from some land ruled by the elves and ambushed them.

Alexander imagined that there was only one way to deal with Eldar his only weakness. the weak Arwen.

If they sent Eldar to take care of Arwen, that meant he wasn't at all weak. I could only have a weakness. I had to make sure that Arwen was fine, so focusing the attacks on Arwen was something Eldar couldn't deal with well, that is, in a fight with an opponent of the same level it was difficult to see for your own sake and much harder to fight and protect someone at the same time, although it was a despicable method, I had to admit that it was the most effective method to kill Eldar.

But, Arwen was no longer with Eldar, so he could fight without restraint. It also made sense that the experts who ambushed him are close to the middle state. After all, if someone could heal Arwen, he would be in the middle state.

For the experts of the Eldar level, the experts of the Mortal continents were nothing more than garbage.

It wasn't even worth mentioning.

When I think about this, it was the only coherent conclusion for the sudden appearance of a forest with a tremendous Wood Qi.

In other words, one day in that forest for a medicinal herb or someone with wooden cost was equal to one hundred or a thousand days depending on whether it was in the external, medium or internal area, Until now in the Central Area there were strong winds that not even a transcendent could bear, It was said that a transcendent expert tried to enter that area but even before entering he was seriously injured.

This caused Shock in the Central Area, Since the transcendent experts were the maximum powers and caused many to see with fear that forest, many even thought that forest had its own will!

Alexander thinking about this, left his meditation and set off for the living room where Arwen and Helena were watching human entertainment.

But Alexander stood between them and the television saying, "Arwen, does your uncle have any ability to transform millions of miles into an ancient forest with colossal trees?"

Helena who was about to complain just got confused and saw Arwen while Arwen showed disbelief in his sight, she couldn't understand how Alexander could know about her uncle's domain.

Seeing the disbelief in Arwen's eyes, Alexander knew that he had guessed correctly. This made Alexander furious. He didn't care that someone attacked Eldar but Eldar was going to bring him good things from far away and now he couldn't take them back!

A fight of that level could stall for months or years. Even if they are decades it wouldn't be far fetched from Alexander's perspective.

What those idiots did that ambushed Eldar affected him and his interests.

But right now he could only swallow his anger, Because he was only a miserable Elementary expert!

All for being weak.

If I were as powerful as Eldar, I would run for those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds and decapitate them directly. But now he could only swallow his hatred and ask what he would do now, since he did not believe that Eldar would return soon.

So without saying a single word, He left with a dark expression to his room.

Alexander closed his eyes in his room as he lay on his bed. Those d.a.m.n had ruined everything.

Minutes later, Helena entered the room and asked: "Young master, what happened?"

Alexander explained: "Someone attacked Eldar and I imagine he will not return for years, if he returns"

Helena was surprised, since according to her estimates according to his strength, Eldar should be able to move without restrictions on the continent. It was somewhat surprising that an expert from the continent was able to face him, Something that Helena did not believe then an idea shone in his mind and said weakly: "A conspiracy, Someone is trying to kill him"

Alexander corrects: "Do not try to kill Eldar, only to Arwen. Eldar is nothing more than collateral damage. "

Helena did not understand why it was that but Alexander explained:" What people see most as a danger is the latent potential of geniuses, A genius the older her cultivation Realm is and the lower her age means that had more potential, Eldar is a person whose potential is already drying up, but Arwen has immense latent potential, so his goal is Arwen, Someone must think that this girl is an obstacle for his offspring or himself "

Helena began to think but then he said: "But is it worth doing all this?"

Alexander explained: "Look in the world you will find several types of people, among them there are people who think they are very clever and think that they can move the heavens and the earth alone through conspiracies, that kind of person only conspires in the dark since he does not have the necessary strength to fulfill his ambitions and the day he is discovered would be dead, those kind of people leave nothing randomly even if you have to sacrifice an arm and a leg, since when they meet their goal the long-term benefits will be immense. "

Helena showed a puzzled expression and said:" But, they can win by killing Arwen. "

That is to say in these days she had become friends with Arwen and was worried about her new friend.

Alexander said: "I don't know, The first thing I can think of is that since Arwen is the princess, so if another female dies, she would have a free way to be the future queen of the elves."

But Helena said: "But how could the Queen if she has no blood of the Royal family? "

Alexander explained:" The current queen is Eldar's sister, that is to say that her husband has blood from the Royal family, while the current queen although she is of the n.o.bility was not born in the royal family, now we don't know if Arwen has an older brother or can have a younger brother. Now you get it? If Arwen dies only a talented n.o.bleman has to marry the Royal family. So the most certain that the person behind this conspiracy can be relatives or the same talented female only surpa.s.sed by Arwen and those people must have a powerful sponsor. In other words, if you can't beat the opponent fairly, cheat. "

Hearing that, Helena was anguished and said:" But how can they do that kind of thing behind the Queen's backs "

Alexander said indifferently:" There are people who live a lie and when they think no one suspects them, they they move in the shadows. ", Alexander paused a little and said to Helena:" In this world there are no perfect people, only people who appear to him, The more perfect a person is the more he hides, the more kind and sincere smile, Behind That smile hides a cruelty, the more kind it is, the more greedy it is. All actions are planned to obtain benefits. I prefer to trust a good Samaritan son of a b.i.t.c.h, at least the son of a b.i.t.c.h is someone who does those things openly and not someone who stabs me in the back "

Helena did not understand why people would do that but Alexander said:" The Reality It is nothing more than a social illusion, If you want to make others believe that you are a good person, just do good things, If you want to make people believe that you are a bloodthirsty being, Murder without mercy, Do what is most aligned with the benefits you want, but the only person you know who you really are, is you! ", Alexander continued:" In the world there is no good or bad, Only winner and loser. The Winner is seen as good while the loser has been seen as evil, What they are doing now is almost like a coup d'etat if they win will be the kings while if they lose, They already know what the consequence will be, Total extinction. "

Helena twitched at that idea and said in exasperation:" We must tell Arwen that! "

When Helena was going to turn around to leave the room, Alexander stopped her and said coldly:" Even if we know the truth, If Eldar He said nothing must be for something, We can protect and nurture but we can not say anything, we are n.o.body to tell you the truth, we hardly know it a few months ago. If someone must tell you the truth, it must be Eldar, not us! Only if Eldar dies will we talk about telling him his current situation, For now let's just let him recover in peace from his wounds. "

Helena could only lower her head and nod, but in her eyes there was a resolution, even if she couldn't protect Arwen before, Now that he knew her, he wouldn't let anyone do anything to him.

But this also worried Helena and said: "But what if Eldar's attackers send reinforcements for us?"

Alexander shook his head and said: "They will not do so at least in the short term, since the factions sent by experts for Eldar would have to do it in the most absolute secret for the fear of being discovered by the elves, In addition to finding it would be difficult, The only trace they could follow is the aura of their sacred body, So you just have to hide it, with that you could live quietly for years or decades before they find a remote clue of it but over the years their enemies could get restless and send more experts but they would go after Eldar not after us, so for now we are sure, we just have to leave a clear line between Eldar and us "

Helena was surprised and said:" Should we leave Eldar? Young Master we can't do that! "

Alexander then said:" What else can we do with our current strength? "

" This ... ", Helena was speechless at this and did not know how to respond, since even with her strong body of Divine Beast and if she launched suicide attacks maybe he could face an expert with two Middle Realm above her but if there was talk of confronting an expert of Eldar's level it was the same as for a pig to enter the slaughterhouse thinking that he would leave alive.

Alexander just sighed and said: "Eldar should be able to fight a good battle for a while. At that time we should only focus on making our strength grow and not let anything happen to Arwen. I am a man of his word and if I told Eldar that nothing would happen to Arwen, I will comply. "He paused a little and said to Helena:" For now, just tell him that Eldar encountered some problems and human enemies of his youth, so even deal with those enemies "

Helena then said:" and if you ask how we found out? "

Alexander smiled and said:" I will only tell the truth, in the center of the continent an ancient forest was born from nowhere, She can confirm it if she wants to "but Helena said:" and if she does not want to stay with us? "

Alexander did not flinch:" Quiet, she will stay. She may not trust me or humans but she can trust you, She may not stay for me but she will stay for you if you speak well of me, "After that she shrugged and said:" I will only tell the truth , you have been together for several years so you can get an idea of ​​how I treat my people "

Alexander then said:" Besides that, we have to prepare to leave the Republic! "

Meanwhile, In the Clan Cordner Residence.

A handsome young man was speaking furiously to his communicator and raged furiously: "WHY THE ANCESTOR CANNOT SEEK REVENGE FOR ME! THAT GARBAGE KILLED MY ENTOURAGE! "
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