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The next day after the fight. The capital of the republic was full of noise and construction machines.

After all yesterday while the fight was being fought, the entire western neighborhood of the Capital was destroyed. With the Exception of the Alchemist's Guild Building, all the buildings were crumbling and innumerable people saw their heritage destroyed. But it was because the government saved every year for a calamity. That is, the Republic had several millennia of existence and its capital had seen several fights of spirit Experts so politicians have to foresee something like that.

Although the local Spirit Realm Experts were non-existent in the republic, rarely did a few foreigners appear. This was because all the geniuses with the ability to reach the Spirit Realm were going abroad to join stronger factions.

After all, factions like the ruling factions of the Republic were innumerable in these lands.

In addition to all this, the Guild of Alchemists having no Guildmaster had problems and the two Vice-Guildmasters were barely managing it, but their operation was still very awkward. At the same time they were scared and secretly reported the of the Guildmaster.

At the Square Rossen Inn, A child was tucked into his sheets while he was red with embarra.s.sment and vowed to himself that he would never take his mother to any of his fights.

In the end I could only sigh, I had never lived such a big shame. Soon her door opened and Helena came running: "Young Master, You are famous in the Republic! Do not stop pa.s.sing your fight on TV! Even the President of the Republic gave a speech to the people "

Alexander stood up and said with murderous intention:" Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds did not show the end, right? "

Helena laughed softly:" If you talk about the part of the tender hug between mother and son, No station had the courage to do it, ended at the time they kill the old man from the other group with the spear "

Alexander snorted but he did not dare to comment on the subject, I knew I could not touch the subject without getting burned Likewise. After a Helena Moment She asked: "Young Master, Now offended the Clan Greck and Mouyu, How are we going to deal with it?"

Alexander said casually: "Calm down, I've already made the necessary arrangements, At least those Clans will not touch us for a few years ago "

Helena confused said:" From what Ashley told me, The Crown Prince is hiding in the Cordner Clan, maybe it would not be a good idea to demand that he be handed over "

Alexander shook his head and said:" It's not a good idea, Remember our main Client are the Elders of the Clan Cordner, If we do that they chose the Clan Greck and they will break relations with us, So much so that none of the ruling powers will want to have relations with us, From their perspective the Clan Greck is several folds stronger that we and I, despite being a genius, still can not compare to the Greck Clan. A genius is to invest in the future while in the present I am still weak. Not to mention the fact that I offended the Clan Mouyu by killing the garbage of Guildmaster "

Helena meditated and understood the situation, What her young master said was true, Those who had the strength in the Present were that pair of Clans, Despite that Alexander had great potential in the sight of many if he was hunted by these clans would surely die for what a dead genius, He was no longer a genius.

Many believed that offending those two clans, He signed his death sentence.

But at the same time Helena frowned and said: "But, Young Master. Why would the Clan Mouyu seek revenge for a garbage? That is, with the Clan's resources and be a Clan of Alchemists for the age of that man and his cultivation was certainly garbage, I do not understand why someone was trying to avenge him "

Alexander He smiled and held up two fingers: "There are two reasons, number one. Most powerful clans treat their territory and weaker powers as if they were their backyard. Many disciples when they go to these places act very arrogant. You could say that this garbage was not so arrogant and had a low profile but if one digs well and investigated without a doubt you could find turbulent businesses like human trafficking, drug cartels. Everything I feel led by him and having astronomical gains. All because even if the local authorities find out they would not do anything to him for their antecedents. Since touching them will damage the ego of their origin because, Those that kill a person of my power always end badly "

" The second reason is simple, Almost always there will be people behind with authority in that power. A Master or a Father or a Grandpa who spoiled spoiling and getting a good state. Otherwise that garbage could not have gotten that position with your skills, and investigate your background. Apparently that subject was the only remaining line of the Sixth Elder of Clan Mouyu, The only reason why he sent him here is because he thought it would be safer to be a shark in a fish tank than a fish in the ocean. Now that he kills his only grandson, I will undoubtedly have to suffer the wrath of an old fart that is even half a step deep and that old fart will undoubtedly move all his authority for the Clan to do something and send experts to hunt me. Added to the previous reason. They have enough reasons to want to kill me. It's almost the same when you kill someone and more in the human world. So it's better that you get used to it "

Helena was speechless but she found it very logical, if someone killed her despite knowing that she was a Prik and a pure lineage of divine beast, Without doubt, Her race, her clan and your loved ones will seek revenge.

When she was younger she asked her father: "Is it okay to kill?"

Her father told her: "Normally killing a living being generates negative karma but if it were like that, the trees that are used for our houses, the herbs that They are used for our pills, They are all living beings. The laws of Karma are more complex than what can be seen with the naked eye, You can kill whoever is under the heavens while you can bear the consequences of your actions, Even if you can stand it if someone dares to humiliate you the best thing is to kill him without mercy, It is better a mutual destruction to a life of humiliation. Remember my precious you are a Prik, Even if you do not initiate the fight there will be others that provoke you, Carrying enmities is inevitable, Even our Clan has enmity with several demonic and divine Clans. I'm not telling you to be arrogant for being my daughter but just based on a rule, If the other party treats you kindly be ten times more kind, If the other party treats you hostile be ten times more hostile, If someone stings you a Eyes, You leave her Blind. "

Helena thought that her father and Alexander have similar thoughts.

Helena saw Alexander and said: "Young Master, He said he had already made arrangements for those clans, what did he do?"

Alexander smiled mysteriously: "Someone placed a good reward for the head of Powerhouses of the Greck Clan and for all its experts who They are above 2-Level Spirit. If someone leaves his headquarters he will undoubtedly be killed. Now if we talk about the stupid prince heir, someone put a generous reward so even if I do not go for him or make noise will be dead. Right now Clan Greck must be in a meeting to see what they do with me and how many experts send to bring their prince home, When they find out that there is an exorbitant price for their heads they hide their heads like turtles "

Alexander stopped for a moment before saying: "As for the Clan Mouyu, Hire the Agency to send a delegate on my behalf"

Helena was confused and asked: "The Agency?"

Alexander nodded and said: "It is an extremely powerful power in the underworld is dedicated mainly to send messages with specialized experts called agents, They are very reliable and serve very well when you want to show your seriousness but you are far away geographically, Normally they are used as an ultimatum "

Helena showed confusion and said:" Why do you want to send an ultimatum and not do the same thing you did with the Greck Clan? "

Alexander said grimly:" Because you face an Alchemy clan is a pain in the a.s.s, I am not afraid of them but when they make public our enmity there will be many who want to win the favor of the Sixth Elder and the Clan Mouyu so a rain of experts will come for me even without reward. At that time, perhaps the only ones who remain neutral will be the four chambers of commerce. "

Helena said again:" How are you so sure that they will remain neutral? "

Alexander crossed his arms and said:" Because they are businessmen, They can not afford to take a side, for them if you have money you are their Client. Besides that they do not lack alchemists and do not depend at all on the Clan Mouyu, they may even have higher standards than the clan Mouyu, after all they are stronger than the Clan Mouyu and have numerous Powerhouses to take care of their business "

Helena said:" What ultimatum did you send to the clan mouyu? "

Alexander only said:" Shut up or die, I can a.s.sure you that your Clan does not survive for more than a few days if I want. That among other things "

Helena nodded but said curiously:" But how do you do that, place an order of Murder for all the members of the Clan? "

At the end Alexander sighed and said:" Helena, remember very well this, This was a lesson I learned a long time ago out of necessity, The things they see are terrifying but the things you do not see are super terrifying, Behind every light there is an abyss of darkness and everything moves for money, If the reward is enough they could move a lot of experts to do your dirty work, You do not need innumerable hills, Only an omnipotent mountain "
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Helena could only think:" What does that mean? "

Alexander got up from the bed and said:" Let's go for a good meal and look for Elf uncle I have a couple of business with him "

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