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Hearing that, Arwen just stared at her uncle, did not understand what he meant.

In fact not only her but the whole group of women focused their eyes on Eldar. Eldar just sighed and said: "That boy took that fighting style due to three reasons, The first one is a Style that serves to face numerous opponents, The second is due to his short limbs. If he tried to exchange blows in a conventional way, his blows would not connect, "Eldar paused and said:" The third is that a fight like this is a fight to wear. That child knew that a trick can not be used twice. and when your enemies learn it they will be more cautious. So he focused on that aspect of the fight and at this moment everything seems the same but with every second that that child is winning in the long term. "

Then, Arwen asked:" Why? "
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Eldar saw the battlefield and said : "First of all, see the place where that child is. It is in the center of the War array fighting near the Pillar of the Array, ready to turn its hands from agile snakes to a powerful and lethal spear. When the pillar is exhausted and has an opening that child will finish the fight. "

Arwen frowned and did not understand very well so I ask:" But Alexander is in Elementary Realm and his reserves of qi are much lower than those of those experts. in Spirit Realm, I do not see how it can exhaust you. "

Eldar nodded and said:" That's why you're saving energy. Remember what I told you. The soft palm style consumes much less energy, I'll put it like that, suppose the Elementary expert has ten Qi points and the Spirit Realm has a hundred. But at this moment that child is spending 1 point when using the Qi projection but with those pills can recover at the same rate. Now the problem is on the other side. Even if Spirit Realm has larger reserves of qi his martial techniques need more Qi than that child's style so if we a.s.sume that they spend ten points on each attack but can only recover five points with the War Array, Solo means one Sooner or later they will run out of Qi, Even if they use pills like that child, Everything is in vain. Why do you think that brat makes it so important? Because they are the ones that help to recover others in the Array. Once you start the Array the pivots can not be changed as easily as you think and it takes a while to adjust the Array. Losing the Pivots at the start of the fight also marked the end "

When Eldar finished speaking, Helena saw deep into the fight, Seeing a child calmly in the eye of the Hurricane receiving all kinds of martial techniques, Her expression was serene with a calm. His hands moved like snakes deflecting the attacks of the experts. Helena could not understand why her Young Master took that position. But at that moment she remembered what her father said while she was training: "Helena, remember. The ability of a warrior is not measured by how many blows can stand and continue to fight but how long you can fight without suffering any injury. When you suffer an injury your combat prowess will go down, so at the beginning of a fight whoever is injured will have an advantage over the other side. this is known as the first Blood and is extremely important in a life-or-death combat. "

From what her father said, in a close fight both sides would be crazy to attack and defend.

Helena could not imagine what pressure her Young Master must feel and wondered if she could fight at that level. She had trained for centuries with her parents and Elders of the Clan but for some reason she felt less to her young master but could not believe it, She received first cla.s.s training and her Clan was not weak at all.

While the other party came from such a poor place without experts guiding it but out of nowhere I knew how to fight like a veteran.

Was her Young Master keeping secrets from her? Helena was becoming more and more curious.

Eldar watching the fight, I was a little scared. In his youth he was a genius of the Elf Race so he had exchanged pointers with geniuses of other races, especially the human but according to his memories, Even the geniuses of the highest powers of the Holy Land did not give him the same impression.

Eldar frowned and wanted to confirm something. After hesitating a moment. A bright light around him and a black spear appeared out of nowhere and with a slight movement flew into Alexander's hands.

Arwen when she saw the weapon, she only saw her uncle and said: "What is that Weapon?"

Eldar smiled and said: "It is a Weapon that I found in my youth, It is very mysterious and full of Arrays even a Jonkheer My friend could not discover his mysteries"

Arwen was surprised by his uncle's words and could not help but ask:" So, why do you give it to Alexander? "

She knew very well that the Jonkheers were not simple people and if even they they could not decipher this weapon. I did not have confidence that Alexander could.

Eldar showed a complicated expression and said: "I do not know, I have a feeling", as Array master had had that spear for several millennia and even after that time he could not discover its secrets, he did not know how to use it and it even looked like a weapon common or a metal rod, Apart from its extreme durability had nothing peculiar but on closer examination he realized that he had rare Arrays of which he had never heard, Even in his homeland there were no records.

At this moment I had found an interesting human calf. If that child were able to use it means that his achievements and ability in the Array Dao exceed him. Eldar did not have much hope in the child but he did not know why this child left a favorable impression.


Alexander in the middle of the battle felt a presence come towards him, So he quickly stepped back away from all the experts surrounding him, They also felt a presence come like this they had to stop the fight.

Alexander saw a black shadow towards him and no doubt stood in defensive position while the others in the battle rejoice as they thought that another expert had sent an attack on the boy. After two hours fighting against that child they hated him to the core and could not believe that this child was so difficult to kill that he had several times almost lost his life in the hands of that child. If they were weaker or that child stronger, They would have already died.

In a single moment, the black shadow grew closer and closer until an imposing black spear stood before Alexander.

Seeing that that weapon was not to attack the Old Man's expression changed, Someone had thrown and helped the child. The old man shouted like crazy: "Do not let him touch the weapon!" That child was capable enough to clean hands did not want to know what he was capable of doing with a weapon.

Alexander seeing that the enemies were about to resume the attack so he took the weapon and prepared to kill those subjects.

but just when he touched the gun he felt that each time the time was getting slower and slower each time the people were about to stop moving and after that he felt that soul was being sucked by the Weapon.

By the time he had regained his senses, He was completely surrounded by darkness.

No matter where I put my eyes, the landscape was the same.

Soon I hear an old voice reach his ears: "This place is strange, Alexander, what kind of weapon is that?"

Alexander when he turned his eyes towards the origin of that voice, He saw an Elder of pensive expression.

This was Kain.

But I hear a bored voice from the other side: "That spear is not a weapon but a living being"

Alexander turned his head and said: "Who?"

The same bored voice said: "I? ... You are too weak to know my name... "

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