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(Note: The first part of the Chapter tells the same of the previous chapter from the perspective of the Sea Palace, you can skip and read the second part.)

Meanwhile in the Sea Palace.

Nicholas was sitting next to the Supreme Elder who now looked like a middle-aged woman thanks to the breakthrough to Elementary Realm.

Many people at the Sea Palace had advanced by leaps and bounds even he had managed to advance to the half-step Elementary.
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Since the changes in the cultivating environment became much easier but the most disconcerting to Nicholas was that the mundane Qi disappeared.

The first days after the change this caused the disciples of the palace to panic, since without worldly Qi they could not advance and if they dared to refine Qi Spiritual they could melt their meridians.

This had been a headache for the high command not only of the Sea Palace but of everyone in the region. But after an idiot disciple did not care and began to cultivate with spiritual Qi, many expected them to end up crippled but it was not but according to the disciple's words he said: "After the Qi entered my body I felt hot and vapors blacks came out of my body, the spiritual Qi was not a wild energy but rather docile and very beneficial for cultivation "

That created a stir in the Sect and many disciples took a risk to check what the disciple was saying was true. Many thought that the disciple had been crippled and did not want to be the only cripple so I invented all that.

But soon news came that it was possible to cultivate with spiritual Qi. This confuses the Elders of the Sea Palace. This went against the common sense of the world.

But even after they had their cultivations session themselves, they realized that this was true.

This was totally different from the spiritual Qi they knew!

But they also noticed something. This new Cultivation Environment helped to make the speed of Cultivation crazy.

In this environment, the speed had become ten times faster for people in Body Refining.

And for the people in Gathering Qi this climate, the speed had multiplied by 20.

Before in the Region the experts were very few and although there were minor powers, they were all well known and all were consolidated powers in big cities in the countries of the region.

All had numerous Body Refining experts but only a few Qi Gathering experts.

But now, Even the smallest Village had a few Martial Artist, Small cities every day had hundreds of people who became Martial Artists and in medium and big cities, Dozens of False Cultivators were born every day.

Most worrying was that this trend did not seem to stop.

Many estimate that in a couple of decades, the level of Martial Dao in the Region will grow exponentially and even several Elementary experts could be born out of the established powers.

This meant that not only the Sea Palace but also the other powers in the region had great pressure on them.

So, they needed to develop as quickly as possible.

Today the Supreme Elder told her that news had arrived from Pilly Isles and that they had sent rich resources to help the development of the Sea Palace.

They will even send a couple of Array Masters and Alchemists.

After that the Supreme Elder said: "Apart from this, I intend to share resources with the Martial City and the James Clan, we must make our faction stronger than the Alba Family faction."

Nicholas showed a confused expression and said: " But Nathaniel's parents are members of the Alba Family, Wanting her to suppress, I do not think he likes it. "

The Old Woman Solo showed a sly smile and said:" You can be calm, I already talked to my disciple and he told me that as long as he does not kill his mother or his father will be fine, even if I want to kill his grandfather it will be alright, but we need to suppress the Royal Palace, Iron Fortress, the Gray Clan and the Alba Family as soon as possible. Otherwise they suppress us "

In the region it was no secret that there were two major factions since the day of the cancellation of the tournament, one led by the Alba Family. While the other headed by the Sea Palace.

From that day, the faction of the Alba family, Thanks to unknown sources had large amounts of potions which made the external disciples of these powers were several folds stronger than the faction of the Sea Palace.

Many in the Region could not believe that a family less than a century old could already be on equal terms with millennial powers such as the Royal Palace or the Gray Clan but it was so.

Many speculated that the Alba family had found a treasure or made ties with a powerful expert of some underground power.

At this time all the powers in the area were side by side in general strength, all possessing an expert Elementary and Dozens Half Step Elementary, this type of forces not even in the northern states could be seen.

Only in the Mortal countries could this type of powers be found. How many were at the height of their power and feel that times of prosperity never seen before.

Everyone was excited about what the Dao Martial could advance in a few decades and all the Elders trained the younger generation with great expectations.

But among the powers there was a rumor and it was that the previous small Alba family that only had a useless land and of little value, Now they had two experts Elementary and that the older Daughter of the third Generation, The first Princess was about to fulfill the 17 but I was about to enter the Elementary Realm.

Many claimed that the princess had already made the breakthrough and that now the Alba family not only had three Elementary experts but one of them was extremely young and with a lot of potential to undermine.

Even his younger brother Nathaniel, a disciple of the Sea Palace heritage, was only two years younger, but he was in the 3-Level Qi Gathering.

Many felt that the Outstanding Disciples of the Supreme Elders were inferior compared to the first Princess of the Alba Kingdom.

Because of this, if the rumor was true. The Alba Family Faction doubles the Sea Palace Faction at Elementary Experts. Because of this, The Sea Palace needed to strengthen its side as soon as possible and wait for their Elders to enter the Elementary Realm was not something they could afford to wait.

At this time, All Elementary Experts were 1-Level experts and had to consolidate their Realm so they do not launch attacks in the short term. They not only needed them to be strong but also their allies.

The Sea Palace had a good relations.h.i.+p with the Clan James so there was no problem in giving him some resources while the Clan bought them at the market price. Only that his relations.h.i.+p with the Martial City was superficial.

If these three powers were developed in parallel, the strength of the faction could grow in a short time and even overcome the faction of the Alba family.

If the Sea Palace wanted to eat those powers now, it could only get the opposite effect and make all the powers in the region join against the Sea Palace. So now he could only strengthen his faction and wait to develop to be able to eat the other powers and knew that with the resources of Pilly Isles. I could do it sooner or later. With the arrival of the Alchemists of Pilly Isles the production of medicines will be several higher folds than before!

Nicholas and the Supreme Old Woman could only smile and wait for those glorious days when they unify the region.


When Nathaniel heard rumors that his older sister had made the breakthrough, I was incredulous. Do not avoid thinking about what you knew about your older sister.

She was the daughter of the first Concubine of his Father. The first Concubine had no power and came from a small aristocracy on the borders of Shota Empire.

Many said that her family had banished her by marrying a small and insignificant King like Lewis. Since she was the second daughter of a Baron.

His older brother a few years ago inherited the t.i.tle of Baron and his older Sister married a house of a Viscount, While she was a concubine of a small King.

With the standards of the Shota Empire and its great history, even a Barony was better than marrying the King of Alba Kingdom without talking about a Viscount, Marquis or Duke.

The Shota Empire was several folds more frightening than the Sail empire at its peak. Many did not understand why Shota Empire did not attack the Sail Empire at the time when the Civil War broke out and until these days everything remained a mystery.

Many speculated that if Shota Empire moved his army against the Sail empire his neighbors in the North would do the same with the Shota empire. Since in the north of the continent there were increasingly frightening countries.

But what Nathaniel remembered most was that, like his third brother, his older sister lacked martial talent, it was impossible for him to accomplish anything other than reaching Body Refining in his entire life.

But now at the young age of 16-17 she managed to enter the Elementary Realm. According to what his Master had told him, even in the Mortal countries he was a super weird talent. She could become a Central Disciple or even more in the colossal powers of those places.

At this time he had the urgent to contact his mother but there was no response from her, apparently since the name was changed his parents cut ties with him.

Only by his Grandfather did he know that his Mother was expecting a child and that he could soon have a younger brother or sister.

But I could not wait to confirm the news that the first princess entered the Elementary Realm.

He could not go to the palace to confirm it, he was no longer welcome there and with the strength of his grandfather, he could not go and demand anything.

In addition to that the third generation rarely leaves the Royal Capital.

Those who came out most frequently were the Fourth or Fifth Prince with their mothers to visit their relatives.

The princesses rarely left the Palace and only once or twice left to visit the n.o.ble houses of their mothers and even when they left. They led a platoon of more than 200 Elite soldiers with strength 7-9 Level Body Refining and a few captains in Gathering Qi.

But since the first concubine arrived in the Royal Capital, she has never dated her daughter. Nor has he returned to the Shota Empire or anything like that. He only seemed to stay in his room and only interacted with a few in the palace.

So getting information from her was very difficult.

At least the Sea Palace had no spies in the palace and Nathaniel could only clench his fists with force at the impotence.

He swore to himself that when his strength exceeds that of his grandfather he would make his way to the palace and beat his grandfather for exiling from the family.


Meanwhile in Alba Kingdom.

In beautiful rooms was a beautiful middle-aged woman with a bulging belly. Resting on a very comfortable rocking chair with closed eyes.

On the other side of the room was a beautiful 16-year-old girl who saw the middle-aged woman with serious eyes.

The middle-aged woman without opening her eyes said: "Do you want to go to Shota Empire? Are you Sure?"

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