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Alexander began carving inscriptions in the Cauldron.

The tools and weapons had various grades of refinement, which were Low, Middle, High. These were the most common as long as there are two special grades.

The Quasi-King grade and the King grade.

These were the ones that had a perfect refinement and were the cusp of the tools in the Cloud itself.

A single King grade sword could destroy any sword in the same cloud and only another King-grade weapon could sustain a battle with that weapon.

For tools such as cauldrons, the greater the grade of the tool, so would be the number of Arrays that could support.

Normally a quasi-magical artifact would only support 5-10 Arrays according to their applied quality for weapons and tools.

A magical artifact Elementary Cloud could support ten times more and so on with the other clouds. It does not matter if it was a 1-Star or 2-Star Array. Normally the artifacts only supported an Array of three stars superior to the clouds.

That is to say that an Elementary Cloud artifact at most could have 3-Star or 4-Star Arrays. If a higher Array was placed, the artifact could be destroyed. In addition to that if an Array 4-Star was placed, it would only be in exchange for ten 1-Star Arrays.

Because of this, many blacksmiths or artisans when they refine their artifacts without owner, did not place them Arrays, Only if it was a weapon or tool made by request is that they placed the Arrays.

For if one placed the wrong Arrays in the artifacts, they could make the value and those interested in buying them diminish.

The Cauldron in front of him was an Elementary Cloud artifact, Quasi King Grade so it could support about 80 sets of 1-Star or 40 2-Star or 20 3-Star or 8 4-Star inscriptions.

Everything depends on the master Array in charge of the inscriptions and the requests of the Client, also to the use that they wanted to give to the Cauldron.

Alexander had his abbreviated alphabet so his arrays unlike the common arrays had a great advantage, They were twice as strong and effective, besides saving half the energy to activate them than the Arrays of the same stars.

So Alexander began carving in the cauldron, A variety of small inscriptions Array, both inside and outside the Cauldron.

3 hours later.

Alexander wiped the sweat from his brow as he nodded with satisfaction.

Meanwhile in the distance, After seeing how Alexander carved the inscriptions, the finely dressed Man was stunned and incredulous.

and with bright eyes he thought: "It must be him!"

Meanwhile, Alexander examined his work again and could not help but praise himself.

This cauldron would undoubtedly be the dream of any 1-Star alchemist, With it he could advance by leaps and bounds in the Dao of Alchemy.

With this cauldron, the stress of refining pills was ten times lower.

The refining time of the pills was reduced by half.

If the Alchemist were experienced he could refine up to ten sets in parallel.

Besides, that cauldron could withstand the explosions of a few failed refinements. Since two arrays had been added, one absorbed the damage, while the other redirected the energy upwards.

If you failed you could be left without a roof but your cauldron could still be used. For an alchemist a cauldron was much more important than a simple roof.

After that, Alexander entered the cauldron and placed more than 20 mana crystals to refine.

Each crystal could withstand 500 refinements so that before the crystals run out, Alexander could refine 10 thousand refinements.


While he was finis.h.i.+ng a shadow he approached the cellar and a finely dressed middle-aged man stared at Alexander.

Alexander similarly stared at the man and realized that on his shoulders there was a terribly pale little girl.

This girl was sick, but what surprised her most was what had some pointed ears.

Then Alexander focused on the middle-aged man and realized it was an illusion. Behind the appearance of the middle-aged man, there was a young man effeminate with Adam's apple.

Soon the two were silent but Alexander only stayed watching the man examining him from head to toe.

The man could only think uneasily: "That child, why do you see me like that? Will he discover my disguise?"

When he saw that the man did not want to say anything Alexander just said: "Hey, they did not tell you to enter Private property is impolite? "

The man was relieved to lean slightly as he clasped his hands saying," Sorry for my unexpected arrival, I've searched for years, My Queen has sent me here to look for a person able to diagnose to my Lady. "

Hearing that, he could not help frowning.

For years?

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My lady?

As far as Alexander knew, Elves were a matriarchal race so their majority of leaders were women, not all but mostly.

After that, He saw the girl and could not find anything out of the extraordinary. But soon she frowned and said: "She is not sick, so she looks poisoned." At the same time Alexander's expression went dark, apparently he had gotten himself into the middle of a conspiracy.


Meanwhile in another place of Infinite world.

An Elder with pointed ears was relaxed drinking tea, While on the other side was an effeminate man while he saw the Elder and asked him: "Sir, Are you sure the plan will work, If someone can cure the princess's poison all our years of Calculus will be lost and my daughter could never become Queen! "

The Elder calmly said and mocked:" You're an idiot, bribe a great human oracle with a few beauties of our race to give the queen a wrong prediction, just think about it The Oracle said that in a small mortal continent it could find a person capable of diagnosing the princess, and it is not even a powerful mortal continent, but a weak and desolate one incredibly far away. It is impossible that someone from there can cure that poison, I would commit suicide if the princess returned to cure, It has been five years since the Duke Eldar left and there has still been no news of him, According to my estimates the princess has only a few left months of life "

This caused the effeminate young man to calm down a little but he was still a little restless. According to his calculations the Eldar duke should have already reported the death of the princess two months ago but he has not. Something had to be wrong.

That was an ancient Poison that he had found in the ruins of a human power more than three centuries ago, for his research in addition to the fact that the Elven race hates the poisons itself inferred that by the effects it would be mistaken for an illness, so I do not hesitate to use the poison on the princess and was finally confused with an illness even by the Elven doctors. After all these doctors almost did not come in contact with other races so they did not know much about poisons.

Unless the princess dies, the young man could not calm down.

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