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Alexander could only see Helena and think, Helena seemed to have a great background and due to the same she would get in touch with innumerable geniuses as well as many Alchemists and Arrays Masters.

It was not uncommon for Helena to have tried some martial professions. There was only one flaw. Those teachers only knew how to teach Genius.

The Genii were people who absorb knowledge like a sponge and grow quickly so they do not need much attention from their masters, since with a few pointers the genius will deduce the rest but for a person without talent in that area. I would need a Master that will guide you meticulously in each step and even in the most fundamental.

Because of this many experts prefer to take geniuses as their disciples and label the people without talent as refuse refusing to teach them, since they also have to continue in their respective Dao.

Alexander knew what he felt after all in his previous life he never had a Master and everything he learned was self-taught through books.

Was it impossible for Helena to learn a profession?

No, I just needed a person to teach him meticulously and from the most fundamental point of view.

Something very unlikely to find in this world. Regularly that treatment of an expert so meticulously teaching a person without talent would only occur if the person had a blood or affective relations.h.i.+p.

As a Grandparent to his grandchild or a Master to his Disciple of Inheritance.

Alexander was willing to teach him but this was a tedious and arduous process. If Helena was not engaged from the beginning, it was better not to waste Alexander's time.

So the pair of children kept walking while the people were just watching them. After all, these were not places for the children to be alone.

A few people with good and bad intentions approached them on the way.

To people with bad intentions, Alexander threw his murderous intent that made people without strong minds convulse.

While to people with good intentions, I politely rejected their intentions while giving them a few coins, since in these neighborhoods live the poorest people of the City.

On this trip you could see the two faces of the Human Society.

In this world, not all of them were saints but neither did it mean that they were devils. There is a variety of people in the universe. As many good as bad.

Only that there was a big problem. Some bad people acted like kind people, while there were people who look like devils but they are good people when you know them.

It was very difficult to judge people and if you made a mistake in judgment you could end up three meters underground.

After that they came to a seedy store within the slums of the City.

Helena stared at the store as she asked, "Young master, are you sure it's the place?"

Alexander replied: "If this is the place, feel the density of Qi, It is less than in other places, This means that this place has a clandestine Spirit Stones vault "

Helena could only see Alexander and say:" Why do not we go to a bank ?, It would be ten times more comfortable "

Alexander shook his head and said:" It's not as easy as you think, The Banks can not give Spirit Stones to anyone, Firstly because before the mobility of these was very complicated and second, For a Bank to operate in a country has to reach an agreement with the local powers, According to information I got . The Republic's treatment is that you can only convert Gold into Spirit Stones 9-Grade and you are even prohibited from giving more than 100 Spirit Stones 8-Grade per month. "

Helena stared at Alexander stupidly and said:" Why? Would banks do that? Maybe those are not colossus in this area. Why do they have to abide by the conditions of ants? "

Alexander shrugged and said:" This is based on a benefit / cost ratio, the republic is a poor place among the 5-grade countries, although the banks are colossal they still have a limited labor force, if they had to mobilize their experts permanently only for a piece of poor land, their profits would be reduced, and banks do not earn much when converting Gold into Spirit Stones due to the costs of mobilization , Its main business is to lend money to others and charge interest no matter if it is gold or Spirit Stones. Because of this the local powers have a certain deterrent power. In other richer and more profitable places, banks will devote more resources and do not comply with this type of agreement. Even so, local powers did not offend banks, since they had the power to destroy them. This world is complicated, if something is not worth it then you should not fight, dedicate that time and attention to more important things "

Alexander ended with a sentence:" n.o.body would offend a King for the speech of a villager, while a King knows that has to not cause the displeasure of his people "

Alexander advanced towards the entrance of the store while Helena just repeats the words of Alexander:" If something is not worth it then you should not fight ", only to follow Alexander.

Inside the store, it looked like a common store of first-hand items. Alexander focused on the middle-aged man on the shelf and said directly: "How much do the s.h.i.+ny stones sell?"

The middle-aged man was shocked but quickly returned to normal and said: "Those useless stones cost 2 gold coins. "

Alexander nodded and said:" And how many of the Eight Circles stones do you have? "

The middle-aged man said dryly:" 300 "

Alexander said:" Do you accept barter? "

The man just nodded.

Alexander without hesitation pa.s.sed a ring and said: "I want wrapped as a gift"

The man caught the ring and saw the ring, only to see Alexander soon turned around and entered the store of the store.

The man did not dare to be negligent with Alexander, After all Alexander had rings of the new generation of s.p.a.ce Artifacts.

He must have a great background to have this in the early stages. Alexander was not a person who could afford to Offend!

Helena could only see Alexander puzzled. Obviously Alexander was asking about Spirit Stones, why was he thinking about it?

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