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One day pa.s.sed very quickly.

And the next morning Alexander sleeps like a baby on his orthopedic bed and his pillow made of the feathers of a demonic 1-Level beast and his sheets made of 1-Rank silk.

Those 20 thousand Gold Coins were worth it.

When he got up, he found a group of women eating in the Suite's dining room. These six women had ordered breakfasts that were worth more than 500 gold coins!

All the ingredients were spiritual herbs and meats of wild beasts. Demons

These raw materials in other places would be used to refine pills for Body Refining and Gathering Qi Experts but here they were used to make kitchen dishes.

Even coffee and orange juice was spiritual. None of these women had eaten anything so delicious. Except for Helena, of course.

While Karen and her mother were with bright eyes. The lifestyle of the rich was really enviable.

Anna saw Alexander getting up and said: "Alexander, Since yesterday the Cordner family has sent several delegates to talk to us, is it okay to ignore them?"

Alexander said carelessly: "It's okay. We do not need the Cordner family or that family has anything we want. That family did not value us when we wanted to form bonds with them "

Anna nodded but internally thought:" Not a day had pa.s.sed but the Cordner family does not stop coming to ask forgiveness, What could happen in such a short time? "

In the end, I put those thoughts in the back of his head and theft more b.u.t.ter on his toast.

While Ashley just listened with contempt.


Let's go back to yesterday.

Moments after Alexander's group left. In an office a White-Haired Elder looking at a few doc.u.ments.

This was the patriarch of the Clan Cordner of the Capital City. Doty Cordner.

Soon a door opened and Tim entered the room with an ugly expression on his face.

Doty seeing only Tim enter frowned and asked: "And Ashley?"

Tim hesitated for a few moments but at the end he said: "She left the Clan, she said she would not come back"

This surprised Doty and he placed his elbow on the arms rest from his chair while touching his temples: "That girl is having a tantrum, She can not understand that that prince is not someone to offend." He focused his eyes on Tim and said, "He did not tell you, why did he get so angry?"

Tim said with regret: "Because she lost her face with her guest"

Doty did not flinch and said sarcastically: "Oh and who Is that dear guest of my granddaughter? "

Tim closed his eyes expecting a bad answer saying:" An Alchemist 2-Star Genius of 11 years "

" ... "

Tim opened his eyes without understanding because they had not shouted just to see the old man silent without moving, many would say that he was not a human but a statue.

Five minutes later. Tim did not dare to move while he waited.

Doty opened his mouth and said: "Can you repeat it? I think I heard wrong "

Tim repeated word for word:" An Alchemist 2-Star Genius of 11 years"

A 2-Star Alchemist Genius of 11 years!

That f.u.c.king state far exceeds the f.u.c.king status of a mere crown prince of the Greck Empire.

Doty valued the prince so much just for one reason. His family was much stronger than the Cordner family.

The Greco Empire was a country that was a few countries away and the Imperial Family of that empire had a 3-Level Spirit expert to guard them.

It is said that a few days ago it entered the middle stage and its cultivation was advancing by leaps and bounds.

Although his patriarch and a few Elders had entered the Spirit Realm advancing by leaps and bounds like that Greck family expert, the Cordner family had only two spirit experts and some Elders who had barely made it through the half-step Spirit.

Up to now there were only 5.

(Note: Five in his clan branch not in the Clan Headquarters)

But the Greck family had a few dozen people in 1-Level Spirit without talking about the 2-Level experts. So his strength was at another level.

But if you were asked if you would rather offend an 11-year-old alchemist genius or an inheriting prince even if it were the Greck family.

He would certainly choose the Greck family.

The reason was simple. An Alchemist could easily sell his pills for the family or work exclusively for the family by refining pills.

If the Cordner family got a 2-Star Alchemist in their ranks, they could certainly have a few Spirit Revival pills to make the advances to the Spirit Realm much milder.

In a couple of decades thanks to the support of an alchemist The Clan Cordner could have numerous Spirit experts and be on top of the eight powers.

while the benefits that could be obtained from the Greck Family would be much more limited, They would not help the Cordner Family to develop. Maybe they would protect them, but if they did, it would not be different from being a va.s.sal of their family. An idea that Doty and the other members of the Cordner family do not like.

It was good to form relations.h.i.+ps with other powers but he would never admit so easily being dependent on other powers.

But the Sun Sect would not have broken its va.s.sal status with the Eternal Fire Sect. Since being its branch did not bring them many benefits in itself.

The Vasallos paid a certain amount to receive protection from more powerful powers but if you were annihilated by a country of similar strength they would not do anything and that their most outstanding disciples would go to their sects as disciples but these would be like many external disciples.

If they want to be internal disciples or older disciples had to break relations openly with their birth powers.

So this was like delivering your daughter on a Gold platter to a Bandit to live.

All the powers needed geniuses and outstanding disciples to develop, Having the state of Rama of another power you would only have the garbage that they do not want.

So unless you have offended someone you could not offend as in the past of the Sun Sect they will not seek to be branches of Other power.

Now Doty had offended an Alchemist with great potential and could even become a 3-Star Alchemist in the future.

Doty's expression turned dark and he asked: "Because I did not know before that Genius! "

Tim could only shrug and said," Miss Ashley said she had already told her father of his existence "

Doty's Eyes shone and said furiously:" Bring me that b.a.s.t.a.r.d! "

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