Legacy: Lord Alba -2 Levels Of Cultivation

Legacy: Lord Alba -

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Level - Longevity

Normal person - 100 years

2 Fundamental Realms

body refinement - 200 years

Realm of Gathering qi - 400 Years ---- Desolate Land

9 Mortals Realms

Elemental 600

Spirit 800

profound 1000

Earth 2000

Heaven 3000

King 4000

Emperor 6000

Overlord 10000

Ancestor 10000

Cla.s.sifications to be a Mortal country

Mortal Country 5th Grade 1 Cultivator Realm Elemental and 10 Gathering qi

Mortal Country 4th Grade 1 Cultivator Profund Realm and 10 Realm Spirit

Mortal Country 3rd Grade 1 Cultivator Realm Heaven and 10 Realm Earth

Mortal Country 2nd Grade 1 Cultivator Realm Emperor and 10 Realm King

Mortal Country 1st Grade 1 Cultivator Realm Ancestor and 10 Realm Overlord

Cultivation technique

Mortal- Low, Middle, High, Superior

Spirit- Low, Middle, High, Superior

Holy- Low, Middle, High, Superior

Divine- Low, Middle, High, Superior

Demonic Beasts

Without forming its nucleus Also called by other Wild Beasts

level 1 = Realm of body refinement

Level 2 = Realm Gathering qi

With its core formed or true demonic beast

level 1 = Realm Elemental

level 2 = Realm Spirit

level 3 = Realm profound

level 4 = Realm Earth

level 5 = Realm Heaven

level 6 = Realm King

level 7 = Realm Emperor

level 8 = Realm Overlord

level 9 = Realm Ancestor

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