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Meanwhile in Infinity World.

Alexander could not avoid for all the events surprised by the information that happened.

Five months ago in Plant Cover appeared a huge white coat Gorilla that scared all the beasts and hunters in the area making them run from the place. Shortly after that for two months there were signs of struggle in Plant Cover and little by little the whole forest was submerged in chaotic energies.

Many thought that this monkey came from another deeper area of the continent and that was being hunted by experts so all City Lords ordered that until the situation calmed down no person could enter Plant Cover.

After two months, the residual energy of the battle began to diminish and Qi began to emerge in the Republic.

n.o.body related the two events but Alexander knew very well that the cause of this change could be him.

But at the same time he did not understand why so he started to examine his body.

The first thing he noticed was that he was not wearing the mask and he seemed totally normal. That made him happy but he also thought that he had lost his bloodline powers but examining his body he had realized that they had been sealed by someone.

Now the question, who was that someone? As far as Alexander knew, you could not seal blood lines and he could not do it with his abbreviated alphabet.

The second thing was that he realized that in his meridians there was a trace of a cultivation technique and this was not any cultivation technique so Alexander spent a lot of time examining the technique to be surprised. This was a technique he had never imagined.

It was a 108 point technique, but it was a technique which was based on 6 complete cycles and twelve small ones. This was a defiant technique to Heaven.

Cultivation techniques have two factors in which they qualify. One was the number of acupuncture points that could be opened and the other was how many hardening cycles could be carried out in a culture session. Even if one had Gold meridians but had a junk technique, His wide meridians would not do him any good.

The first depends on the speed of absorption of Qi that the individual could have while the second depends on the quality of spiritual Qi that the individual would have in his body. It was not the same to temper the Qi with 24 points than with 108, A single cycle of the technique of 108 would certainly be better than 6 cycles of a technique of 24.

In his previous life Alexander read that the best human technique was a technique of 72 acupuncture points and 3 big cycles and 12 small cycles!

Even with Alexander's efforts he could only create a dozen techniques of 108 points but they only had 1 big cycle and 12 small ones while only three had two big cycles and 8 small cycles.

Alexander did not know the techniques of the three great races but he supposed that only they could have techniques better than his own of 108 points and 3 Great cycles and 12 small cycles. But this technique has 6 Great Cycles!

Something that in theory could not be done, since the Qi produced by a technique of 108 points and 3 great cycles was an extremely pure spiritual Qi.

Alexander named the Technique "Supreme Art of the Six Scriptures"

The moment Alexander tried to make the tour of the meridians he realized that his body barely supported the Fourth Great Cycle but when he transformed the Qi into his dantian after tempering he realized that that grain of rice in his Dantian had become much smaller but was much purer than before.

This caused his cultivation to fall to the 1-Level of the Elementary Realm but he felt much stronger than before and said to himself: "This energy can still be considered spiritual Qi?"

Like the mundane Qi and the spiritual Qi , This Energy and the spiritual Qi were like heaven and earth. Alexander, as he began to shoot his new technique, realized that the Spiritual Qi necessary to advance was extraordinary, at least tens of times more than an ordinary person.

Although it was not as terrifying as the energy that absorbed the heavens if it was much stronger than the spiritual Qi!

He was in the same situation as before, only this time this problem made him much stronger and that blood only sucked his Qi to feed. Now as 1-Level Elementary could feel that it could easily go against an ordinary 1-Level Spirit expert. This was a Great Kingdom of strength difference!

This left in Claro how much strength Alexander had after changing base energy for his cultivation.

Alexander quickly saw his communicator to see his power points and confirmed it, His power points were at 20, The strength of a 1-Level Spirit expert!

This meant that this energy ten times stronger than the spiritual Qi of average purity which was the standard with which the points of power were measured.

And this was only cultivating until the fourth cycle of the Supreme Art of the six Scriptures, If Alexander managed to cultivate until the sixth great cycle no doubt his energy stored in the Dantian would be more powerful and therefore also he. but he suspected that before he could cultivate the fifth cycle he would have to have a st.u.r.dier body and harder and wider meridians so he would have to elevate them to meridians of silver or even gold.

This energy was too terrifying but it is worth it so that Alexander would continue to cultivate the Supreme Art of the six scriptures while the body continued to tremble.

Otherwise I could not bring out the full potential of the technique.

The third was the most important thing for Alexander and it was that there was news that the mortal continents had grown more than 100 times!

Previously the continent had only 43 large areas divided by border points but now owned more than 4600 different areas across the continent these new areas were called provinces and each province had 36 different counties.

This was not decided by man but rather by nature since in all the border points of the zones rare natural treasures would be born.

Now Alexander was only in a miserable county of a new province. Many powers went to see the new lands and apparently were much more tempting environments for these powers so many including the eight ruling powers led by their new and newly promoted Spirit experts went to these lands to earn a place in those lands just leaving a branch of his strength in his native lands.

Alexander could only shake his head, These lands were already very good compared to the previous system could be compared to a country 3-Mortal Grande but still want more. In addition to the fact that the mundane Qi of the atmosphere had disappeared only by leaving the spiritual Qi this could only mean that the world was very powerful and that in it no mortal would live.

At this thought Alexander just smiled and said: "It seems that theocracies are about to fall into this world"

The common mortals saw the cultivators as G.o.ds so they would be willing to wors.h.i.+p them to get their protection and that of their families but no cultivator He knelt before another only to wors.h.i.+p him as a G.o.d. This would be very humiliating for the cultivator.

In the previous high-grade mortal countries there was no such thing as a theocracy but in the lower countries churches were very common to different G.o.ds but for Alexander they were all scams. Since I knew that no strong being is interested in the welfare of an ant and even if you found good-hearted cultivators they would not be able to change this cruel world.

The Theocracies only worked with ordinary mortals and if there were no mortals willing to wors.h.i.+p a G.o.d no doubt those churches over the years lost their followers and disappeared from the continent.

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