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Alexander walked and walked but could only find a desolate land by the big Crater, Right now he was just looking for a safe place to rest, At this moment Alexander was confused this great desolate Area in Heaven could be seen rest of residual energies.

This could only mean one thing. This area was the site of a great battle. In your previous life you had seen battlefields between emperors and martial kings so you would not be too surprised but these residual energies obviously outweigh those residual energies.

Those two energies have no comparison as heaven and earth being innumerable tyrannical.

Alexander realized that this energy was slowly disappearing as if it were being absorbed by the heavens and the earth. It seems that in a certain way that energy was being refined by the same heavens and earth.

As for Alexander, he did not dare to try to refine that energy. First it would annoy the heavens and second he felt that his body was not in condition to try to refine that tyrannical energy. Even a strand of that energy could endanger his life.

After three hours and he realized that the more time progressed the energy that was being refined was less dense while the spiritual Qi was richer and purer being comparable to a weak 3-Grade mortal Country.

Alexander did not know what was happening in the rest of the world but it seemed that this world after it finished being refined the nameless energy, was going to evolve.

At this moment Alexander got tired and decided to take risks and began to recover in the open. Without wasting time he began to absorb the Qi of the atmosphere without disturbing the heavens in his work.

Alexander when he began to absorb Qi realized that his meridians were not the same as before, They had fortified and expanded more than ten times having a small bronze tint, Besides he realized that his meridians were not rigid but more Well they were very flexible and elastic. The dream of any Cultivator.

After seeing his meridians he focused on his other parts of the body only to realize that his bones were not white but rather had a faint golden tint as if they were bones of ancient G.o.ds of legends.

His very flesh, his internal organs were crystalline and without impurities having a challenging level of refinement to heaven. With emotion he saw his inner seals to know if his innate talent had been given a promotion only to realize that now he did not have the nine stamps but that now they were five seals.

What most excited Alexander was that these stamps were not deadly stamps but transcendent stamps. The deadly seals were gray while the transcendental seals were Platinum-colored so they were easily distinguishable.

At this time Alexander was full of euphoria, Before he was sure he could reach the Real of the ancestors but he was not sure to take the last step, "Shed the mortality" The

Realm of the ancestors was the greatest achievement that a mortal could have and if The individual wanted to continue advancing in cultivation one would have to go through a process called "Shedding of mortality" which consists of breaking into mortal limits to enter the first transcendent Realm.

Alexander did not know the details of the transcendent Realms but he knew that out of 100 martial ancestors only one or two could survive this process to enter the transcendent Realm.

In the mortal continents the powers that had an expert in the Transcendent Realms could be considered in the cusp the continents and now with these stamps Alexander was sure that it could enter minimum in the fourth transcendent Realm. With this talent you could even make a name in a small area in the holy lands. This was because even the transcendent powers of the mortal continents had only experts in the first transcendent realm.

If one wanted to find experts in higher alt.i.tudes one would have to go to the holy land. Where there were innumerable geniuses and the level of martial arts was undoubtedly another world apart.

Alexander could only sigh and think that he should not sing victory. That having talent did not mean he could reach that height. He should strive to get the natural resources he needed.

Now I was at Elementary Realm so I would have three options to advance.

Absorb the Qi of the atmosphere that was the slowest method

Get spiritual stones to cultivate

Get "Elementary Pills" that were much better than just absorbing spiritual stones according to their quality.

For ordinary people without a long history their training consisted of a mixture of the three previous methods.

This is because the medicinal pills have impurities so they could not be eaten as sweets unless their quality was equal to or higher than the supreme quality something to which many have no access.

After consuming the pills the cultivators chose to absorb the Qi of spiritual stones that did not have the same defect as the medicinal pills but the spiritual stones were only empty Qi and did not help the martial understanding something that the medicinal pills did.

Because of this many people refined pills and stones at the same time to make the most of them without wasting them. To then have a quiet session absorbing the Qi of the Atmosphere while still understanding the laws of the world.

Alexander would have no problem getting top-grade pills but he would be the ones who would have to refine himself so he would consume much of his time. Not to mention how rare were the herbs needed to make the pills.

The Elementary Pills needed more than a hundred different 1-Rank medicinal herbs to be refined so their value was not cheap, Only a medium grade pill could be worth 50 thousand gold coins.

In the Uri Republic only the ruling powers could be given the luxury of giving elementary pills to their members and this was because they had their own alchemists able to refine these pills. With their financial powers they could only buy ingredient but not refined pills in addition to having their own medicinal garden.

This was one of the reasons why these powers have innumerable elementary experts of all levels.

Alexander promised himself that the first thing he would do when he returned to the Alba Kingdom would first expand and improve his medicinal garden. Otherwise he could never support his consumption of pills.

Soon when Alexander was thinking about this while he healed the world finished refining the energy, After this the world emitted a great variety of Waves to the void of the universe as it began to expand and level itself in silence.

Meanwhile in the world of the ten thousand races.

In the Prik mountain range in one of the great mountains of the mountain range there existed a majestic and s.p.a.cious palace in which the greatest experts of the Clan Prik known as "Devas" lived.

All the great family clans of the three great worlds have at least one Deva of otherwise they could only be considered as a medium or small family within the three great worlds.

In all the desolate Era or a Deva was born this was because all the people in that Realm of cultivation were people who were born during the ancient Era and when the s.p.a.ce of the three great worlds was broken they became existences not supported by the Skies.

Thanks to them the laws of Heaven were broken causing the path of martial arts to become even more difficult than it was in the previous Era.

The Prik Clan had 23 Devas for what could be considered a Peak existence in the universe.

Inside the Palace there were 23 people of different ages some still look like middle-aged men while others had snow-white hair but they all had something in common.

They all looked ill and were extremely pale which made them look very weak. Each day their body would suffer the punishment of the universe itself for its sin of destroying it by splitting it in two.

After all these were the people who cut the path of cultivation for the younger generations.

That day an Elder among them motionless and with his eyes closed soon took a breath of Air making his complexion turn into a healthy pink while his body felt as if the tortures of Eones vanished completely.

After him, One after another of the Elders of the Prik Clan returned to their healthy aspect of the Ancient Era. Everyone looked at each other and cried: "That torment is finally over, The universe finally healthy and we are no longer sinners"

No one but another Deba would understand the pain of a Deva nor all the suffering that went through an Era there were many Sometimes they wanted to put an end to their lives but for the sake of their descendants they did not, since losing a single Deva would make the prestige of the Clan Prik decrease.

Soon the Elders felt a great pressure coming from all sides of the World of ten thousand Races.

Countless golden pillars appeared in the Sky of the world some coming from their own Clan while others come from other corners of the world.

The Elders showed serious expressions and realized something: "New Devas have been born, A new Era is about to begin"

There were innumerable people at the gates of their cultivation Realm but due to the erosion of the laws of the world none of them could cross the threshold but now even the elders of his clan innumerable new devas were born in his world.

Similar situations happened in two other great worlds and in the lower realms with the restoration of the laws of the universe innumerable people who were stuck in a bottleneck finally achieved the breakthrough.

Making the number of experts grow exponentially.

In s.p.a.ce there were innumerable powerful powers which extended their influence through innumerable worlds like infinitive Globe.

They were the kings of Starfield. The place where these powers met was called "MainLand" what was the Union of more than one hundred great worlds with a rich and dense spiritual Qi.

Soon all these powers got a piece of news: "A small world called infinitive Globe was expanding at an alarming rate, in a single day its size had expanded 100 times and there was no sign of slowing down in its growth, It is also reported that the Qi Within the world it is already comparable to that of the outer areas of Mainland! "

After receiving that news all the commanders could only have one thought:" Impossible! "

All the small or big powers in MainLand showed disbelief and sent high officials to investigate with their own eyes the situation. However, they were several light-years away from infinitive Globe so this would take time.

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