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Alexander asked for this communicator from the Capital of the Republic and cost him more than 3 thousand gold coins.

This was the last model of communicators in the Republic but in comparison to communicators from more advanced countries, they fell short. Too short.

These communicators were too rudimentary for Alexander's taste but he had no choice for now.

After a few hours, Alexander finally finished setting up his communicator.

[Name Alexander Alba]

[Bone age 11 years]

[Culture: Elementary Half Step (24)]

[Power points: 0]

[Body points: 0]

Alexander al per his power points and body could not help but sigh.

These points only reminded him how weak he was.

Only upon entering the Elemental Realm would he have two power points, followed by this Alexander entered the alchemists guild site and reserved a private examination for more than a thousand gold coins.

Right now he had his mother's card from the bank and made the transaction. Alexander could do a common exam but Alexander attracted a lot of attention.

Not that in return the private examinations were given with a digital confidentiality contract, Where the examiner was forbidden to spread the news about the examination.

These exams were made to solve an urgent problem that the guild had. Many years ago, young geniuses from countless families attended the exams to obtain their credentials, but something strange happened after those exams. These young people would gain fame, but they were also hara.s.sed by great powers who sought to recruit and raise them.

So much were their fights that between the same powers killed the young geniuses to avoid that the other powers did not get them so in a short time to go to an examination of a guild was taken as a death sentence for the geniuses and their families.

Because if he was recruited by power as much as possible is that he was killed by his compet.i.tors.

So the guilds had a crisis because no genius wanted to have his credentials. Only the young geniuses raised by the guilds themselves had their credentials as they had the guild behind their backs but the common members were only external members without much authority or weight within the guild so the guild could not take care of their safety.

After all the guilds only recruited geniuses among geniuses and their resources will only be available to them.

So the guild invented a new mode of examination. The private examination. This is done through holographic or video transmissions.

The procedure was easy. All I had to do was go to the guild and go to the examination area.

As its name says it is a private examination, One would go to a private room with a cauldron and ingredients provided by the guild.

And you would refine a corresponding pill for the exam. In this case, Alexander applied for a High Degree Apprentice exam. After all, it was not uncommon for people to skip the low and medium grade apprentice exams.

Alexander will have to refine a pure mid-grade Qi pill to pa.s.s the exam.

Meanwhile, on another side of the continent, an Alchemist from another branch will supervise the exam via video streaming.

All being recorded and stored on the guild servers, if one was not satisfied with the examiner's criteria one could ask for a second or third opinion. Making everything as fair as possible.

Alexander left his room and went to Helena's room. He wanted me to accompany him to the exam.

Alexander knocked on the door but no one answered him, so he quickly opened the door but when he saw what was in the room he was shocked.

In bed, there was a little girl with a disorder in the room while she was lying on the bed with a computer in bed while she had a pair of headphones in her ears.

"Sniff" "Sniff"

The girl in the mess seemed to be focused on seeing something while she was sobbing.

Helena didn't even notice the presence of Alexander who saw her with a gloomy expression, Without hesitation, Alexander saw by The shoulder what Helena was seeing and showed an ugly expression.

At this moment Helena was watching one of the most famous soap operas of the present time "Love without limits".

This soap opera has been on the air for more than two hundred years and tells the story of a young master despised by his family who stood up among the and conquered everyone while impossible love developed with the female protagonist.

This type of soap opera was set in the past and was a total fantasy, even had its own cultivation system among several other things that were impossible to exist.

Alexander had seen advertising a long time ago and knew that the two protagonists were like an idol of a mortal high-ranking country.

They were very famous and not to mention that they were very strong after all they could keep their young aspects for a long time. Something necessary for such novels that lasted between 300 and 500 years according to their audience.

Many of the housewives from low-level countries will even die before they see the end of the soap opera.

Alexander didn't know why these kinds of programs were so interesting to women, but they were. So he renounced the idea that any of the three women would accompany him. If Helena was watching the soap opera it meant that as many as possible Audrey and her mother are doing it too.

It was 200 years of programming so it would take time to catch up with the chapters.

So despondent he left the room without Helena noticing.

Disturbing a woman in this kind of situation would only bring unnecessary problems but I couldn't believe it. His mother and the other two only had a few days with their computers but were already watching such programs, wasn't it too fast?

Alexander could only curse advertising in silence.

For now, he would let them relax but if they kept watching those programs day and night. I'd have to use some tricks.

After all, he couldn't let his mother get lost in worldly amus.e.m.e.nts.

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