Legacy: Lord Alba 163 This Kind Of Woman Was Terrifying.

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Alexander knew that these items were not sold immediately. It could take days, Weeks or even months before Someone made the first purchase but only one purchase was needed to start the chain and get the Boom started.

Right now he had among all his liquid savings about 15 million Gold. He decided to change everything slowly to ninth and eighth-grade spiritual stones. Obviously, it would not be a physical stone but a number on your computer screen.

The only places where real stones of that caliber could be obtained were the Capital of the Republic and even in these places, the Seventh-degree stones would be treasures that would only pa.s.s buried in the vaults of Power.

This was only a small border town and the only person who could have access to a few spiritual stones would be the City Lord because of his background.

Alexander now traded 5 million gold for 475 thousand ninth grade stones and 10 million in 950 eighth grade stones.

Banks would normally have a service fee for changing spiritual stones to Gold and vice versa.

If one wanted to change Gold to Stones one would have to pay a rate of 5%.

Now if you wanted to change stones to gold you would have to pay a rate of 2.5%.

This was because many wanted to exchange Gold for Spiritual Stones but many did not want to change stones into Gold.

The Bank with which his mother opened accounts was called "Alpha Bank" was owned by the Alpha Financial Group and was apparently one of the ten largest banks in the Fifth Degree Deadly Countries Zone.

Alexander surfing the Net found something interesting and that this bank only had the short life of 100 years but became the tenth best bank at that time.

Something incredible because in mortal countries the banks was not few and all were supported by great powers behind them but Alpha Financial was born as a small inst.i.tution born from scratch and everything was by the commercial ability of a woman, his Ceo: Reason Scott.

To turn a small financial inst.i.tution into one of the industry's top ten in a hundred years. This just meant that this woman was very capable or had a big fund.

Alexander did not bother to look up information about her but managed to find a picture of that woman who made him involuntarily swallow saliva.

This woman was a beautiful Albina of Red Eyes. Alexander when he saw her could not help but look for her condition and said "single".

Alexander couldn't help frowning, how could such a woman be single?

Such a woman will have many suitors, won't she?

So this aroused her interest in this woman and she began to investigate her background to be surprised.

On the Net, there were many articles of suitors being rejected by her and even some humiliations by her.

The more he read the information Alexander could only see with a somber face and think: "This woman is a s.a.d.i.s.t".

So he stopped reading about the woman's personal life and saw her professional life. Which left him surprised. This woman was a genius in business.

"Alpha Financial closes deal on 100 million eighth-grade stones."

"Alpha Financial opens branches in more than 100 countries."

"Alpha Financial consolidates itself as the tenth economic power in the Fifth Degree Zone."

But he was more impressed by one piece of news: "Alpha financial is listed on the Cr Opening Empire Stock Exchange next year".

Alexander looked for more information on this subject and found an interview with Reason where he said: "We are currently looking for expansion capital, we are looking for 10 billion eighth grade spiritual stones to expand to another hundred countries in the next two decades".

At such statements, Alexander was astonished. The pace of growth of this company was too frightening but he also squinted. Something was wrong here.

Wouldn't her compet.i.tors do anything and see Alpha financial Grow?

Cr Opening Empire had the best companies in this area and going on their stock exchange would make your company look like an elite among elites among companies but Alexander barely read two news about the subject.

Most of the related news about the company was related to the Reason scandals.

Alexander began researching the company's accounting and realized that Alpha financial's a.s.sets now totaled 200 billion eighth grade stones and its quarterly earnings were not bad with a 10-12% year-on-year profit margin.

Why did they want so little expansion capital?

Alexander started digging into Alpha financial's accounting and his eyes lit up when he saw that in a Fourth Degree Zone bank account, Alpha financial had an account counted as a $1 billion monthly liability for over 20 years making the company's books look very unattractive but, was that really a liability?

What service could cost a billion a month?

There was only one plausible explanation the expansion is only one that had been planned for more than two decades and this going public was just a simple act. The reason has been diverting funds from the company abroad for more than twenty years to save.

If you did math in those twenty years that account should have 240 billion eighth-grade stones.

The shares launched on its first day on Alpha Financial's stock exchange would be worth 40% of the company's current value so it would be 80 billion.

But Reason said he was looking for only one-eighth of this. That didn't make sense unless Reason wants to imply that he doesn't have a lot of expectations for his shares to be bought but why would he do this?

There was only one possible answer but before that Alexander looked for the date when Reason made the announcement of the IPO.

After a few hours Alexander crossed his arms over his chest and stared with admiration at the screen.

Many use schemes to do evil things or get authority but Reason uses them to do business. And she didn't mind damaging her reputation for growing up.

This kind of woman was terrifying.

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