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When the young woman heard the boy's words, she didn't understand it and I take it as a joke laughing: "Do you want me to work for you? Then what will my pay be?"

Alexander took thirty white gold coins out of his bag and said: "3,000 gold a month".

When she saw the coins, the young woman's smile froze and she saw the boy with a serious expression: "What do I have to do?"

Alexander drew up a list and said: "You will go to the stores and buy what is on this list and from now on you will see the information portals for me".

The young woman saw Alexander's list and then saw him with an incredulous expression saying: "These components are not sold in this small city, maybe in Sun City which is a medium-sized city you could get something like that. As for the communicators, Computers and purses of Crypto Coins are sold here but being sincere they are products of the previous generation If you want to get the latest in technology you would have to go to the stores of the Capital".

Alexander nodded and said, "Isn't there any E-commerce to bring things here?"

The young woman touched her chin and said: "If there are several shopping portals but s.h.i.+pping is very expensive".

Alexander shook his head and said, "I don't care!"

The young woman was surprised but soon remembered that Alexander was a rich boy and did not care because apparently, this would be his new boss.

Alexander said to the girl: "Give me the best computer in the store, how long will it take you to quit?" So without hesitation, he gave her the thirty coins and said: "This is your first salary".

When the young woman saw the coins in her hand, she could not believe it, because this was a lot of money.

In this miserable job she only earned 100 silver coins a month despite being a college graduate, she never got a job to do her profession, ending up as a saleswoman in an electronics store.

The saddest thing was that with that salary she could barely pay her monthly bills but now if she agreed to work for this mystery child she could even 3,000 times more. Not even crazy would she refuse to take this job.

So without hesitation: "Give me 5 minutes!" He gave him the computer Alexander was looking for and ran off to quit her job.

Alexander nodded, bought the computer and waited outside the store with the box.

Right now no one in his family knew about electronics or technologies but if he came out as an electronics expert out of nowhere this will make it look suspicious. So to lessen his and leave the complicated to another person he decided to hire an Extra person.

Soon the young woman he hired gasped out and said, "h.e.l.lo Boss sorry to keep you waiting."

Alexander nodded and began to explain: "Your job is to buy the equipment you need if you don't know something you can hire a third party to do it. Now, where can I buy a house for five people?"

The young woman nodded and said, "We can go into real estate but I'm afraid you can't buy a house, the smallest houses are worth 150,000 Gold! By the way, boss, I don't know your name yet!"

Knowing the price of the houses Alexander pushed him back into his head, Now he had enough capital to buy it but needed the money for other things.

Alexander started thinking about something and said: "My name is Alexander Alba and yours?"

The young woman smiled and said: "My name is Karen".

Alexander saw Karen and said, "Do you know how much you can deposit in a bank without being a suspect?"

Karen saw Alexander and said: "A savings account can be opened with a thousand bronze coins but as long as you don't deposit more than 1000 gold coins unless you are an alchemist or Herrero I don't think they will let you deposit more than this".

Alexander hearing this couldn't help but hate the banks these idiots always worked with governments to stop money from dubious sources.

If you didn't have a lucrative job credential deposits or withdrawals from accounts are supervised and if they seem to have rare movements they certainly reported it to governments that are very dominant.

Only if you were a strong expert would you be at peace but otherwise those guys wouldn't leave you and least of all when it came to taxes.

Because of this Alexander in his previous life used crypto coins. Especially a Crypto coin called "Martial Coin".

The crypto coins were anonymous and perfect for vagrants who did not have a fixed home on any continent. 1 Martial Coin was equal to 1 first degree stone having 32 zeros to represent the other spiritual stones.

Alexander at this time wanted a purse so that everything he earns or does is tracked by someone.

Alexander rushed to the inn and said, "Mother, I'm here. Karen this is my mother please accompany her to the Bank to open a checking account".

Alexander introduced everyone to Karen and said she was his second a.s.sistant. Helena got angry but showed him the computer box and said, "Do you know what this is?"

Helena looked curiously at the box and shook her head and shook her head: "What is it?"

She pointed to Karen and said: "This is what she takes care of, this is a computer is good for many things right now I need to work if you want one ask Karen. She will teach you how to use it".

Karen met her Big Boss and accompanied her to the Bank with ten white gold coins.

Without further ado, she searched for a desk and began unpacking the computer to place it and followed the steps for configuration.

Opening a text editor started his work, Right now he started writing "How to make your own storage s.p.a.ce".

So he began to write while his mother and went to the bank to deposit 1 gold coin a day until 3 months pa.s.sed.

In those three months, they had enough to do the shopping and asked Karen to connect to the Net to buy everything on the list, The only thing she explicitly asked was that the coin purse of crypto coins goes to Martial Coin, after all, there were innumerable crypto coin and even more valuable than the Martial Coin.

Asking for a week's s.h.i.+pment.

A week later Alexander finished writing his book and uploaded it to the only untouchable site he knew.

The wall of the Wise.

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