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Among all his brothers, the only one who hated Nathaniel never put his family in his eyes. He always did things as if he and his mother didn't exist, a proof of this was his marriage to his cousin.

Even if these two were in love, it would have to be difficult to make a commitment, because this type of marriage affects the politics between the two countries.

Since it was the cousin of another prince making it affect the way to the throne of that prince. If things had been done the right way, the queen (His aunt) would oppose this marriage but it was all for The James Clan and The Sea Palace.

If Alexander were not had not reincarnated, the future for that Alexander would have been very black and without talking about the future of his mother. Because even if his grandparents supported Alexander, The Sea Palace and The James Clan would put pressure to crown his brother as King.

Alexander was tired of being meddled in his family's affairs and more than being treated like air. So he would make that two powers repent of their actions no matter if those two love each other.

That d.a.m.n b.i.t.c.h cousin of hers turned her back on him even though it was her blood and helping his brother in the future. This would make him have a tragic life in the future knowing Nathaniel's personality, in the worst case he would end up dead and in the best case he would end up in exile.

So Alexander's hatred was justified against Nathaniel and his cousin. Those idiots for their stupid love had sealed Alexander's future!

The only thing Alexander was thankful for was that he had taken this body from birth and not at an advanced age.

Just thinking about it Alexander became more and angrier. If he took this body in his adolescence he would be in a pitiful state and with weak strength, perhaps not even in the fifth level Body refining. For before the bone marrow wash his innate talent was worse than garbage and that Alexander would have no way to improve his talent even if he wanted to.

Alexander would make them suffer and the people who would have a pitiful future will be them and not him.

With this in mind, he left the Alba Kingdom in his Elemental Half Step Falcon with his mother, Helena, and Audrey.

His mother left his three housekeepers in charge of their business and if Alexander had told them that people from the Brook family might come to cause trouble but had already warned his grandfather of this matter.

Now he had more important things to deal with than a business family. Now it would take him about three months to arrive at the Uri Republic. So he had a long way to go.

Alexander at the time had several reasons to go to mortal countries.

The first was to make wealth for the family.

The second was to obtain spiritual stones.

And the third was to get medicinal ingredients and Array flags impossible to get in the region's market.

As to why it went to the mortal countries and not to the northern states. The answer was simple. The guilds.

The guilds made life easier and made money much easier, having an internal market in which alchemists or any profession could sell their pills, the only bad thing is that they are 10% more expensive than elsewhere because they ensure the authenticity of the pills.

If you bought a pill in the alchemist's guild you were a.s.sured that it was authentic. and not only pills could also buy medicinal ingredients but this was only available to guild members and no money was used but guild points.

The only way to earn these points was to sell their pills through the guild or buy them with money but for a colossus like the guilds that had branches all over the continent could get you what you wanted as long as they had it, in fact for an extra cost they could even take it to your location.

Similar cases happened with the other guilds. Because they have similar systems.

This was very beneficial for many people but it also made guilds untouchable powers that no one wanted to offend, Because if someone offends one of these giants, he may not be able to advance the rest of his life.

Fortunately, it was not so easy to offend such a big power as this one, Since all power had internal conflicts and even if it offended a branch boss that branch boss may not get along with another branch boss.

In the world, it was impossible to please everyone, much less not have enemies. Because in a moment of life by the clash of interests you may have to offend someone.

That is to say if your interests harm mine interests. Should I let you get it?

Under this idea, there are always disputes between people, powers, clans and even countries. A Clan or Country fights for its interests and not for yours. If you get them you will have to fight for them.

Because of this as long as one does not kill someone important within the guilds one will be fine. Because in addition to guilds there were other smaller powers that sell ingredients and pills outside the guild.

But compared to the guild catalog of guilds these powers are much smaller.

Alexander did not know what the breadth of the guilds was but he thought that they were definitely powers that not even the powers of holy ground dare to offend easily. Except for his present self.

And so the three months of travel finally pa.s.sed.

But in the region waves were rising and more than 12 shadows quickly approached Anna's building and one of them said: "Everything is going according to plan, By this time the tournament in this region should be over and everything is back to normal, We must go into that woman's office and demand compensation for killing the Fifth Elder and his son. Otherwise, we will kill her family in a week!"

But at that moment the other shadow said: "Why don't we kill them and steal their artifacts, is it necessary to do all this?"

"Hmph, what do you know? We're just an outpost, the real experts will be here in a week if they don't comply with our requests. Those experts will kill them!"

"But we're sure we can win, I've heard that the Alba family has 2 experts half a step!"

But soon a shadow proudly said: "Maybe you don't know, but the family made an alliance with 6 other commercial families, Forming the largest trade network within 40 regions, Now each of them will send two experts half step to deal with the Alba family!"

The man showed a malicious smile and said: "Even if all the experts join half a step from the region to stop us it would be useless, luckily the first Elder pa.s.sed through this region to learn these miraculous clothes! while the family has this method it will not be impossible to have many benefits, they can only blame themselves for being weak."

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