Legacy: Lord Alba 147 Power Equals Riches And Riches Equals Power.

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Their grandparents were surprised at such an idea as teleporting, They knew that concept but never thought of living it, They had traveled around the continent and know how difficult it was to move around it, During the trip one must take breaks, in addition, to protect oneself from dangers such as attacks by bandits and demonic beasts as well as avoid offending as much as possible the local powers.

In short, it wasn't just about walking and running around the continent. The only place where one could find security would be one's home.

Using this method as a teleport could save a lot of travel time.

Beth couldn't help but ask, "How much could be teleported?"

Alexander just smiled and said, "This Array can carry up to five people in all directions within a million miles of each other.

The current Array had limitations, among them the limited capacity of people who could be teleported and due to the lack of spiritual stones Alexander used those pillars as fuel and the greater the distance the more spiritual Qi was necessary, If one wanted to travel five million miles one would have to run out all the energy acc.u.mulated in the pillar which was almost equal to 5000 ninth grade spiritual stones, This gave a ninth-grade stone for two hundred miles!

It wasn't that Alexander didn't want to teleport more miles but that was the limit that the pillars could withstand even with Reinforcing Arrays.

Hearing this both Adam and Beth took a breath of Cold Air. With this Array, it would be possible to teleport without problems to ten neighboring regions in all directions, i.e. 50 regions.

His grandparents thought that this Array was incredible and its uses are unlimited. Soon they thought about what he wanted to use and remembered the chamber of commerce and saw Alexander with incredulous eyes.

Especially Adam who knew about the s.p.a.ce rings, If that was added with this Array moving goods around the continent would be absurdly easy, not to mention that the profit margin would skyrocket.

Alexander smiled and said: "Our family is weak because it is poor, All the great powers have something in common, They are rich. They have no idea how important it is to be rich because with enough wealth you can buy a wide variety of farming resources, weapons, artifacts, training equipment, farming techniques, among others. There are many powers that are dedicated to alchemy or blacksmithing on which their wealth is based while others are owners of spiritual stone mines. We don't have mines or rich natural resources, so the only way we can get rich is a trade. If we are rich enough we will be able to import resources from other areas of the continent and develop our Kingdom."

Adam and Beth were surprised at Alexander's idea but after processing it, Alexander was right, The resources of this land were limited and had nothing to offer. The best their land could produce were agronomic elements that were sold at a low price. Profits were not enough to maintain peaceful cultivation even if tons were sold a year.

So he could only nod, They supported his grandson's ideas.

Seeing the approval Alexander said: "Now we have several problems before we start our chamber of commerce".

Adam frowned and said, "What problems?"

Alexander sighed and said: "Mainly 3 "

"No one in the family has business experience."

"We don't have a large number of experts to be able to expand properly."

"And the third is that we don't have enough economic power to be able to settle the accounts where the business starts to generate profits."

In addition to those main problems, there were smaller problems. but they could be solved along the way.

Adam and Beth noticed these problems but Adam said, "If you tell us about this, it's because you have a solution, right?"

Alexander smiled weakly and said, "Yes, my mother doesn't have enough experience to run a chamber of commerce, let alone deal with growers.

"To solve the first problem we will have to look for a partner. This place doesn't have the right people, so I will go to the northern states to look for an expert business partner.

"For the second problem there is no short-term solution to this, we can only create our own power similar to the martial city or James Clan in order to produce strong experts with business skills, only raising our experts from scratch.

"For the second problem there is no short term solution to this, we can only create our own power similar to the martial city or James Clan in order to produce strong experts with business skills. Only by breeding our experts from scratch will we get experts 100% loyal to us but this will consume a large part of our financial resources at first.

"And for the third problem there is only one solution and that was to have a small business until we can get enough capital to expand slowly, Not ideal but if we partner with someone already established, Our profits will not be small, at least they will be much bigger than starting a business from scratch.

Adam and Beth a.n.a.lyzed what their grandson said and nodded. Beth said, "How long will you be gone?"

This was her grandson's idea for what he developed it. Plus they weren't afraid. Adam had already told him that despite being 11 years old Alexander was already in the Elementary half step so even in the northern states his opponents are minimal. He would only find danger if he went to mortal countries.

Alexander smiled and said, "Within two months. This Array is not finished and it will take my master that long to finish it. With this, I can save a few months of my trip. But we can move forward at that time with the second problem.

That's how he turned his grandfather's head and said, "How would you like to be the first director of the Alba Academy?"

Adam was surprised and asked: "Alba Academy?"

Alexander smiled and said: "Yes, I hope that in a few years the Alba Academy will be the head among the seven powers of the region, it would be like a copy of the Royal Academy of the Sail empire. In every town and city in the country there will be smaller academies and all the children of the kingdom will have free education provided by the royal family".

Adam startled and said, "Everyone?!"

For many countries to do this was impossible because the expense would be astronomical and in the long term would be unsustainable. Because the government has infinite expenditures.

Alexander smiled and said: "Quiet grandfather, This we do to find talents even if they are not talent in cultivation When it comes to business not only need strong fighters but also need bright minds. The expenses of the Academy will be paid with the profits of the commerce and the academy will generate personnel for the businesses that will make it grow, All benefit from all."

This rea.s.sured Adam and he nodded, Sighing said: "The only thing we have to worry about is where to get the seed money."

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