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Adam never expected an answer like this. In fact, he never thought there would be anything like a holy land in this world. So Adam could only think that it was something that this little girl had read in a fairy tale being cultivated by that fairy tale he set out to find that place of fantasy, only being able to say: "But why did you run away, you couldn't look for it with the help of your father?

Beth showed disdain and said: "The general is not my father, years ago someone put me in his care but that person never came back, because of this I have the ident.i.ty of his daughter. That man was too protective and never let me leave home to seek holy ground.

Adam was a little surprised at such a statement but could not help but say: "But why do you seek holy ground?, Is it so important?"

Beth just said: "If one day you enter the Elemental Realm I'll tell you otherwise it's not worth telling you."

Adam just shrugged his shoulders and decided to leave: "Well, then it's goodbye. Good luck.

When Beth saw that this young man was leaving, she hurriedly said: "Stop! How can you leave when you can see that a beautiful young woman needs help!"

Adam stopped his steps and wrinkled his eyebrows: "So what do you propose?"

Beth showed her proud side and said: "I allow you to accompany me in the search for Holy Land, Feel honored!"

Adam saw Beth and raised an eyebrow: "So it has nothing to do with the fact that you escaped so hastily that you have no money and you don't know where to go, huh?"

This made Beth's face look ugly. She never thought that this young man was so smart, This was exactly Beth's situation, She didn't have the money or a map, Plus she had never left Pale City so she didn't know how to live outside of it.

In the end Beth didn't know how to respond and Adam could only sigh saying: "Do what you want, If you want to travel and if we get clues to the holy land, we'll go and see it."

"Hahaha knew you were captivated by my beauty"

"I changed my mind."

"Nooo, I'm sorry, I won't do it anymore."

Thus began our journey, Days pa.s.sed quickly, They pa.s.sed mountains and rivers, Prefectures, countries, Regions for over a decade all while asking for holy ground.

On the trip they made both friends and enemies and there were times when Beth could betray Adam and Adam could betray Beth but they did not. Their relations.h.i.+p went from travel companions to Friends of Friends to best friends and finally to Lovers.

Beth never said why she fell in love with Adam and Adam never said why he fell in love with Beth. They only knew that they had been together for more than seven decades without separating from each other, Sharing the day to day.

Until they came to this region and decided to settle down and found a Kingdom. At that time there was always a great sorrow in Adam's heart and it was that Beth's greatest longing was to find holy ground but after so many years she had surrendered and never mentioned anything about this matter just living her life.

Adam hoped that his advancement to Elemental Realm would bring her joy and regain the opportunity to find holy land. Adam had actually come up with an idea on this trip to ask Alexander's teacher!

Adam saw through this journey that Alexander's teacher had a deep knowledge, So much so that he was superior to native people, Obviously he had an extraordinary origin. It could even be some deadly country!

Although he didn't know why his wife was looking for it but he would certainly help her no matter what the reason, as long as Beth was happy, Adam would be happier. All he hoped was that Alexander's teacher would know.

Adam quickly walked around the palace and came to his room. Without waiting for anything, he opened the door but without waiting for a female voice to fully open, he said, "You can't knock.

Some footsteps sounded and the door opened abruptly revealing an angry white-haired Elder but soon the anger turned to disbelief leaving her speechless.

Adam enjoyed the view and showed her a bright smile and said, "I'm home."

Beth was incredulous and thought she was seeing illusions so she involuntarily touched Adam's cheek, feeling the sensation of her husband's cheek she could only ask: "What happened to you?"

Beth was confused, Adam's hair and face had changed and he became 20 years younger looking like a middle-aged man.

Beth wouldn't recognize him if it weren't for the fact that she'd lived next door to this man for countless days.

Adam did not respond and with much faster movements than Beth could see the charge as a princess saying: "You know this year has been very lonely".

Beth still in shock wanted to say something but Adam closed the door and broke her dress, pus.h.i.+ng her to bed, which made Beth blush and seek to cover her body, At first she thought this was an impostor but that husband of his liked to break her clothes before "doing it", This was something that only the two of them knew, So he no longer had any doubts about who the man in front of her was.

Adam got rid of his clothes, stood in front of Beth and said, "You're still as beautiful as you were when we were young.


"But I am your beast"

"Shut up."



"I love you"


So some sweet groans came from the old king's room that lasted for hours, The Old Queen seemed unable to control herself by making her groans ring throughout the palace. Making all the servants think: "The old king is healthy!"

While Lewis had a dark expression on his face, no one liked to listen to his parents have s.e.x while the third generation of the family. Guy and Jakis could only encourage their grandfather by saying: "Give her hard Grandfather" but as soon as they shouted that they were rebuked by their mothers.

While the princesses had an expression of shame on their face, So much so that they couldn't stand it and went to seek calm at the residence of their third brother using the excuse of going to train. They wanted nothing to do with these obligations as women.

When Alexander heard this from his sisters he was surprised to say, "They've been having s.e.x for more than four hours..." but he soon remembered that his grandfather was at the Realm Elemental and he didn't care about it anymore.

In his time as a Heaven Realm expert he could have s.e.x for days or weeks or even months if he set his mind to it, Four Hours was not much. He just hoped that his grandmother would keep up with his grandfather in the cultivation otherwise she could still "suffer". All I could do for her was put in a few arrays to isolate the room.

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