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Soon the doubt arises from his mind and he thought: "Why is such a beautiful girl on a military base?"

Too bad there was no one to reveal the girl's ident.i.ty. So after seeing her for a few breaths, Adam took his way again.

What he didn't see was that the girl saw him with the corner of her eye thinking, "Who is this young man?"

Outside of all this, Adam advanced to the training room I think directions to other soldiers and next solutions for new cadets. Now he didn't know how to write so he would have to register for those but first he would break into the first level Body Refining!

Soon he arrived at the salon and found a huge salon came with exercise machines which mainly concentrated on breaking into the first level Body Refining.

As far as Adam knew, all the soldiers of the republic were in Body Refining, the most common were from the first to the third level, the Elite were in the fourth to the sixth level and the high commanders were in the seventh to the ninth level.

As for Qi gathering only the marshals and generals were at that level. But the first level Body refining was considered very common in the army. Since the politicians due to the threat of Empire Líos did not spare money for the army.

Adam was small but people heard that this was not a grudge between the countries themselves, but rather between the six families and the ruling sect of the Líos empire. Adam did not know what happened on that night and no one wanted to tell him, he only knew that the son of the Sect master along with other sons of Elders of the luminary sect did something sinister against daughters of the six clans.

After that event the daughters of those clans committed suicide and the six clans formed an alliance to destroy the luminary sect forming the current Hudo Republic. The six clans were not as strong as the luminary sect individually but united they did not lose against them.

Because of this in recent centuries small and big wars have been waged between the Republic and the Empire. So neither of the two spares money in their armies.

So Adam looked for the instructor and he told him what to do. To get to the first level Body Refining one had to open the pores and expel impurities from the skin and for this one must break the boundaries of his body. So he placed himself in a machine which consisted of a few wires tied to the four extremities of the person's body while they had a few pulleys which served to have a few counterweights. The objective was clearly to run to the other side of the room with the cables tied to the body while further away one runs more weight will be released up to 100 kg per limb, this was a very barbaric way to get into the Body Refining Realm but it worked besides being cheap so the politicians were happy with this. They knew there were other more refined ways to do this but they were more expensive and needed more resources. Making more conventional techniques like fist techniques out of place.

In addition, the clans only had a couple of dozen fist techniques and could not share them with anyone. Since it was known that the price for just one fist technique was exorbitant, a few million gold minimum. So the army did not have fist techniques.

Each of these clans or the luminary sect had several millennia of existence so their techniques were either bought through their savings or invented by great geniuses born in these powers. Because of the same the fist techniques were scarce even in these powers but they were better than the secular powers that did not have any or only one of low quality.

This might sound somewhat contradictory but that was the reality for various complicated reasons of politics and power.


"One more step, I can almost break!"

"I can, I can. Raise the weight to 300 kg!"

So Adam saw hundreds of men with different weights running and jumping with weights, some even doing different exercises on other machines.

Adam installed the equipment on his body and realized that it wasn't four strings but five. The fifth was anch.o.r.ed to his chest through a vest. But he saw that only he was wearing the vest. and asked the instructor: "They don't use the vest because it's optional, This increases the difficulty but also their rewards, It's your decision whether to use it or not.

Adam didn't know why the others didn't use the machine with all the weights but he realized that some only used the hand strings or the foot strings. It seems to be the area in which they specialized, Some had their weapons in their hands like spears, Swords and sabers. While others only used their fists and legs but all were training hard.

Adam decided to have all four strings tied to his body while doing his first training session. After all, he will use his one and only body refining pill. He didn't want to waste medical effect.

So he kept the five strings he put the pill in his mouth and began to run against the weight, for every step he took the weight on the pulleys would increase and the more difficult it would be to advance. Thus began his training for the next two years.

For the next two years. He didn't leave the training camp, because anyway if he went out, he didn't have anyone to see, his parents were dead. His sister left him without hesitation to marry someone rich, In the convent he never had close friends so he just sent a little money for all the years they had taken care of him.

In these two years his cultivation had increased and he was in the second level body refining almost reaching the third. Still decided to hide it and appear to stagnate in the second level. He had seen several talented young men from the army disappear overnight. Many said they were the high commanders who did not want to be replaced.

Then Adam realized that the whole army was dominated by twelve military families and that all the elite were people of these families and if one wanted to advance in the army could only do one thing: Submit.

Otherwise he would only be killed and as a common soldier. No one mourns his loss. Adam didn't want to submit, he didn't want to be someone's dog all his life. So he could only live like a common soldier and hide his crop.

Now he had the goal of saving all his money for one day leaving the army and wandering the world. He would stay in the army but this place was very corrupt. This did not please Adam and he could not believe that politicians would turn a blind eye to this matter. Obviously they knew, but they do nothing. So the only good thing about the army was the salary. Then there was a treasure vault with thousands of gold and jewelry.

In the last year he had been in charge of guarding the vault with gold from the base. In this vault was the salary of the soldiers as well as part of General Posay's fortune.

Adam gained the trust by giving the impression of a weak, foolish and honest young man but what more could he do, one had to adapt to the situation and had learned that if one showed a lot of talent or cunning one was eliminated. With his thin appearance, many did not take him seriously and thought he would die in the first battle.

Soldiers like him could only take orders without asking questions, they were only chess pieces for superiors, so they didn't need to think.

During this year Adam wanted to steal the vault and had even made a plan of how to steal and escape, he was not the fool who looked. Adam knew there were more than 300 white gold coins in the vault!

This was equal to 30,000 gold coins!

With this I could live a few decades and travel. Adam had no ties to the republic, family or patriotism, he had none, so leaving wouldn't be a problem seeing that he couldn't move freely in the republic's army.

Every third day of the second week of the month, General Posay's third daughter, Beth Posay, would come to visit her father and older siblings.

This was the girl she admired so much on the first day in the army and after that day she heard several conversations that made her aware of that girl's ident.i.ty. Adam knew she had a great record because of her beauty. There was a saying that said "No beauty is simple".

So every month on this day. Adam would hide and observe her for a couple of breaths before returning to train, Adam thought he was hiding well but the girl always noticed.

Adam knew that someone like her would never go out with someone like him, although removing impurities makes you a little prettier, the difference between their social states was too great, there would only be one way to marry her and would be advancing in the army but for that would have to become the dog of the Posay family and what Adam valued most was his freedom.

If a woman would make you lose your freedom, it wasn't worth it. Adam knew that if it wasn't her he would someday find a woman he could be with without losing his freedom.

"Gong" "Gong"

"Enemy attack! Repeat, Enemy Attack! All to their positions!"

Bells rang throughout the city and all soldiers ran to their posts. The citizens ran to their homes and the merchants kept their goods, closing their stores.

Pale City was one of the three cities closest to the border between the empire and the kingdom but nothing like that had ever happened, the empire plans to invade the Republic?

Between the borders there were no peoples and even if there were they would not take long to be slaughtered, n.o.body would be so foolish to live in those places, So there were only several fortresses on both sides. That the empire was here could only mean that the fortresses fell and the three cities were next, No one expected the fortresses to fall without the city noticing.

Adam smelled conspiracy with betrayal but he didn't care his eyes shone and he thought: "This is my chance".

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