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The spiritual trees needed the earth to grow but not to live, while there is Qi in the atmosphere the trees even if they are only branches will be able to survive and once they touch the ground they could grow again.

This was a common technique used when the tree does not bear fruit in order to multiply the trees and it also worked with fruit trees.

The branch Alexander bought was a branch of a 10-dan tree known for two factors. This tree could purify the Qi in the Atmosphere while nouris.h.i.+ng the soil to make it more fertile.

This tree was the "Cedar Ankle".

This tree was very rare in these places and Alexander could not believe that he had found it in this area. A branch of this tree could finally be sold for a few million Fifth grade stones.

but he got it for a few gold coins. This was the business of the century.

This cedar had several limitations as for example the area it purified was corresponding to its age. That is to say, if the tree was 1 year old, it only purified and nourished the soil of one meter around it, until it reached a thousand meters.

After that, the tree will produce a fruit called "Berserk Fruit" that as its name said contained pure berserk energy, just like the core of demonic beasts.

These fruits were useless for human beings but for the beasts, it was very useful and nutritious. But there was also a sure buyer for these fruits and those were the tamers of beasts.

The only bad thing is that the tree would only produce one lot every 100 years. Which made the Berserk Fruit absurdly expensive but that was good for Alexander. As he remembered a Berserk Fruit was worth 100 seventh grade stones, this was because they were useless to humans even though it was a 10-dan tree and not all people were tamers of beasts, so they only had a limited market unless high intellect beasts were traded.

Because of this for a 10-dan fruit it was cheap but for the tamers, it was somewhat expensive. For a tamer did not have the same income as an Alchemist or artisan. They were different worlds.

Now what Alexander did was bury the branch in the medicinal garden and throw a few gallons of spiritual liquid at it hoping that roots would be born from the branch so that it could be treated like any common tree.

In that Alexander examined the other herbs they had in the garden and nodded with approval. The salary of these gardeners was astronomical, making it impossible for them to draw attention to the benefits offered by others, Now Alexander knew that his salary was well earned. All the plants were in excellent condition and they followed his instructions to the letter.

So Alexander left the Garden and saw a beautiful curvilinear woman waiting. This was Sophia.

Sophia when she saw Alexander came up to her and said, "Young master, you were looking for me?"

Alexander nodded and walked on and said, "I want you to tell me the details of how the men of the Brook family arrived, Att.i.tude, movements. Everything"

Sophia nodded and followed Alexander as she said: "When they arrived they were arrogant and did not hide it, the middle-aged man did not hide his l.u.s.t when he saw Miss Anna, and they did not stop demanding things. The marriage proposal was more like an order than a proposal, frankly, it was unpleasant."

Alexander remained silent for a few moments: "Ahhh it seems that someone declared war on us soon."

Sophia was surprised at such an abrupt statement and did not expect it but when she thought of the words and the latest events. She opened her eyes in disbelief.

Alexander without seeing her could feel a change in Sophia's sight and said: "You already noticed, There is a saying that says "You never send an idiot to negotiate peace", That couple of father and son were only chess pieces, Their real objective was not to ask for marriage but to die under our hands ".

Sophia then added: "Then what they wanted was to give a justification to attack the weak!"

Alexander then sighed: "It's true what they say, Even the most useless stone has its uses in the hands of the right person, Those guys were black Brook family sheep most likely only ate and slept at home causing problems for the family, doing this not only get rid of that pair of idiots but made their lives meaningful for the first time. I have to admire the person who thought of this, has a certain degree of intelligence."

Sophia was silent because she didn't know what to say. Apparently, they fell into a person's trap and could only ask, "Now what do we do?"

But Alexander's answer impacted one more: "Nothing".

Sophia saw Alexander with disbelief, but Alexander only said, "Sophia, do you think only the Brook family is behind this? They are only the spearhead against us, Things are more complicated than this, The Brook family has five experts half step elemental behind their backs while we have four acquaintances, i.e. publicly we are only outnumbered by one and among the half step experts there are weaker and stronger according to the number of acupuncture points converted, So a mere Brook family cannot afford to fight openly against us, For even if they win their losses will be great and as a family of merchants they cannot afford to have their strength weakened to such an extent that their losses will be great and as a family of merchants they cannot afford to have their strength weakened to such a point."

Then Sophia had a revelation and realized the whole picture. What the young master said was correct, The Brook family had no absolute certainty of winning against them and if they did it would be suffering great losses, Something that a commercial family could not afford, For such families it was not uncommon to offend other commercial families for business and profit, So they would have more than one enemy in the northern states but numerous enemies lurking in the shadows.

So to attack them must be more than one power and not just the Brook family.

But then Sophia exclaimed: "But then the danger is much greater than we expect".

Alexander could only say: "It's not as severe as you think, This group of powers are most likely just from the northern states and send a few dozen experts half a step to deal with us, At most they'll send a person at Realm Elementary someone I'm not afraid of. For now, due to the tournament there will be no movement but after the tournament will come a light drizzle, Nothing to bother about. Even if we don't go to the drizzle, the drizzle will come to us. Because of this, there is no need to do anything.

Sophia was impressed by this child's reasoning. She had not interacted much with Alexander but had heard from Anna's other two housewives that Alexander was very clever and overprotective with Anna. Alexander always examined things in depth and thanks to him, Anna had not fallen into various schemes.

Sophia treated it as a joke because she didn't think a child was so wise but now the image she had of Alexander was that of a wise Elder who had seen the immensity of the world and experienced the cruelty of the world first hand.

Sophia could not help but sigh inside and think: "If only I had known this pair of mother and son before... I wouldn't be in this situation".

Sophia only saw Heaven and thought, "Someday I'll go back to the Mainland and get my revenge!"

Alexander on his side felt a slight thirst for blood, not directed at him but he knew that the person behind him wanted to kill Someone and thought: "Interesting, Interesting!"


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