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The old man felt suffocated by the murderous attempt on the other side and could not even lift his head to the floor of Anna's property.

Out of nowhere he began to sweat and was on the verge of collapse. He didn't know what was going on or who caused it, he just felt that he was in an illusion and had called the attention of a bloodthirsty demon who was about to enjoy a ma.s.sacre just to satisfy his desires.

Soon a childish voice was heard again: "Boring".

Next to her was Sophia with her pale skin and not knowing what to do but if she had a doubt. As a child could have that killer instinct.

The killer instinct as its name said was obtained through killing and for every life taken the killer intent would be strengthened but one main thing was that someone who has never killed could not manifest a killer intent was impossible.

But from what Sophia saw Alexander has the killer instinct of a veteran killer who has gone through countless ma.s.sacres, but this was an eleven-year-old boy!

This was not possible. Sophia wanted to believe that. So she could only take a breath of cold air and ask, "Young master, what's boring?"

Alexander only looked coldly at the old man and said: "That trash died of fright, nor did it give me a chance to torture him before dying, That death was very soft" he squinted and saw the middle-aged man lying on the unconscious floor and said: "It seems that in this life, The Brook family and I cannot exist. Kill that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, if you don't want to do it personally, have someone else do it.

Sophia only nodded quickly when footsteps were heard outside the office where a beautiful confused young woman came out.

After throwing this couple out of her office only a couple of breaths had pa.s.sed but all she could see was an old man standing without saying anything, like a statue and a man lying on the floor.

Maybe they were cursing her for a few moments. What happened?

Anna approached the old man and saw him in his sweat-soaked clothes, while his face showed pure and true horror.

This made Anna's eyebrows furrow, and she looked at the old man in more detail.

The old man's body seemed to be intact and only a few breaths had pa.s.sed since they left his office, what happened?

As he was meditating on this situation a childish voice reached his ears: "Mother".

Anna totally forgot about the body of the elders and changed her eyesight to where the voice came from and said emotionally: "Alexander!"

So without waiting any longer, Anna ran at full speed hugging her son. It had been a year since her little one had left and now he finally came back.

Anna showed a beautiful smile on her face as she hugged her son and led him to the office to tell him about her journey. In his letter, he only said that they had found an amazing treasure in the martial city so they would stay in the city for a year.

Meanwhile, Sophia and Helena stayed to clean up the mess caused by the old man who began to stink.

Alexander quickly told him everything that had happened. How they found the cultivation tower and how he trained hard for a year.

Anna was first dubious about Alexander's story. So Alexander told her to come to her house to show her the cultivation tower.

Anna quickly agreed, if there was a treasure with the capabilities her son had indicated, it would be very surprising. Anna did not think that her son was lying to her but rather that he was exaggerating things by making the capacity of the tower much smaller than what her son said and left a few caregivers in her shop.

So, Alexander, Anna, and Helena went to the Villa on the outskirts of the city.

Alexander could not wait to see his mother's reaction. This cultivation tower was relatively common in high-level mortal countries and it was even possible to commercialize the time inside the cultivation room but for the people of the desolate lands, it was something unthinkable and rare.

Alexander knew full well that the difference between a Fifth Grade mortal country and desolate land was enormous. Everything was better. Environment, Resources, Lifestyle. Everything was better and there were much stronger people. As well as better alchemists, Blacksmiths, Artisans.

The same thing happened with the countries of Fifth and Fourth grade or Fourth and Third grade, many said that the differences were so strong that they were as if they were different worlds in spite of being in the same continent.

And Alexander knew it was true.

On the continent there were border points, these were not the borders between countries but rather it was a line that differentiated countries to different grades. These points were pieces of land that did not belong to any country or had a hegemonic power and there are countless cities, clans, powers. All of them being very powerful.

The border points had several peculiar things in addition to this, as well as several rare resources appearing in the area due to anomalies in the density of Qi, In these areas, he was chaotic and unstable which made appear rare natural treasures, unique and even legendary.

Because of this, the powerful powers in these lands were abundant. The first border point is the one that divides the mortal countries of the fifth grade with those of the fourth grade. The only bad thing is that this border point is too far away for them at this time.

On the continent it was enormous and limitless, Many underestimated its enormity but Alexander as a vagabond knew it very well.

In his previous life, as he cultivated more and more he entered the continent and after 2000 years of crossing he only managed to reach a mortal Country of second grade and was one of the weakest countries among his equals. The distance between the border points was not to be underestimated.

Alexander could only sigh inside. In his previous life, he never reached the finish line but he had made a great run and reached a distance that many dreamed of but now everything had begun again and his starting line was worse than the first time.

So as Alexander wandered in his head, they came home.

Soon they were received by Audrey who in this year had managed to stabilize her crop and now she was a grower at the peak of the first elementary level, very close to breaking to the second level.

Now she was excited but felt that her cultivation was very slow, so Alexander could only show a dark expression and his cheek showed slight spasms.

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