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Adam was looking at his mute grandson and couldn't believe what his grandson was thinking. "Alexander our family can't stand such humiliation."

Alexander showed an innocent expression and said: "Grandfather that humiliation?, If n.o.body knows that you are being humiliated, it is still a humiliation? if I had not told you how the quotas are distributed the most likely is that you would never know that you are being humiliated and you would happily go to see the tournament or not?"

"This..." This left Adam speechless and unable to make a sound, what Alexander said was true, Ignorance brings happiness!

If Alexander hadn't said anything as much as possible is that he would go to see the tournament happily and if you don't know that you are being humiliated or no one knows that you are being humiliated, is it still a humiliation?

The family could fake ignorance about this issue and when it went public they could "get angry" at not being informed and ask for justice in the meantime they could make things difficult for the powers in the dark and feed them.

The world moves for benefits and if there are more benefits in doing things in the dark than in the light Adam was no fool.

Then Adam saw Alexander with a serious face and said, "What do you suggest then?"

If the benefits were big enough Adam did not mind swallowing this humiliation anyway if this is made public he alone can crush the powers of the region. He only had to go and ask for compensation any day of the week and as if it were his home, that was the advantage of being strong.

But I wanted to know what Alexander was thinking.

Alexander calmly explained and said: "This will be a great event for the region and even people from the adjacent region can come to watch the tournament, the powers will have great gains, don't you think? It would be a pity if all the winnings were stolen, ahh if it was the high command of those powers I would be very furious".

Adam saw his grandson in disbelief. He would never have thought of something like that and understood what Alexander wanted to do. It was to steal all the winnings from the tournament tickets!

After the tournament the other five powers would have to organize caravans for all the coins they won and the Alba family could attack those caravans and steal their cargo with the s.p.a.ce rings, most likely these were a few million gold coins!

And the best thing was that even if they did, no one would suspect the Alba family!

If Adam was going to ask for explanations the only thing he would get is a piece of the cake but so they got the whole cake and if someday this is made public he should just make a visit to demand a "compensation", wouldn't that be double profit?

After all, it was not the fault of the Alba family that a mysterious power stole the tournament winnings and as for suspecting the Alba family, it was impossible because in those days a rumor would spread that Adam had broken into the Elemental Realm. as only Alexander and Helena knew he had broken.

Now the question was. The honor of the Alba family is worth about 50 million Gold?

Adam began to meditate on these matters and Alexander said: "When it comes to these matters, the best way to deal with them is to see how you can do them more harm while doing them as much harm as possible, if I'm not wrong the powers had to invest a lot of money to do this tournament".

Then Adam had an epiphany and said: "We could reap profits without investing anything while we take revenge and this will cause the powers that be to have a big hole in their finances from which they could not recover in many years".

Only then did he realize that the Alba family was not losing anything as no one would know of the humiliation they are suffering and they could reap great profits this made Adam almost accept the idea of Alexander.

Then Alexander added: "We could exchange that money for a few thousand spiritual stones".

These words made Adam's eyes glow and he said, "You can exchange money for spiritual stones."

Then Alexander said: "Yes, in mortal countries there are some inst.i.tutions that are called martial banks, His business is based on storing the fortune of cultivators in the continent, invest it and have profits, They have a thing called Exchange Rate but the only spiritual stones you get with gold are those of Ninth and Eighth grade for higher grades are only accepted stones of a lower grade than you ask".

Adam was pleasantly surprised and could not help but ask: "But why did the cultivators entrust their money to such an inst.i.tution?"

Alexander shrugged his shoulders and said, "It's not that they want to, but they have no choice."

"Don't you have a choice?"

"Yes, a spiritual stone is the size of a baby's fist and a few thousand would make a small mountain, something that for a person would be impossible to carry everywhere, therefore they carry bank cards or synchronize them with their communicator that is much easier for them to carry everywhere. "

Adam understood what Alexander meant but took a doubt and thought, "Communicator, what's that?" but I don't ask anyway. And Alexander continued: "In addition, the banks give a certain amount of profits to keep your money with them".

Adam was surprised and said, "Do you get benefits just for that?"

Alexander nodded and said: "Yes, that's because there are countless banks, big and small so there are many options and compet.i.tion because of this the banks must offer, if your account is Gold the benefits they give you are in gold and if your account is in spiritual stones your benefits are in stones of the same grade".

Adam understood what Alexander said and couldn't help but fold his arms and say, "But then why don't banks exist in these areas?"

Alexander smiled and said: "Because the benefits in these areas are very scarce, the desolate areas and the fifth-gradefourth gradefifth grade countries are like separate worlds and the same goes for the countrfourth-grade countries. All people are richer and have more money to spend without speaking than in most of those countries they no longer use gold to buy things but spiritual stones".

"But aren't spiritual stones rare?"

Alexander shook his head and said: "They are rare here but in the interior of the continent the mines of spiritual stones are numerous, for example the nearest mortal country is the republic Uri but it will not have more than ten mines in its territory but if we go to the mortal countries of Fifth grade it stung, The number of veins of spiritual stones is very numerous although they are almost all mines of Ninth grade but if they are compared with the mines of such republic they are many more and could even have more than two of eighth grade"

Adam was speechless at this news and realized that it was a frog at the bottom of the well, if anything was rare here it did not mean in other more advanced places were scarce. Then Alexander said: "In addition, these banks are of the few powers that have s.p.a.ce equipment, in fact, to open a bank to have a few s.p.a.ce equipment was fundamental since they move many spiritual stones through the countries and regions if they did not have that would be problematic".

This impacted Adam and he could only sigh that he knew nothing about the continent and if it were not for his grandson's master they would be blind. At the end of the conversation, Adam could only be amazed by the life in these countries and one day want his kingdom to be equal to or better than them.

In the end, Helena fell asleep a few hours ago and slept peacefully in Alexander's bed.

Adam saw Alexander and said, "Tomorrow we'll go write you for the tournament."

Alexander sighed and said: "Grandpa that's nothing but entertainment for people, it's not worth signing up for that, I have better plans to spend my time, we have two days to close the registration because we do not return to the Kingdom tomorrow and ask if Jackys or Guy wants to partic.i.p.ate ... for them it will be a good experience to be in those tournaments.

Adam was a little surprised that Alexander would not want to partic.i.p.ate in that tournament but he did not pressure him as he knew that Alexander could one day go to follow his master and wander the continent.

Alexander touched his chin and said: "In fact, I think I can get a few tokens for some of my brothers to partic.i.p.ate in the tournament of a hundred regions".

This made Adam's eyes light up and he said, "Are you serious?"

Alexander nodded and said: "Yes, those tournaments will be a good experience for my brothers and getting them to partic.i.p.ate will be very good, only that you will have to do in different tournaments in different states".

Alexander thought of this. Since for him these tournaments were child's play and won it would not be interesting because with his innate talent of nine labels there would be no talents that can keep up with the pace at his growing speed which will make his partic.i.p.ation in the tournament monotonous and boring. but for his siblings will be a good process to tune up and fulfill their dreams.

Except for Britt, Alexander planned for all of his brothers to partic.i.p.ate in the tournament.

As soon as he gets the Tokens. Alexander smiled and said, "That's the charm of an Alchemist."

So Adam went to his room leaving Alexander watching a little girl sleeping in his bed and decided not to bother to take her to his room and only put her to one side to sleep next to the little girl. Alexander saw the girl and said: "In fact, the Qilins are sleepy beasts haha."

"I hope this girl doesn't get attached to me because there'll be a day when we'll take separate paths since our true states are from different worlds."

The girl was not impatient with Alexander's words but he said: "Helena, you better treasure these simple and comfortable days because one day they will end".

Thus Alexander dropped into the world of dreams, and a few minutes later the girl opened her eyes looking curiously at Alexander, "hehe may be very wise many times but you do not know that divine beasts sleep in a state of semi-consciousness and can wake up at will otherwise we could die from sleeping too much".

She smiled and said, "Being a lazy maid is fun."

But in the end she couldn't help but sigh even though she looked like a child four centuries old and couldn't help but think: "I don't know when the young master found out that I'm a Qilin but this place is more fun than my house, Miss Anna treats me like her daughter and everyone else is very kind to me despite my status as a servant and the young master patiently teaches me everything".

In the end, he couldn't help but give one last thought: "Young master, I hope you don't get attached to my hehe because someday I'll be separated from you."

So a couple of master and servant fell asleep to wait one more day in their life together.

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