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With those words the kitchen fell silent as no one spoke, Audrey was in shock, her mind was on the verge of collapse and Alexander was waiting for her to calm down, after a few moments, he spoke: "Do you want to seek revenge?"

"Even if I want I cannot seek revenge as I'm just a servant, while he is an alchemist, our status is very different, people will never believe me even if I tell them and they will do everything in there power to silence me," Audrey said with dead eyes

"It's just an old man who plays at being an alchemist, with my help you can make him shudder in despair, if you want to kill him, you will have his life, if you want to torture him, I'll let you do what you want with him" Alexander said with a cold tone as his eyes reflecting arrogance, disdain, and murderous intention.

Audrey when she saw him saying those words, she could not help but ask: "Why would you do something like that?"

"For three reasons, One that son of a b.i.t.c.h poisoned me, two poisoned my mother and you, three he harmed my family when we did not have any enmity with them. People like these deserve the death sentence so they don't think I'm easy to offend" answered Alexander

"But they have the support of the Martial City" Audrey spoke reminding him of the lucking treat.

"hmph a small Martial Village in a miserable corner of the continent dare to be arrogant in front of me, I flatten them with my own hands" Alexander was not a murderer, but these people crossed a line that they shouldn't haved, his mother was a good person and naive as a child, who had no enmity with anyone, her only sin was to marry that useless king, that s.h.i.+tty husband who cannot even prevent someone from poisoning his family right in front of his nose. "so I will kill every single one of them for harming his mother and If someone dared to defend them, I will kill them too".

Audrey just stared at Alexander, her eyes lit. when she heard those words she did not know why but it felt as if they were the imperial decrees, if he ordered to go south n.o.body would dare to go north, after thinking about it, she stood in front of Alexander then lifted him off the ground bringing his face up close to her's, she could not help but sigh and said: "You are not a normal baby, what happened to you?"

"it's not safe here let's go back to our room," Alexander stated

Audrey had just remembered where they were and nodded her head to say that she understood, then with Alexander in her tow, she returned to the room of the ninth concubine. After closing the door, verified that Anna was still asleep, she turned to him and said: "Now you can speak your mind right?"

"I have nothing unusual going on, I just kept my memories of my past life," Alexander said bluntly, he needed her help in moving forward and If he did not tell her the truth, she might distrust him So the best thing is to cooperate with her honesty.

"Past life?" (Audrey)

"I do not know how it's happened but I kept my memories intact" (Alexander)

"Ohh, what were you in your past life?" (Audrey)

"A powerful cultivator hmph, if I were in my peak conditions I could Kill a million Audrey's without sweating hmph" When she heard that Audrey hit him on the head and spoke:" What did you say? "

"I did not say anything, (violent woman have you never heard that people understand with words)"(Alexander)

"why cat got your tounge, who's the one who bragged that he can kill half of the world a few minutes ago haa" (Audrey)

when he heard that, he turned a little red, all this while he told the truth, but she did not believe his words and made fun of him, so he could only murmur ashamed: "That's different."

Audrey could not help but love this baby but suddenly she remembered the first thing Alexander said to her and she said "Before you said you needed my help, what can I do to help you, oh great supreme cultivator (while making a small bow.)"

"You" Alexander pointed to Audrey with his trembling finger but could not do anything to this woman as she already in the sixth stage of body refinement while he was just a two-year-old baby, so he just swallowed his anger and said: "Before that, I need you to do something."

"What do you want me to do? "said Audrey, somewhat confused, what would he come up with this time.

"A soul contract!" Said, Alexander

"A soul contract?" Audrey repeated the same words but she had never heard those words, so she did not know if it was something good or bad.

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