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~ Seattle, the Liquid Essence bar ~

In one of the VIP rooms…

"You are in a bad mood…", Leon, one of Tyler's buddies voiced his observation and snorted in frustration when Tyler didn't acknowledge his presence.

Since 3 PM, Leon and his three friends are relaxing in the VIP room with four girls and a variety of beverages.

Leon remembers that around 4 PM he got a call from Tyler…

"Where are you?", Tyler asked curtly.

"The Liquid Essence…", Leon responded while wondering: what's with the att.i.tude?

About fifteen minutes later, Tyler came in the room took a bottle of vodka (which they used to make c.o.c.ktails), and a gla.s.s, and plopped on the sofa. Since then Tyler is silently drinking without paying heed to anyone around him.

That is not like Tyler who is always smiling and chatty while looking for his next scoop which can bring him money.

Tyler is a second generation rich boy. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson (Tyler's parents) began from the bottom by building their own businesses and climbing from the middle-income to high-income family. His mother started as an independent fas.h.i.+on designer and now owns a reputable chain of boutiques which sell clothing made by her and other local designers. His father started by advertising designs of his wife, and now he runs a medium-size online advertising company with fifty employees. Financially, Wilson family is doing very well.

Tyler has two younger sisters who are both in college, studying about fas.h.i.+on and advertising as well as taking a variety of business courses with a goal to join companies their parents are leading.

There was a time when the two Wilson sisters frowned at the thought of going to school. Why would they waste time in the cla.s.sroom when they will marry a guy from their circle who can afford to support the whole family? Their mother didn't allow them to go that way.

"Use your head and make sure you have enough for yourself. Don't depend on a man who can lose his money or leave you, or both.", that is what Mrs. Wilson told her daughters more than once. "I am happy for any of you to continue my business after me, but if you are lazing around, you will only ruin it and all my employees will lose their jobs. In that case, I will rather leave it to my a.s.sistant who is hard working…"

Tyler went to a business school, but to Mrs. Wilson's disappointment, he dropped out of college when he realized that he can earn a significant amount by trading-in other people's secrets. Thanks to the money his parents had, he was already in the circle. His outgoing personality allowed him to connect with others quickly and to get them to open up and share what they wish for and he grasped that those people are willing to pay to get closer to achieving their dreams.

This with Max and Liz is not personal for Tyler. Sure, he would like to get his revenge by stealing Max's girlfriend, but the businessman in him knows that the information Liz holds has more value than him having some fun. Considering that no woman was this close to Max, Tyler is confident that Elizabeth has all kinds of secrets which are worth a lot of money.

On Monday, Tyler confirmed that Liz is a stubborn woman and that she will not talk willingly, so he decided to try intimidating her. That is why he waited for her in the garage. He didn't expect that she will fight back like that. Was so much violence necessary? He only wanted to scare her a bit, why did she kick him like he was after her life?

Tyler snorted and downed his drink.

"b.i.t.c.h…", he said under his breath while refiling his gla.s.s.

Tyler was drinking and his mind was getting hazy, but he welcomed it because the alcohol dulled the ache in his back. Elizabeth kicked him mercilessly, and even though his crotch recuperated, his back is killing him.

The room was spinning, and he started seeing things. Why else would he see Max glaring at him?

"Max… Hunter… Quentin…", Leon called and asked timidly: "What brings you here?"

He knows who three people are, but they are not exactly friends. And the way Max, Hunter and Quentin are looking at them means that a storm is brewing.

"You have five seconds to leave the room, or we will a.s.sume that you are with him.", Max growled while his eyes didn't leave Tyler.

Leon's forced smile dropped and he looked at Tyler in panic. "What did you do?"

Leon swallowed hard when he saw that Tyler is grinning foolishly. Does Tyler not see that those three are not playing? And Tyler came here and dragged them into his mess? Max said that they can leave, but Leon knows those are only words. No one leaves... Well, maybe the girls can leave, because Max never hurt girls.

One of the girls realized that something is off, and she tugged her friend and gestured toward the door. Two women scrambled out of the room with urgency and Quentin locked the door behind them. He saw that everyone else is frozen, and they have no presence of mind to attempt leaving.

Tyler narrowed his eyes while trying to focus. "Max? You are here? This is faster than expected."

In two steps, Max was in front of Tyler. He grabbed his collar and lifted him up. "Do you know what you did?"

Tyler smirked. "Are you upset because I approached your girl?"

"Good that you know…", Max said with a vicious smirk before starting to punch Tyler mercilessly.

Everyone in the room was speechless at the sight in front of them. Tyler was unable to put up any resistance. Even without any alcohol in the system, he is no match for Max and now that his senses are dulled, he is like a punching bag.

The two girls in the room s.h.i.+vered, with their mouths open.

Within a minute, Tyler's face was bloodied and covered in bruises.

One of the guys from the room approached Max cautiously with an intention to stop his crazed rampage. "Hey… Max… that's enough…" His next words were cut off when Hunter sent him flying with a kick and at the sight of his body slamming against the wall, the two girls found their voices and released ear-piercing screams.

In the next instant, Leon and the other two guys from the room woke up from their stupor and dashed toward Max. Hunter intercepted them and Quentin got in the scuffle as well.

Hunter and Quentin had no problems taking on the four guys, not allowing them to approach Max.

Max was oblivious to the commotion around him. His focus was on Tyler and venting his anger for Elizabeth and for himself.

After some time, Max released Tyler who fell limply on the floor.

Max looked around the room and saw four men who are grunting in pain while trying to crawl away from him.

"Done?", Hunter asked Max. He is eager to go back to Mia. Tyler got his beatings, and that is it. Right?

Max shook his head and gestured toward Tyler. "We are taking him with us."

Hunter furrowed his brows. Why are they taking Tyler with them? But he will not question Max in front of outsiders. He will ask for clarifications later.

"When you called me to have fun, this is not what I imagined.", Quentin grumbled.

"I didn't say fun.", Max reminded Quentin.

"You called me to come to the VIP room in the Liquid Essence. I thought that your girls gave you a night off and we can drink. That sounded fun.", Quentin explained.

Hunter grabbed an unopened bottle of 'The Amba.s.sador' (12 year old bourbon) from the table and gave it to Quentin.

"Here is the drink, and we are in the VIP room. This…", Hunter gestured toward the guys on the floor. "…was an exercise."

Quentin rolled his eyes, but he kept the bottle.

"Can we hurry up? Mia is waiting for me.", Hunter reminded Max.

Max looked at the four guys and spoke to the one who seemed the most alert: "Tell everyone that this is what happens when someone messes with my girlfriend."

The guy nodded fervently.

"And it will be the same if someone messes with mine.", Hunter added. "Anderson brothers are off the market and who tries to disturb us will not find a good ending."

Max unlocked the door for Hunter and Quentin who dragged unconscious Tyler with them.

"Let's take the back exit, so we don't attract too much attention.", Quentin suggested.

Hunter agreed with Quentin and Max followed after them while making a call.


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