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My parents like me, my great grandpa likes me, my Aunt likes me, and my Aunt likes me, too. I am really a cute little person loved by everyone. - Dudu's Diary

"I am my mother's little darling!" Yuan Dudu subconsciously replied.

Yuan Miao was. .h.i.t in the heart by this sentence, she stood up unbearably, took three steps then two steps. She approached Dudu and squatted down, then held his fleshy face and rubbed it. "Why are you so cute?"

Dudu was a little uneasy. He felt that the aunt's eyes were a little terrible, like the wolf grandmother who was about to kidnap the child. He wanted to escape, but his little face could not come out from this person's hands, so he had to turn his eyes to his mother for help.

Yu Shanshan immediately looked up at the sky.

Seeing that his mother did not receive his signal, Dudu hurriedly went to look at his father and blinked desperately at him, meaning: "Dad, please help me, this is a strange aunt!"

Yuan Long understood the look in the little guy's eyes. He was not as heartless as his mother. So he went forward to save his fat son from the fire and water. But not waiting for him to speak, the old man who had been watching his little great-grandson suddenly slapped Yuan Miao on the head and scolded, "Quickly release him, my little treasure's face is going to be ruined by you!"

Yuan Miao was almost staggered by the old man and watched helplessly as he took the little guy away from her arms.

The old man was distressed and gently touched Dudu's little face. "Little baby don't be afraid. Grandfather already beat her."

Dudu felt it was better to put his arms around Grandpa's neck and buried his little face on his shoulder, but his eyes were still secretly looking at Yuan Miao, he's very curious about this strange Aunt.

Yuan Miao stood up, straightened her disheveled hair and leaned in again. She kept staring at Dudu and asked the old man, "Dad, whose child is this?"

On hearing this, the old man couldn't help laughing and was very proud. "He is ours."

"What?" Yuan Miao froze, "From our family? Where did we get a kid? "

There are only two children in the younger generation. The eldest, Yuan Long is not married, so it's impossible to have children.

It is rare for the old man to see his shrewd daughter looking so confused.

Deliberately pointing to Yuan Long and Yu Shanshan, he said with a straight face, "You've been here for a long time and haven't met your niece? Your eyes are getting worse and worse! "

"Niece?" Yuan Miao was stunned, turned to look at Yu Shanshan again, looked up and down several times, and then asked Yuan Long with an unbelievable face, "Your wife?"

Yu Shanshan was sweating, the Aunt has talked a lot since she came in and has not figured out who she is.

Yuan Long did not expect that her Aunt did not understand the relations.h.i.+p after talking to them for a long time, so he had to formally introduce her again, "Auntie, this is my wife Yu Shanshan, and that is your grandnephew, Dudu."

Yuan Miao blinked and couldn't digest it for a moment. At first, Yuan Long only told old man about Yu Shan and his son, but no one else said anything. The old man also wanted to find a chance for a family to have dinner and then formally introduce Yu Shanshan and Dudu to the family, so he didn't tell anyone about it in advance. So Yuan Miao only knew that Yuan Long returned to the imperial city, but she did not know that he came back with his wife and son.

Having just entered the gate to see Yu Shanshan, she subconsciously thought that Yu Shanshan was a good friend of Yuan Long's, and she didn't think about Yu Shanshan being special for Yuan Long at all, because in her heart, the Yuan Long's woman should be an excellent-looking girl, even if it is not a truly beautiful. After all, all the ones they look for in their Lao-Yuan family are handsome and beautiful, and they are never ugly. Yuan Long himself is so outstanding that and the person they are looking for should also be the most outstanding.

Who would have thought that Yuan Long would not play according to common sense and find such an unexpected target to come back? What is even more surprising is that all is that a child has been born.

Yuan Miao held her forehead, calmed herself down quickly, took a deep look at Shanshan, and said to Yuan Long, "We'll talk about what you told me later."

Yuan Long nodded.

Yuan Miao quickly accepted the current situation. Though she was dismayed at Yu Shanshan, but he was full of joy at Dudu. She didn't expect such a lovely child to belong to their family. It was a pleasant surprise.

Yuan Miao went to Dudu and held his little hand excitedly, her eyes glowing, "Dudu, I'm your Gunainai, how about a hug?
I have to insert this here to make this more understandable. When Aunt Lian was called "Aunt" it was 姨(yi) which means Yuan Long's "mother's sister". Yuan Miao called herself 姑奶奶 (gūnǎinai) which means Dudu's father's aunt or grandfather's sister. So their generation goes:  1. Great-grandpa
2. Yuan Long's paternal Aunt Yuan Miao, and maternal Aunt Lian
3. Yuan Long
5. Dudu Gunainai? Who is Gunainai?

Dudu didn't know what a Gunainai was, but he thought the Aunt's eyes were so terrible that he didn't want to be held by her, so he turned around and buried his face in the shoulder socket of his great grandfather and pretended to be dead.

Yuan Miao 's heart was broken by the little guy with a click.

The old man smiled and patted Dudu on the back to comfort Yuan Miao. "Dudu met you for the first time. He doesn't know you very well yet."

Yuan Miao touches her face. Does her face have no affinity for children?

In order to get acquainted with Dudu, Yuan Miao specially sat next to his high chair during the meal, directly robbing Yu Shanshan and Yuan Long of the work. She took care of Dudu, served all of Dudu's favorite food and used paper towels to wipe the little guy's face from time to time.

Not to mention Shanshan, even Yuan Long, the father, is not as thoughtful as she is to Dudu.

Yu Shanshan and Yuan Long simply don't have to do anything, they're currently the shopkeepers. It's so easy to eat for the first time.

Yu Shanshan felt that Yuan Miao was even more exaggerated than Dudu's grandfather, so she quietly approached Yuan Long and asked, "Why does your Aunt like Dudu so much?"

Yuan Long: "My Aunt and Uncle have been married for ten years, but my Aunt can't get pregnant because of her health. They never had any children, therefore, Auntie especially likes children. Besides, Dudu is my own child, so Auntie likes him even more."

Yu Shanshan understood, she was quite surprised. The Aunt looks like Baigujing but she did not expect that she liked children so much. She seemed to be soft-hearted, not as strong and indifferent as she appeared on the surface.

Yuan Miao's efforts finally succeeded in touching Dudu's heart. Just now, he only felt that his aunt is just a strange aunt. After the meal, he put down his guard, the two of them had a great time playing monopoly on the sofa. The little one giggled incessantly.

However, after playing for only 20 minutes, Dudu gradually stopped playing. Little by little, his head was just like chicken pecking rice, and he yawned.

Yuan Miao knew that Dudu was sleepy, all the children had to take a nap. Although she was reluctant to give up the little guy, she picked him up and gave him to Yu Shanshan and said, "He's sleepy. Take him upstairs to get some sleep."

As soon as Dudu entered Yu Shanshan's arms, she automatically rubbed her mother's chest, but he still remembered that he held out his little fat hand and waved back to her. He closed his eyes and said vaguely, "Auntie, you wait for me to get up and play with you."

Yuan Miao promised very simply, "OK, Auntie will wait for you to get up and play together."

Dudu was relieved, the little hand rubbed his eyes, and after a big yawn, he closed his eyes and slept after s second.

As soon as Aunt Lian saw that he was asleep, she hurriedly took the mother and son to the upstairs room to sleep.

Instead of following his mother and son, Yuan Long went to the study with Yuan Miao.

Yuan Miao , who was still full of love in front of Dudu, instantly returned to be the queen. She pointed at Yuan Long and said angrily, "You didn't tell me such a big thing, you made me think that you were asking me for help for your friend."

Yuan Long looked at her apologetically and then asked, "Can you help me now?"

Yuan Miao did not speak, but looked at him up and down, showing a smile-like expression.

"Yuan Long, I found your aesthetic taste is a bit different from ordinary people. I only knew today that you like plump women, but you didn't say that your wife is too plump."

Yuan Long was expressionless and said faintly: "It's not that my taste is for plump figures. It's just that if Shanshan is fat then I like her fat. If she is skinny then I like her skinny."

Yuan Miao was sour by this remark and said angrily, "Then why did you ask me to help  her lose weight? You would still like her anyway, so why bother me?"

Yuan Long had no choice but to spread his hand: "She wants to lose weight. This is not a difficult thing for your company, is it? "

"Of course it's difficult!" Yu Miao snapped, "Although our company has special slimming coaches, they're all aimed at stars. Have you ever seen any top celebrity who is so fat? The fattest female star my company has ever received is only 60kg, now you give me a 85kg? Even if I want to, my slimming coach is not willing to take it, ah, I won't take her. I'm afraid I'll smash the signboard. "

Yuan Long pursed his lips and said nothing. It was only after a while that he said faintly, "If she goes to your place, she will bring Dudu with her every day."

Yuan Miao's expression froze and she hesitated a bit. She was just about to say no once again when she suddenly found that she could not say it.

"During her weight loss, Dudu will be brought along" Yuan Long answered again.

Yuan Miao blinked, and the door of rejection in his heart completely collapsed. She was so angry that he wanted to beat him to death. "You're gonna get seven inches! Now I'm going to offend my slimming coach!"

Knowing that she had agreed, there was a smile in Yuan Long's eyes. "Then I will leave this matter to you Aunt."

Yuan Miao snorted angrily, "For the sake of seeing my grandnephew's face. But her base is too big, and I can't control how thin she can be."

After thinking about it, Yuan Long found a photo from his mobile phone and handed it to her.

Yuan Miao looked down and his eyes suddenly opened wide, they were suddenly full of surprise. She couldn't help grabbing the phone and looking at it carefully. "Who is this girl? Is she from the entertainment industry? But I haven't seen her in the circle for so many years. Is it a newcomer?"

A smile flashed in Yuan Long's eyes, knowing that she had taken the bait.

His Aunt is full of Face-con, as long as she grasps this point, it's very easy to conquer her. "Auntie, do you think this girl is pretty?"

Yuan Miao blurted out without hesitation, "Of course she's pretty, this girl's face is the best I've ever seen, not even the popular flowers in the entertainment industry can compare."

At this point, Yuan Miao's face changed and stared at Yuan Long. "What does this girl in the picture have to do with you? You're not stepping on two boats, are you? I tell you Yuan Long, although Dudu's mother is not that pretty, but at least she gave you a child. You can't do such an immoral thing, or I'll smoke you!"

Yuan Long could not laugh or cry. "Auntie, where do you want to go with that idea? Am I such a person? From the beginning to the end, I was only with one woman, Shanshan"

Yuan Miao also thought that his nephew had never been close to another woman before, it was even unexpected for him to bring a wife back, so it's really impossible for him to be stepping on two boats "Then who is this girl?"

A smile flashed in Yuan Long's eyes. "This is Shanshan."

"Shanshan? Yuan Long, are you kidding me?" Yuan Miao was dumbfounded and looked at the photo carefully. The girl in the photo had long hair and a graceful figure with a peach blossom on her face, she is so beautiful that she could suffocate a man. "Is this Yu Shanshan? Is this really not a joke?"

"Auntie, I'm not lying to you. This is Shanshan before Dudu was born, but she had a car accident when she was pregnant with Dudu. She lived in the hospital for half a year and her medication affected her hormones, hence how she is now."

Yuan Miao was stupefied when she heard the words, and then the reluctance in her heart disappeared.

Still a little distressed, she simply said: "Then let her come to my studio in two days."

Yuan Long got up and said, "Thank you, Auntie."

Yuan Miao waved her hand. "I just can't bear to see such a beautiful woman ruined. Such a good appearance can't be wasted. I have to change it back for her."

Yuan Long breathed a sigh of relief. As Long as my Aunt said yes, it was basically half done.


After leaving the study, Yuan Long went straight to his room and opened the door.

In the middle of the big bed sleeping is a big mother and son.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Yu Shanshan quietly opened her eyes to secretly see who it was. When she saw him, she quickly sat up from the bed and waved to him.

She walked over to Yuan Long who kissed her on the forehead. "Why didn't you sleep?"

"I can't sleep" Yu Shanshan looked at him with her eyes and could not help asking, "What on earth did you talk about with your Aunt? Why do I feel it has something to do with me? "

As soon as the aunt came in and saw her, she had frowned then said something to him that seems to be about her.

Yuan Long held her and didn't keep it secret anymore "Remember when I told you I wanted to help you lose weight? There is a special weight loss coach in my Aunt's studio. Many celebrities  go to my Aunt's studio directly, and their weight loss coach is very professional."

Yu Shanshan opened her mouth in surprise. "Your Aunt's studio is not OneWorld Studio, is it?"

Yuan Long looked down at her and said, "You know it?"

So it's really OneWorld. Yu Shanshan was excited, "Who in the world doesn't know it? Nine out of ten red carpet clothes for stars come from the designers of OneWorld, and many film crews spend a lot of money to find stylists from OneWorld. Moreover, many super stars attend important occasions to go to OneWorld to do styling. Earlier, I also heard that many female stars want to lose weight, and try body shaping go to OneWorld, to ensure that they will appear in front of the public in their best image. I didn't expect it to be true? "

Yuan Long did not come into contact with these, so he did not know that the OneWorld founded by his aunt was so famous, nor did he know exactly what OneWorld was doing. He knew that there was a slimming coach in it which he learned it by accident. He went to OneWorld when he had something to look for his aunt. He happened to see a trainer in a fitness room doing fitness training for people. Later he heard his aunt say that he was helping a female movie queen, who wanted to do a comeback, to lose weight. At that time, he heard it and forgot it. It was only when Yu Shanshan wanted to lose weight that he suddenly remembered it.

But seeing that she's so excited, his aunt's studio must be quite famous.

Yu Shanshan grabbed Yuan Long's clothes and shook him excitedly. "Am I really going to your aunt's studio to lose weight? I heard that the slimming methods inside are especially severe. I heard that many female stars put on weight after giving birth, but as long as they enter OneWorld for a week, they will immediately regain their good figure before giving birth. Last time, Zhou Lu, who played the role of the Crescent Moon Princess, was photographed by paparazzi after she gave birth. She was quite fat, but she returned to the screen after a month. She became so thin all of a sudden. Many people on the Internet said that Zhou Lu had been slimming down inside OneWorld. Do you know if it's true? "

Yuan Long didn't know anything about the Crescent Moon Princess or Zhou Lu, he haven't even heard of it. Naturally, he doesn't know if she is slimming in OneWorld. but seeing Shanshan being so curious, Yuan Long asked, "Why don't I ask my aunt?"

Yu Shanshan hurriedly motioned with her hand, "Don't ask don't ask, or aunt will think I'm a gossip king. Anyway, aunt's studio is very big force on the right, I didn't expect you to take me to your aunt's studio to lose weight. Why are you so good Yuan Long, muda!"

Yu Shanshan was excited and even used an internet slang.

However, Yuan Long is a man who seldom touches his cell phone except to make phone calls and sends messages. He knows nothing about these online terms, so he is eager to ask, "What is 'moda'?"

Yu Shanshan suddenly had a black line and looked at him as if she was looking at an alien, pinching his face and pretending to look for flaws. "I want to see if you're an alien who has invaded our earth."

Yuan Long laughingly took off her hand in his face. "I don't know much about the internet. I don't know what catchwords you say. Please tell me later, I'll only know when you tell me."

It is understandable to think that he has been training in the army all day and doesn't like to play with mobile phones at ordinary times. But now, after all, it is the internet age and he can't be too old-fas.h.i.+oned, can he? It seems that she should talk to him more in the future so as not to make him too corny.

Yu Shanshan explained the meaning of "muada" to him: "muda means to kiss you. In the future, if people will say these three words to you, don't foolishly ask them what they mean."

Yuan Long looked at her deeply and said, "No one will say these three words to me, except you."

Yu Shanshan didn't feel anything when she explained to him, but now she was a little embarra.s.sed when he specifically said this. She was good at covering her face and said coyly, "Oh, this is the daily expression of intimacy, and it doesn't mean that one kiss is necessary. Don't misunderstand me"

"Misunderstand what?" Yuan Long lowered his face to hers and asked softly, "What did you just say to me? Didn't you want to give me a kiss?"

Yu Shanshan blushed and vehemently denied, "No, I just blurted it out."

Yuan Long chuckled, automatically ignoring her denial, and said in a low voice: "If you want to kiss me, you don't have to say 'mua', you can kiss me directly."

With that, he took off her hand covering her face and touched her lips.

Yu Shanshan's face became hotter and she knew she wanted to kiss him herself. Although she was a little embarra.s.sed, she didn't stop him.

With her acquiescence, Yuan Long went for her lips.

However, at the critical moment of kissing, the door was suddenly knocked, and the movements of the two were suddenly interrupted.

Outside the door, Aunt Lian's voice sounded, "A'Long, the husband and wife are back, you take Shanshan down."


Baigujing 白骨精 a demon from the novel Journey to the West.

打蛇打七寸 To hit the snake with seven inches (I am NOT SURE with this translation), an idiom meaning to hit somebody where it hurts

颜控 Yan Kong a person who attaches great importance to looks and believes that being beautiful is heavenly. 颜 yan = face/ 控 Kong from j.a.panese "con" as in COMplex, refers to the person who likes something extremely (like sis-con or bro-con which you may have heard from animes)

么么哒 mwah - sound of a kiss, like a Chinese XOXO

Monique: I'm getting diabetus from this couple. Lmao 

ALSO I promised I'd update last week but I didn't expect the family honorifics!! I had to have a working PC first to make sure. You see, I had a hard time looking for prepaid data cards for my phone because most of the stores near my house are already closed ( ಥ ʖ̯ ಥ)

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