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Originally, she had quite a good impression of Shangguan Xiao. However, after seeing Shangguan Xiao's ugly state, this good impression completely disappeared.

Mu Yu ignored them and continued to head inside the Lingxi Cliff.

Seeing Mu Yu bringing them to the core of the Lingxi Cliff, Shangguan Xiao and Lin Mengxin's expressions flashed with contempt.

A mere Spirit Gathering Realm cultivator actually dared to challenge the core of Lingxi Cliff.

It was like an ant trying to shake a tree.

Even if it were the disciples of the spiritual stage s, those who were able to enter the core zone were few and far in between in the history of the Immeasurable Sect.

Thinking of this, Shangguan Xiao and Lin Mengxin revealed a look of antic.i.p.ation.

They were looking forward to the miserable sight of Mu Yu being crushed to the ground by the pressure from the core zone.

The moment Mu Yu took his first step into the core region, he felt an extremely terrifying energy pressing down on his body.

"Reverse Gravity s.p.a.ce!"

Mu Yu showed no hesitation to use a Gravity s.p.a.ce from bottom to top.

It resisted the terrifying pressure.

Indeed, that terrifying pressure instantly vanished.

"It's average, not that bad."

Mu Yu's expression was relaxed as he strolled around the heart of the zone.

Seeing how relaxed Mu Yu was.

Shangguan Xiao and Lin Mengxin were so angry that they spat out blood and fainted once again.

Not long after, Shangguan Xiao woke up.

Thinking about how Mu Yu had walked into the core zone so easily, it was impossible to tell that there was any kind of pressure at all.

Doubt arose in his heart, "Could it be that the pressure from the core zone has failed?"

"That must be it! No, we can't leave the benefits of the core zone to Mu Yu alone. "

Shangguan Xiao immediately stood up and rushed towards the core region.

"Sure enough!"

The moment Shangguan Xiao stepped into the core region, he did not feel any kind of pressure at all, and his face immediately revealed a trace of joy.

The next moment.

The joy turned into fear.

Shangguan Xiao felt as if he was being suppressed by a thirty thousand meter tall mountain.

"Bang!" With a loud crash, he fell heavily to the ground.

His entire body began to emit "kacha kacha" sounds.

Kacha! They were all cut off.

"Is there anyone here? Help, help me …"

Shangguan Xiao fell to the ground, on the verge of tears, his chest letting out a low cry for help.

If no one came to save him, his life would be in danger.

Mu Yu walked forward for a few hundred meters before the pressure around him grew even stronger.

So deep within the core zone, there was an even more core zone.

Mu Yu did not know that in the history books of the Immeasurable Sect, this place was recorded as a forbidden zone.

It also meant that only people who had reached the level of Saint Ruler Realm could attempt to enter this area.

The pressure here was ten times that of the core region.

Mu Yu could not use his full power to fight against the.

However, it was still a bit difficult.

However, the density of spiritual energy here was at least twenty times denser than in the outside world.

In other words, one could obtain twenty times the speed of cultivation in the outside world.

Mu Yu's face revealed joy, he immediately meditated and began breathing heavily.

"Ding!" You received 120 experience points. "

"You received 120 experience points."

"You received 120 experience points."

It was so cool that it could practically fly. After adding three times the cultivation speed of the Blue Star Crystal, it was now a perfect match.

He was able to gain 120 experience points with every breath he took.

It was just that the pressure from the forbidden grounds was too strong, so Mu Yu could not stay there for long.

Every two hours of cultivation, he had to return to the core zone to rest for four hours and undergo the process of recovery.

Even so.

Ten days later.

Mu Yu's level had still successfully risen to Level 20.

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