The Gatekeeper Chapter 49- A Smile From The Other Side.

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The date was January 9, And a certain person could be seen fiddling with their phone while lazing around doing nothing on their canopy bed. She was so engrossed in what her phone displayed that she didn't even notice that the alarm clock placed on the side table was ringing uncontrollably.

After a few seconds of constant and loud ringing, she finally acknowledged the hindrance in the background and reached out with one of her arms to silence the alarm clock. The time displayed on the clock was six in the morning, she was impatient and anxious, she kept rolling around on the bed, she had school, but she couldn't care less. Today is the day that her most treasured person was born after all.

Haruki Hayakawa, a young maiden who could easily be mistaken for a renowned actress. Her dyed pink hair wasn't all that entangled, even after just waking up and rolling around. Her soft and white skin peeked out from many parts of her expensive pajamas. Her ample a.s.sets were seductively emphasized and her body was an erotic one as well.

I wanna talk to him!!!

This 'he' person Haruki was so desperate to talk to was her childhood friend, and first love, Toru Itsuka. The first time she encountered him was over ten years ago, and her first impression of him was not that charming as she, in her foolishness, said some pretty embarra.s.sing things. Fortunately, both of their fathers became good friends, and it eventually turned into a situation where she would go over to his house almost every day to play. Even with the clear difference in their social standing and wealth, Haruki and Toru became very close to each other. When they were about to join elementary school, Haruki begged her father to let her go to the same elementary school as Toru, although he was heavily against sending his one and only precious daughter to a commoner's school, Haruki's father reluctantly agreed after his wife and daughter asked him for it with all their heart.

As time pa.s.sed, the small kids gained rationality and reason, and with that territory, many things come naturally, one of them being feelings of affection for the opposite s.e.x. By the time Haruki and Toru entered their last year of elementary school, Haruki was already infatuated with Toru, it was at the level that she couldn't imagine a scenario where she wouldn't be by his side in the future. She was sure that they would enter middle-school together, and graduate from high-school while holding hands and exchanging vows.

However, her dreams were crushed when her father decided that she would attend one of the most prestigious and famous academies in j.a.pan. No plea was heard, every tear was ignored and each scream was shut out. When Haruki entered SP academy, she was emotionally broken, and to distract herself from that, she focused solely on studying, and nothing else. Her beauty and ability were widely acknowledged, the boys who confessed to her weren't just limited to those of middle school, boys from high school came to her to express their feelings of affection as well.

Haruki had buried those feelings deep inside her heart, during the three years of middle school, her interaction with the opposite s.e.x was unnaturally low. The only time she would speak to anyone belonging to the opposite s.e.x was when she would reject them. On the contrary, she was very kind and helpful towards the girls, this was the only way that she would be able to forget about his loved one. Her popularity exploded further when the size of her a.s.sets increased and her body took an erotic shape. The one year of high-school was equivalent to h.e.l.l for her, the reasons being obvious.

Haruki eventually came to be known as the 'ice queen', and it was not just for show either, her beauty really did exceed that of any other female in the whole academy, and her cold att.i.tude could emotionally break a boy just by talking to her for one minute. However, all of this changed at the start of the second year of high school.

It was the first day, and after the opening ceremony concluded, Haruki was walking towards the notice board to check which cla.s.s she was in, at that exact moment, she ran into a certain male student who was being followed by many females. She was ready to ignore him, but he picked up her books and apologized to her with a smile. His face was very handsome, his height exceeded 180 centimeters, and his build was masculine, but these weren't the factors that made Haruki stop in her tracks. She knew him, she knew that boy, no, that man. She could feel the blood rus.h.i.+ng to her head, her heart, which hadn't throbbed for someone in ages, began beating violently. Tears, which hadn't rolled down her cheeks since that time 4 years ago, flooded from her eyes as if they were a broken dam.


Haruki called out his name with all her heart, every emotion she ever held for him embroidered within these four letters. The feelings within her heart which she locked away many years ago came bursting out with her cracked voice. Haruki threw away her books, her bag, her pride, everything she had made put her focus on until that moment, only to feel her beloved's warmth once again.


Hearing his surprised voice and that nostalgic nickname, more tears rolled down Haruki's cheeks, she strengthened her grip around his waist and cried on his chest like she did many years ago. She kept apologizing to him for leaving him alone, and he forgave her with a troubled smile on his face. It took quite a while for her to calm down. Her beautiful eyes swollen, her light makeup ruined, all her stuff scattered about, but she didn't regret it even one bit. Haruki intertwined her hand with Toru's as he got all of her stuff from the ground, only to hug him again when she found out that they were a.s.signed to the same cla.s.s.

Haruki smiled as she remembered that scene that occurred a couple of months ago.

"I never could tell him my honest feelings."

Haruki muttered to herself, a self-deprecating smile brandished upon her heavenly face. She glanced at the watch, the time displayed was 6.20 A.M, she decided that this was the perfect time to do what she intended to do.

"h.e.l.lo… Toru?"

Haruki hadn't gotten used to this method of communicating, but she was skilled enough to contact Toru whenever she felt like it.

"Haru? Yeah, I just woke up. Good morning."

"Good morning. You know what date it is today?"

"Well… There isn't such a system here, so I am not sure."

"Dumba.s.s… Today is January ninth!!! It's your birthday!! Happy Birthday!!!"

Haruki had a wide smile on her face, her cheeks dyed in the faintest shade of red.

"I wanted to wish you at midnight, but I figured you'd not talk to me for quite some time if I did."

"Well… Thank you. I am happy just being alive to see myself turn seventeen."

"What are you talking about~ I am glad that you are happy. However, I am quite depressed."


"It's been so long since we celebrated your birthday together. I was so looking forward to today, but you just had to disappear on me."

"Hehe, I am sorry! I am really glad that you were the first one who wished me. I love you, Haru."

"I love you too Toru. Bye, I've gotta go to school."


Needless to say, her face was dyed crimson after that short 'I love you'. She knew he said those words to her as a friend, but she couldn't help but feel elated.

Toru was still sitting on his bed as he reminisced. Accompanying him was Kuromi, who was sitting beside him with a relaxed look on her face. Toru didn't have anything to do today, normally, he'd just go and view other people's matches because the match-ups would be announced at the end of the day, but he was already aware of his next opponent.

All the groundwork and preparations Toru decided to do had already begun and were smoothly progressing, his consciousness was enveloped by questions regarding his actions on this day. Today was his birthday, so he wasn't particularly enthusiastic about hunting beasts and getting himself dirty, nor did he want to laze around all day and do nothing.


"Yes, Master."

"Today is my birthday."

Kuromi was shocked. Birthdays weren't a human exclusive tradition, intelligent beasts celebrated their birthdays as well. Birthdays of each of the four sisters were widely celebrated. Feasts and such would be held everywhere in the beast world, gifts in large numbers would arrive at the celebrated one's doorstep, and the birthday girl would give a speech which would be transmitted to every beast that resided in the beast world. And today was their master's birthday.

For Kuromi, or rather, for any beast that serves a human, their master's orders are absolute, and the servant is supposed to follow them with their utmost dedication and effort. However, this does not imply that the beast necessarily likes their master. Beasts can despise their masters, and still risk their lives for them. However, such is not the case for every beast that Kuromi's master calls his own. Far from hating or despising her master, Kuromi has quite the affectionate feelings for him, a sentiment shared by the other three sisters as well.

Kuromi genuinely reveres her master, and so do the others. Every beast that has received a name from Kuromi's master has a deep and genuine respect for him and is loyal towards him. No one would dare betray the man who has enough mana to single-handedly summon all of the intelligent beasts in existence simultaneously.

Kuromi jumped off the bed, and with one knee touching the ground, she bowed her head deeply.

"I know that the Master doesn't like long and boring speeches. But please allow me to say at least this much. We all love and respect you, master. You are the single best master we could've ever wished for. Please continue to be our master and take care of us. Happy birthday, Master!"

Toru had a troubled smile on his face looking at his beloved servant bowing so deeply that her forehead was about to touch the earth.

"Although watching an eighteen-year-old super-beauty do something like that doesn't make me happy… Thank you, Kuromi."

Kuromi watched as an open hand arrived in front of her, asking her to grab onto it. She raised her pretty neck, only to see her master extending his arm in her direction with a smile on his face. She subconsciously grabbed his arm, and immediately after, she was strongly pulled into a hug. Her face was faintly red, and she appeared to be extremely happy.

"I have decided to live my life sincerely, and it includes you guys as well."

Toru said these words and poured more strength into his arms, hugging Kuromi with even more pa.s.sion. He moved his other hand through her hair, and she released low moans of pleasure from her mouth.

"Let's gather the other three as well and go out."


Toru spent the rest of his day in leisure and relaxation. He wanted to meet Sylvia on his birthday, but it was unfortunately impossible to do so because she was working day and night trying to clear up all the mess that her brother and she had made.

Toru was quite satisfied as he spent his day surrounded by four beautiful women and their even more dazzling smiles.

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