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Chapter 30: The Blood Race

  The sudden outbreak of Zhou Yi naturally made the scene a mess, and many people were in a mess. The vampire butler, who is still hanging on the wall, is mad. He struggles to get down, but under such an attack, his body has actually suffered extremely severe trauma, although it is not fatal to vampires. However, it is basically impossible to move without a burst of training.

  The old man and the car mechanic are all optimistic about the show, and there is no plan to intervene. Blade is blocking the other pa.s.sages with a blank expression. Obviously, he want to recruit a few vampires from other places to save the field. I have to go through his level first. The discerning eye understands that the three people with the blade are afraid that they will be killed by the vampire, and even say something deeper, they are quite happy to see someone picking up the vampire.

  Zhou Yi still walked forward, but it was still blocked by people. It was not someone else who was blocking him. It was Nissa Mackinos who should have feared him like a tiger.

  At this time, the woman did not have any fear, but instead stood in front of her father, and explored her body to reveal the claws of the teeth. Like the hedgehog of the fried hair, the warning was revealed directly.

  The woman broke out with amazing potential when her father was threatened, letting her overcome the fear and face the nightmare in her heart. This point was not thought of by Zhou Yi, so he stopped.

  Standing in front of this heavily guarded woman, Zhou Yi smashed his head. He didn't care what the woman wanted to do. He can stop for a while because the woman has shown amazing courage. But he couldn't stop because of a woman's block, even if the two had a friendly exchange.

  If the so-called vampire's supreme lord still doesn't make any moves, he doesn't mind killing the vampire here halfway, and then looking for the rest of the guys to see what their so-called threats look like. For the vampires here, they have a vampire grandfather who has lived for a long time, squatting power and other people's psychology.

  The vampire Dagong extended a hand and held down his daughter's shoulder. Came out from behind her. “Please calm your anger, Dawn Knight!” The vampire grandfather glared at his waist and opened his hands, posing a low posture.

  ”I feel very sorry for my inappropriate words. I hope that you can forgive the arrogance of an old man. The situation at the moment may not matter to a strong person like you, but for ordinary humans and vampires, It is extremely dangerous. Therefore, I hope that you can forgive my unintentional loss.”

  This low posture is not to be a vampire, even in an old human being. Zhou Yi did not believe that this old guy made such a gesture really as he said, in order to deal with such a crisis. What he believes more is that this vampire's grand plan is nothing unusual.

  However, since people want to show acting, he can also accompany him to play. Look at what kind of ghost idea the old guy is playing.

  Deliberately stepped forward and stimulated the fragile nerves of the vampire father and daughter. Zhou Yi silently glanced at the cloak and retreated to the original position. Blade that had stood at the door and blocked the door was a grin, showing a bright white tooth, and stood back indifferently.

  At this moment, the vampires have already understood that these two famous vampire hunters actually do not see the so-called vampire to the high public, but everything is just self-indulgence and self-showing.

  The vampire Dagong held one hand on his chest, and the other hand was quietly placed behind him. Five fingers clasped desperately, and even the knuckles were twisted. Obviously, this vampire grandfather is already angry at the extreme. But since I have chosen to use this little trick to vent my anger, it means that he will not burst out at this time.

  Nissa has the urge to swear by this rude act.

But his father held her shoulder and the strength she used made her feel a pain. This pain stopped her because she understood that her father would not agree with her.

  The vampire Dagong stopped his daughter's impulse and then clap his hands at an arch behind him. Then a s.h.i.+rt was neat and tidy, and the gentle-looking blond man came out.

  ”h.e.l.lo, everyone.”

  The man looks quite calm, but his eyes are always in the direction of Zhou Yi from time to time. This little gesture proves that he still has nervous emotions in his heart. However, this guy obviously has a lot of experience, and the inner feelings can't affect his order.

  ”I introduce myself, I am Kello Conan.”

  Said that he extended his right hand to Blade. Blade reached out and held his hand, but it was not a handshake on the courtesy, but a flip over. His eyes stared straight at the mark of a tattoo on the back of Kello's hand, and asked indifferently: “Are you human?”

  Kello took his hand, but because of the tightness of Blade, he did not pull his hand out. Simply, he does not do this extra thing, but puts on a funny face. "A little bit worse, I am a lawyer. Legal counsel of the European Health Foundation."

  What he said was very interesting, but it made the face of Blade not look good. Such people do not think that they are human beings from the heart. They wors.h.i.+p the vampires and hope that their vampire masters can give them what they call eternal life. This kind of person is the most disgusting by Blade. It is precisely because of this kind of person that the action of killing the vampire by Blade is endlessly hindered.

  Blade released his hand and Kello immediately shrank his hand back and kneaded a few times. He is a person who is used to pampering. It is not a good thing to be gripped by Blade. When this traitorous guy walked to Zhou Yi, Zhou Yi immediately wrapped his arms around his chest and said to him: “When one day you become a vampire, you must inform me. I will give you a unforgettable experience.”

  He said this, in fact, it means that he has already decided to kill the man named Kello, but it is because he is human beings. And he is such a traitor, one day sooner or later, it will not be human. This means his death.

  Kello naturally understood the meaning of Zhou Yi, he smiled awkwardly, but did not know what to say. For this powerful guy, no matter how good the eloquence can not give him the slightest sense of security.

  At this time, he was relieved of the vampire Grand Duke Elliott. This old-fas.h.i.+oned guy just ordered someone to save his loyal steward, and saw someone who was angry with his human slaves and immediately rushed to the rescue. For him, this man named Kello is very important, otherwise he will not become an important person in his life as a human being.

  The vampire grandfather walked silently to a specimen and made an appreciation. He said, “As you know, the vampire's habit of sucking blood is like a contagious virus that spreads through the saliva of predators."

  His method of saving his men is very clever, and he does not mention the parties at all, but uses more important topics to divert the attention of the parties. His method is very useful, whether it is Zhou Yi or Blade, they have given up Kello, a small person for them, and turned their attention to the commentary of the vampire.

  ”This virus can flow through the body's blood vessels within 72 hours, producing parasitic tissue. That is, in just three days, a new vampire can be created.”

  The expression of the vampire Dagong is somewhat intoxicated. Compared with the poor natural productivity of the vampire, this way of spreading the virus is the fundamental way for the vampire to expand and the cornerstone of his establishment of the empire.

  When Blade heard his words, he said with a grin: “It's like cancer cells!” His hatred of vampires is not without reason.

  Because he himself has half the blood of a vampire. This lineage is not from the love story of dog blood, but from the attack of vampires on ordinary humans. His mother was attacked by vampires when it was about to take birth, when the vampire's virus invaded his mother's body and infected with Blade of the fetus. His fate is already doomed.

  He is not human because he has the power of a vampire and the urge to bloodthirsty. But he is not a vampire because he is not afraid of the sun and silver. The vampires call him a daywalker, a legend. But for him, it is the root of the unfortunate life.

  If there is no vampire attack, he may be just an ordinary human being, living an ordinary and happy life. But now, he can only hunt vampires. Use their blood to pay homage to their own destiny and everything that they have lost.

  When he heard Blade, the vampire was dissatisfied and shook hands, revealing a few fangs. But they quickly put away this little trick, said in a tone that seems to correct.

  ”It should be said that there are purposeful cancer cells.”

  Cancer cells have the characteristics of unlimited proliferation and engulfing everything. He said that cancer cells are purposeful, but it seems that this habit is not like cancer cells. Looking at the vampire's desire to continue to say, Kello immediately took over his job.

  ”Unfortunately, the virus will also evolve.” His look suddenly became serious, but there were a few professionals.

  ”We have discovered a new evolutionary variant, we call him a R variant.” He pulled out a portable stereoscopic device from his pocket.

  ”Like all good pathogens, he can quickly find the original person and spread the infection!”

  Speaking of this, there is a video of Chad Norma attacking the secret blood bank of the subway on the stereo image. Several people looked at the image of Chad Norma in a blank expression, until he finally showed a strange mouth.

  Kello pointed at the final image and said, “It is him, Chad Norma!”

  The vampire Dagong saw Blade at this moment and said nothing: “The natural vampire, but like you, is a very rare alien. Unlike other people, however.” He made an exception. Taboo and disgusting look like you have seen something you have crafted and become a failure.

  ”It not only sucks on humans, but also depends on eating vampires. This is what I said, the root of all confusion!”

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