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「The realm of the departed…?」

「I actually died once before.」

Lavia's eyes grew wide. Hikaru told her about j.a.pan, the place he was born and raised, where people with black hair and eyes resided. Magic didn't exist, but it was a technologically advanced country. After his death, he was invited by Roland N. Zaracia to this world.

「And the condition was to kill Count Morgstad.」

「…So that's why you killed him. I always found it strange.」

「Yeah, Roland was dying.」

「And he wanted to desperately get revenge on the Count.」

「I know my story sounds incredibly crazy, but you don't look that surprised.」

「A spell to travel between worlds… I've heard such sorcery exists, but I've really only read about it in books.」

「Huh, so it's surprisingly common.」

「Common?! I said I heard about it, but I meant in fairy tales! It's amazing how this Roland person studied it and made it work.」

「He could only travel to the realm of the dead, though.」

「If you could travel all the way back to your own world, would you go?」

「…I'm not sure.」

He never considered that possibility before. He thought it couldn't be done. Even Roland's spell could only let him travel to the realm of the dead. If it was possible and someone asked him if he would like to return, he wouldn't be able to answer. While this world had its cons, he was growing accustomed to living here.

「I don't mind going home if you come with me.」

Lavia blinked in astonishment, not expecting his answer.

「Please don't say those kinds of things out of nowhere.」she said, beet red, and turning her eyes away. 「But I'm glad. I thought you found a way back to your own world since you started talking about this.」


「I thought you were telling me everything because you were going back.」

「I'm sorry. I should've been more clear. There's one more thing I want to tell you about. It's my ability.」

Lavia nodded quietly.

「Okay. So you're getting to the real part. You still have more surprising things to tell me.」

「You really don't look surprised, though.」

「My heart's racing with excitement.」

「Are you ready then, my lady?」

「Wait a minute.」Lavia took a deep breath.「Okay, I'm ready.」

Hikaru nodded.

「I have a special power that lets me enhance the abilities of people. It's the reason why I'm a master of concealing my presence even though I'm a complete amateur when it comes to combat.」

「Enhance abilities? Is that possible?」

「The job cla.s.s on the guild card does that as well, right?」

「But that's because of the blessing from the G.o.ds.」

「I think my power is similar to that. Someone invented the guild card, right? I'm sure no one believed him at first. You'll believe me once you experience it yourself.」

「Does your ability work on others as well?」

「Yup. I'm thinking of improving your abilities too.」

Hikaru summoned her Soul Board and started explaining how the "age" and "rank" were related.

「So that's why you move your fingers through the air sometimes.」

「What did you think it was?」

「A habit when you're deep in thought.」

Makes sense. If someone asks me next time, I'll tell them that.

「Lavia, I want to give you basic Stealth abilities too. I'm sure it'll come in handy later. Is that all right?」

「You don't want to?」

She was silent. Hikaru was surprised; he didn't expect that reaction from her. Perhaps she didn't like the idea of having others fiddling with her own abilities.

「Does Stealth work on me too when you touch me?」

「Ah, yes. With Group Obfuscation.」

「If I had Stealth too, will you hold my hand less often?」


She didn't like the idea of having Stealth because… we won't be holding hands more often? Hikaru stared at her blankly.

「H-Hikaru! Please don't look at me like that! It's important to me, okay? You never hold my hand unless it's for Stealth!」Lavia said, face flushed.

「I'm sorry. I'll be more a.s.sertive next time.」

「Okay, then…」

Hikaru configured Lavia's Soul Board.

【Soul Board】Lavia
Age: 14 Rank: 29


【Magical Power】
….【Magic Principle】2
..【Spirit Affinity】
….【Magic Creation】1

….【Life Obfuscation】1
….【Mana Obfuscation】1

「To conceal your presence, you need to picture shoving your whole being inside yourself. Can you give it a try?」


Uncertain, Lavia went deep in thought…

「Wow… You're right there, but it's like your presence is weak. Just slightly though. If I look away once, I can't see you unless I look really closely.」Hikaru said.


「Now it's my turn.」Hikaru said, activating his Stealth.

「Amazing. It's my first time actually seeing it. So this is how people perceive you. You're right there, but it's like you vanished when I blinked.」

「With this, we can avoid almost all kinds of trouble. But those with "Instinct" - a kind of ability - can sense us.」

「That, um… Soul Board, was it? Can it enhance different kinds of abilities as well?」

「Yup. Do you want to know about the others?」

Lavia shook her head.

「I've heard enough. Too much, in fact. Hikaru, if it's really necessary, you can configure my abilities.」


「It's fine. I told you before. You saved my life, yet I haven't even returned the favor. I don't know if I ever will. If I can be of use to you, then use me however you like.」


Hikaru realized she truly, deeply, trusted him from the bottom of her heart.

I'm glad I talked to her about this.

She wasn't trying to use him. Nor was she planning to get some dirt on him either. There wasn't a hint of malice from her.

She trusts and believes in me. She loves me. So I can trust… and love her too.

He was overcome with a warm, fuzzy feeling.

I might have found someone I could trust, Hazuki-senpai.

What would Hazuki say if she heard these words?

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