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Witnessing how easy they were able to decide her life, Celine heart felt uncomfortable. She felt as if she was nothing but a commodity waiting to be sold at the owner's discretion. She lowered her head, as she would not want to show an unsightly sight, to her lover, Malvick Evernight Blackson.

She knows that Malvick was not attractive to her, as she could see in his eyes indifference when he looks at her, it was the look that a person would give when they step on an ant.

She didn't know how he arrived at the place that the baron had given to Malvick as all that was on her mind was how to unearth all her usefulness to her man. She was soon bound to be disappointed as she saw that Malvick went in a room of the house and told her not to disturbed him, unless something important happened.

Before he left though, he did give her some authority to deal with things of his life, such as an overseer. She is to oversee everything that Malvick is going to be doing, looking for a place to set as a location for training the soldiers at, etc. He also gave her a clear piece of paper, that had scribbles like the one she had taken from his clothes earlier, he said that it would protect her well.

Thanks to the authority that he had given her, she was treated with respect wherever she went, even though there was lots of misunderstanding involve. The servants of the manor and the people of the city all thought that she had receive favors from the baron, this all spread before she even knew it, but when she tried to correct them, it was to no avail.

So, she asks the baron for help, and help he did. He sent his guards to go and quell the rumors before they reach the ears of the 'Divine Son'. Celine was happy for the help of the baron but soon notice that the so call 'quell' was nothing but a ruthless slaughter that wipe out numerous servants and civilians lives.

She was horrified at what her action had led to.

After that event, she had not once step out of Malvick residence as she fears that something else would happened because of her actions. To make sure she had no reason to leave, she called for her youngest and only sister, Selene to come and help her out as her attendant.
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Her sister, just like her was a beauty, but unlike her, her sister body was far more busty and s.e.xy than hers. Her head was full of black hair that reach her back, beautiful oval face, beautiful blue eyes, and black lips that was tempting to anyone. Her waist was slim, and her b.u.m was reveal their firmness and fullness as it jiggles without losing its shape. The thing that made her way more attractive than her other that her b.u.m, was her breast that seem to have been forced to be confine in her blouse. It was as if they would jump out of her blouse, in a minute's notice.

Thanks for another a pair of hands around, she was able to do all her work in a little to no time as her sister was very hard worker. After all, her body was very powerful, in an actual and s.e.xual ways.

After doing all her work, she started to crave the feeling she had experience in the arms of her lover. It was as if she could not live without his present in her life as she went towards him, but she stops at the doors, as she didn't want to disturb his training.

So, to distract herself, she started to train, but since she had no talent to become a warrior, the best that would happen would her body become stronger than before. Her sister though, had the talent to be a warrior as she was already a First leaf Warrior with a bird soul.

After she knew that her lover was from an extinguished family, she didn't simply want protection but a real status as well, but she knows that because of her lack of talent, the chance of her getting a t.i.tle or status of his main wife would be slim.

As for why she a.s.sumed that he would have a more than one wife? Its because as a person from such a big family, there are bound to be many families out there, that would not care about their daughters if they could make a connection with them.

In fact, she was positive that her sister that seem to not like men, would succ.u.mb to her lovers embrace when they meet, its not just because of his status, its more because of his perfect strong body. Just thinking about it, made her body warms up.

Plus, Malvick is destined to live for at least a thousand years but what about her? She would be lucky if she even lives to her 100's, after all, she is but a mortal at the end of the day. The more she thought, she more she the differences between the two of them, it was as if they were from different worlds.

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