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Chapter 451

"Well, youngster, please make a choice" the old man spoke and 3 different orbs of light flew from his palm and floated before Yunan, each making itself as enticing as can be .

"I choose to end the test, there is no need to take a test designed to be failed, it took about 200 years to take over my universe from the age of ten, and nothing in this planet can grant me the same resources and open up the same paths to me, even if I were to use my entire life as a guideline, it would not work, this test with these rules; it can never be completed in the amount of time I can allocate to this test, therefore, it is better to not even try" .

Yunan took a moment before saying a few more words .

"You see, I have the ability to solve this test but not the time, I should be moving along with my journey as soon as my divine realm recuperates, and a decade is not long enough for me to solve your puzzle" with that he touched the third light ball and was ejected from the test .
He was brought out where the audience watched the screen, the live feed had just cut off, Cattolu was still cursing at Yunan, Tasha was looking very intently at the three who were nodding their heads, unexpectedly all three came to the same conclusion, voiced at the same time when Yunan arrived .

"As expected, you did not even bother trying" then the three voices diverged into three different statements as follows, "disappointing really", "should we leave now?", "Anyway, did you miss me?" .

The upright walking cat has just stopped cursing long enough to hear those words, there was a stunned expression on his face, then it turned to incomprehension and finally resignation, it truly had no idea what the result was, usually failure would be announced so spectacularly that it would never be missed .

Success was also hard to miss . just as Yunan was thinking about what to do with his retinue of oddb.a.l.l.s, he felt a tug at his soul and the stirring of the fragments of Fate as well as the water fo the river Styx and the Laws, then, out of nowhere, there was something trying to imprint itself on Yunan's soul .

Although this newcomer had no hostile intent, it was still blocked by several kinds of s.h.i.+elds that stopped it from imprinting itself on Yunan's soul, the Laws of three different universes joined to make the first blockade, afterwards, the fragments of Fate joined to make a smokescreen to hide the soul, the waters of the river Styx incased the soul in a strange current as if forming an inescapable ever-changing maze, then Ignis and Drogon souls took the upper layer of the combined soul, finally Effort divinity provided all of them with endless power .

The imprint finding itself faced with so many hindrances, chose the path of the least resistance and imprinted itself on the only other viable target, Yunan's sea of consciousness .

Although it was a marvellously monstrous sea, it was still like a little drop of water that was fed by the power and light emanating from the solar-system-sized divinity . It was too small to compare, inside Yunan that is, if it was compared with others, it was easily about a hundred times bigger than the sea of consciousness of your run of the mill G.o.d .

The imprint just settled inside the sea of consciousness and did nothing more, obediently waiting for orders, it would thrum once in a while when Effort fed the sea of consciousness a bit of power .

Cattolu was p.i.s.sed, he really hated what he saw, how could the grand gift; that his master left behind; be treated in such a manner, having to delegate itself to the useless sea of consciousness, that was a soul imprint! he wanted to abuse Yunan and his retinue for that but stopped at unsheathing its claws .

Now that the imprint was obedient and perfectly harmless . Yunan decided not to take any risks, an imprint from the owner of a universe was not something to be taken lightly, therefore, he chose to use his soul bound blade to house it, the blade was something that came from Yunan's soul, thus one had to take over the soul before getting their hands on the blade .

The imprint was very cooperative and gently removed itself from the sea of consciousness and sat at the base of the blade, giving Yunan a sense of its purposes, uses and abilities .

The control centre of the entire dream universe, its Fate and a power conduit to power up its user . What a marvellous creation, it also had a message from the creator of this universe .

"Stay awhile and listen", said an old voice, it was coming from the imprint, an old man similar to the one who conducted the test showed up and as if reading a story, he started narrating a story out of nowhere, regardless of the atmosphere or the time, no consideration for the poor cat who had yet to explain about its unsheathed claws .

Yunan felt the story would be very long so he found a spot to sit and listen, he had nothing to do anyway .

The story was too long, an hour later only Yunan and Effort were still fighting sleep, information left behind by a creator was very valuable, it just happens that this time, it came in the form of a long and boring story, even Cattolu was sleeping at the moment, purring with satisfaction as it fondled a box of cookies .

This old man had a talent for sleep-induction, his voice was too hypnotic and made every cell in Yunan's body relax, his look was so friendly and kindly Yunan felt that he would never feel hostility again, and his demeanour just gave he one the itch to go to the dream world, as if sleep was their greatest goal, a goal they have been deprived of ever since they were born .
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